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TYR Men's Venzo Genesis High Waist Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit - Questions & Answers

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09/23/2020 I'm interested in the X Ray color but they don't have the size (22/23) when do you think they will get more stock and same for other colors in general? Edit
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We are an outlet and don't always receive every size available.  We do not carry the size 23/23 in the X-Ray color. 

Answered by on 09/23/2020
01/26/2020 my son has worn the avictor prelude for years, size 24. will the venzo 24 fit? also, looking at the white/black one. will this be see through? Edit
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It appears to be that the sizing charts are the same, but if your son sized down in his avictor, it would not be the same thing because this is a lot more compressive. The black one is slightly see-through, with modesty panels. The white is not.

Answered by Nathan on 04/08/2020
12/13/2019 Will this suit fit an 11 year old's body? I know about the measurements, but a boy's body is different than a man's body. Edit
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This jammer will be too large for a kid at that age.

Answered by on 12/15/2019
12/05/2019 How many uses do you get out of this suit. Edit
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The life of any swimsuit varies according to many factors including but not limited to care, pool chemical levels, frequency of use, and fit. The suit should be rinsed well in cool water after each use and hung to dry away from direct sunlight. It should never be stored wet, washed with detergent, washed in a machine washer, or dried in a dryer. Please remember that due to different swimming conditions, a suit may wear out faster in highly chlorinated pools or with frequent/daily use. Many of our customers switch to polyester suits due to their durable, colorfast, and long lasting qualities. Lastly, a suit which fits well will likely be longer lasting; loose fitting suits may wear quicker. 

Answered by on 12/07/2019
02/07/2019 Is it good for 100 breast Edit
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Answered by on 02/08/2019