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Speedo Girls' Solid Infinity Splice One Piece Swimsuit (Big Kid) - Questions & Answers

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11/29/2018 Do SOME of these suits NOT have the "No Wedgie Worries silicone edge for stay-put coverage"? Edit
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All of the colors have this feature.

Answered by on 12/19/2018
10/15/2018 are these sized for larger build girls? and would she wear the same size she would in a retail sore suit? Edit
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Every brand of suit will size differently. We would highly recommend obtaining your hip, chest, and waist measurements in order to ensure that the size you select will accommodate your measurements by referring to the items specific sizing chart

Answered by on 10/16/2018
10/15/2016 My granddaughter is only 9 3/4 years old but is five feet tall and 106 lbs. I am not sure what size that I should order her. Her swim coach gave us your website to buy a swim suit from. She has just been asked to join the Boys and Girls Club Swim team and loves it only after going her first time Edit
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In order to determine the proper fit please take the actual bust, waist, and hip measurements and then compare them to our sizing charts. Sizing charts can be found at the very bottom of any page you are on, or to the right of the Size drop-down menu on the item page.

In general, Women's Competition suit sizing is comparable to the actual bust measurement in inches. For example, a bust circumference of 36" would likely be a suit size 36. Please be sure to measure around the fullest part of your bust rather than using your bra band size. Competition suits are designed to fit snug, you may wish to size up depending on the fit you desire.

Answered by on 10/17/2016
09/21/2016 I NEED SOFT CUP Edit
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The youth sizing will comes lined with no soft cups. Here is a selection of size 16s that are currently available.

Answered by on 09/28/2016