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FINIS Agility Paddle Floating - Questions & Answers

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10/12/2020 size Edit
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You may find the size you need by following the sizing guide

Answered by on 10/12/2020
08/24/2020 How do I measure for size for the paddles? My so. Is 90 pounds. Edit
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You will need to measure your Hand Circumference. To measure hand circumference: With your hand open, measure around the circumference of your hand, at the base of your knuckles. You will then want to compare this to the sizing chart located just below the size selection and just above the add to cart button. 

Answered by on 08/24/2020
07/22/2020 Is the extra small the one-dot size? That one dot is the one that works for me. Edit
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The One Dot is X-Small. 

Answered by on 07/22/2020
01/13/2020 How do I order/add to cart the correct size of these paddles. I need the 'two dot' which is definitely not a small. Need medium/large of these paddles. Please advise. Edit
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I followed the link provided to buy these paddles and there is an option to select the size. The options, however, stopped at medium. I used the tab key on the keyboard to try to select sizes and noticed that the selection appeared to follow two more options even though they weren't visible on the screen. This would logically be the "large" and "extra large" options.

This may be a problem with the site or with my browser(s). I used Firefox and Chromium (not Google Chrome) with the same results.

I went to checkout with my "sample" order and didn't see an option there to edit the size. As I remember, the picture showing the dots didn't update in any case since the paddles do not differ in color and shape. I got the size that I wanted according the the description submitted in my order ("medium", "large" etc..)

I think this is an issue that Swim Outlet has to fix on their site, you might call and order or edit if you need the paddles quickly.

Answered by Jimmy on 01/14/2020
01/13/2020 I am unable to select size, need the 'two dot' size which is a medium or large. Edit
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The only sizes available are X-Small, Small and Medium. Here is the product link:

Answered by on 01/15/2020
12/02/2019 I can not seem to order a size large of these paddles? My computer blocks me when placing the size and color selection and I want to get them even though they are presently out of stock Edit
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Hi Dale!

The products have to be available to place them. Please order week of 12/21/2019 as the large paddles are arriving that week.

Answered by on 12/06/2019
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Kindly get the weight measurement and compare it to this Sizing chart: 

Answered by on 07/31/2019