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Maxine Solid Full Bikini Bottom - Questions & Answers

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07/07/2019 What is the style number for this Maxine bottom suit Edit
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Product Code: 45209 / SKU: MM6NK50 

Answered by on 07/09/2019
03/01/2019 I bought the Maxine high waist bottoms in Hawaii. I want to order more, but live in Canada. Why can't you ship them to Canada? If I ordered several or added a tankini top would that make a difference? Edit
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This brand is not eligible to ship to Canada. Unfortunately, there is no work around on this. 

Answered by on 03/01/2019
07/24/2016 I wear a size 12 in most pants. I am looking for bottoms to go with a tankini top. I'm 70 so I like a higher waist but I don't want to get one too large. I put a dolfin high cut in my cart, in a large. Do you have any suggestions.I ordered a suit from you before and it was defective. Edit
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We have a number of high waist bottoms that have high waist. I have filtered it to the full coverage for your convenience. Please click on the link below.

Moreover, we suggest to look at the sizing chart of Maxine brand below for you to get the exact mesurements.,9326,9346,9358,9364&productcode=45209&sizechartid=1830

Answered by on 08/05/2016