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Orca Women's Openwater Core Fullsleeve Wetsuit - Questions & Answers

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05/09/2019 When will it be in the Xsmall size? I need an xsmall size. Edit
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We do not currently have a restock date for the X-Small. You can add your email address to our Restock Notification List here

Answered by on 05/09/2019
05/03/2019 I am 5’3” and 150 lb. long torso, muscle and curvy. It looks like the large is very long, but afraid to get. Medium any suggestions. O Edit
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A medium will fit you right.

Answered by on 05/05/2019
10/27/2018 I'm 5', 162 pounds. Will a LARGE accommodate me? And would cutting the legs to shorten cause the suit to unravel? Edit
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A large would accommodate your weight. We would not recommend slicing the neoprene seem as it may unravel. You would have to have some material to re-seal the seam. But again, we would not recommend doing so. 

Answered by on 10/29/2018
08/30/2018 I am 5'9"" 141 lbs chest 36 I bought a medium but wonder if I need a large. How do I get into a wet suit Edit
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Putting on a wetsuit takes patience and time. Give yourself 5-10 minutes. Important items to remember before slipping into your suit:

  • Ensure your fingernails are trimmed.

  • Make sure you are completely dry.

  • The shiny surface goes on the outside.

  • Optional: Before putting on suit, apply anti-chafing spray or another lubricant on your body to make pulling it on and off easier.

The Steps:

  1. Fasten zipper up about an inch before you begin putting on wetsuit. This will make it easier to pull the zipper all the way up once it is on.
    2. Put both feet through the leg holes. One at a time, pull the wetsuit up to your knees. Do not try to pull the wetsuit on in one go. Instead, pull the neoprene in small sections.
    3. Pull your wetsuit up over thighs while still pulling a small amount of neoprene at a time.
    4. Finish pulling your wetsuit up the torso and begin to put arms through each sleeve, one at a time.
    5. While putting on over arms, continue to adjust small amounts of neoprene at a time.Note: Sleeves do not necessarily have to go to your wrist.
    6. Zip the wetsuit up by the long zipper strap and fasten Velcro flap.
    7. Make final adjustments to ensure your comfort. Pull up any excess neoprene on front and back of wetsuit.

Answered by on 08/31/2018
08/27/2018 Is there a back zipper Edit
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The Orca Women's Openwater Core Fullsleeve Wetsuit does have a zipper on the back. 

Answered by on 08/27/2018
06/26/2018 I am 5'8", approx 147 lbs with chest 35 in, waist 28 in, hips 37 in, and overall lean but curvy. Will medium fit? Edit
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A size medium will accommodate a height of 5'5"-5'10", weight of 132-147 lbs, and a chest measurement of 35"-37". :) Customers report this product to be true to size, but please note that it is designed as a tight-to-the-body fit.

Answered by on 06/29/2018
05/18/2018 I'm so confused. I have the Orca open water suit that looks exactly like this, but is not a "core". Is the Core warmer? Edit
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They are both the same thickness of neoprene but the "core" will retain body heat longer.

Answered by on 05/20/2018