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SlipIns Black Turtle Zippered DiveSkin Unitard - Questions & Answers

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10/25/2019 I was looking at the Aquasphere suit for winter swimming in my outdoor pool. Loved the description but read that it wasn’t appropriate for chlorine. Could you suggest something for me. Edit
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Any Neoprene wetsuit would work for winter swimming. Chlorine and salt are bad for any type of wetsuit. After swimming in any body of water (fresh, salt, or chlorine), rinse the wetsuit in cool to warm water. Avoid hot water, which will reduce the flexibility of the neoprene, and keep your suit out of the washing machine. If cleansing with detergent is needed, soak in a mild detergent (or, better yet, a specially-formulated wetsuit shampoo) before rinsing.

Answered by on 10/25/2019
03/22/2018 Will the black turtle suit be restocked? Edit
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This suit is currently listed as a retired style. We are not expecting it to be restocked. 

Answered by on 03/27/2018
06/12/2017 Question about the Slipins zippered Diveskin Unitard: does the fabric tear or rent or pill up when diving equipment rubs against it? What denier is the fabric? I am very interested in purchasing but am afraid it might get torn too easily? Edit
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The material is a Polyester/Spandex blend. It shouldn't tear or pull easily, but as with any suit, caution should be exercised to ensure it does not snag or get caught on sharp or abrasive surfaces or equipment.

Answered by on 06/12/2017