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Xterra Wetsuits Men's Vortex Tri Wetsuit - Questions & Answers

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04/26/2021 Hi I'm about 5'9" but have put on weight up to about 185. Trying to drop that down to about 160 of course. What size suit would you recommend in the meantime? Thanks. Edit
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Based on your height, weight and the sizing chart, you will need the Medium/Large. 

Answered by on 04/26/2021
05/01/2018 I’m 5’5’’, 150 lbs training for an ironman. Was about to purchase the Small/Long but I see you recommend that for someone 5’10’’??? Will it fit me at 5’5’'? Edit
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Yes. "Xterra Wetsuits Men's Vortex Tri Wetsuit" comes with different sizes based on your height and weight. You can refer your accurate suit size to this sizing chart. XTERRA MEN'S WETSUITS Size Chart.

Answered by on 05/03/2018
06/28/2017 what is recommended size for a 5'10" male weighing 142 pounds who is 87 years old and a recreational swimmer? I have the Small.Long and it seems tight. At the wrist it is uncomfortably tight. Would a Medium make more sense for a recreational swimmer? Edit
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If you find the small/long tight and speed is not a concern for you, sizing up to a medium should be fine and provide a more comfortable fit. We advise against sizing up for competitive swimmers since it will mean a less compressive fit and more drag in the water.

Answered by on 06/28/2017