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TYR Alliance T-Splice Maxfit One Piece Swimsuit - Questions & Answers

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02/09/2017 Does the sides of the suits come up high enough to avoid side spillage? I do not want to see breast tissue exposed under my arms. Edit
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As long as you select the size based on your measurements, this shouldn't be an issue. If it is a concern, you may want to check out our selection of high neck suits, which offer more coverage.

Answered by on 02/14/2017
01/29/2017 How does your sizing compare to standard sizes?/ I usually wear @ a size 10 or 12. do you have a measurement chart? Edit
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In order to determine the proper fit please take the actual bust, waist, and hip measurements and then compare them to our sizing charts. Sizing charts can be found at the very bottom of any page you are on, or to the right of the Size drop-down menu on the item page.

In general, Women's Competition suit sizing is comparable to the actual bust measurement in inches. For example, a bust circumference of 36" would likely be a suit size 36. Please be sure to measure around the fullest part of your bust rather than using your bra band size. Competition suits are designed to fit snug, you may wish to size up depending on the fit you desire.

You will find the specific sizing chart here:  TYR Alliance T-Splice Maxfit sizing chart

Answered by on 01/31/2017
11/10/2016 is this swim suit a cholorine resistant suit Edit
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Hi Dawn! Yes, the TYR Alliance T-Splice Maxfit One Piece is a chlorine resistant suit.

Answered by on 11/14/2016
10/13/2016 Does this suit have bra cups, either sewn in or removable? Edit
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The TYR Alliance T-Splice Maxfit One Piece Swimsuit does not have bra cups either sewn in or removable.

Answered by on 10/14/2016
05/31/2016 How do you do an exchange Edit
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The fastest way to exchange a product is to return your original item and place a new order at the same time. Our inventory sells quickly so immediately placing a new order ensures the availability of the product. We also want you to get your item as soon as possible!

How to make an Exchange:
1. Generate an RMA
2. Place a new order
3. Return your original item

To ensure smooth processing, please make sure that the return item is new and unused (i.e., has not been worn in the water) and retains its original tags and packaging. View our Return Policy

Answered by on 06/03/2016
10/29/2015 I am looking for help with sizing, my daughter is a girls size 10/12. would she be a 22? Edit
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Here is what we did...I measured my daughter in her underwear and compared her measurements to the sizing chart. She had the exact measurements of a size 32 (she's almost 15 yrs old) and that is the size we ordered. If fits her like a glove and does not have any excess room nor does it gap. Her coach told her to order one size smaller, but that would have never fit her because the suit is made to fit the size listed on the sizing chart. A really good quality suit as well.

Answered by Jane on 10/29/2015