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Speedo Women's Aquablade Recordbreaker Tech Suit Swimsuit - Questions & Answers

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05/04/2016 My daugters meaurment are chest 32, waist 28, torso 67. What size should I get in this suit? Edit
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According to the measurements I recommend size 30. 

Answered by on 05/20/2016
04/16/2016 I'm 5 ft 4 and 113lbs. I wear 32 during normal practice. Which size should I order for this tech suit? I hope there's space for growing up. Edit
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In this suit, I recommend sizing down to a size 30.

Answered by on 04/27/2016
03/25/2016 Is this suit lined? I'm concerned it would be too sheer for an adult woman. Also, how long does it last? Edit
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The front of the suit is lined and not the back. The life span of a tech suit will vary due to the variations of pool conditions and the individuals applications. Tech suits can be typically used until it loses compression or the material starts to show signs of obvious wear.

Answered by on 04/01/2016
03/01/2016 If my daughter wears a size 34 usually for a practice suit, what size should she get in this? She doesn't have a large chest, but is larger in the waist area. Thank yiu Edit
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Hi Stephanie,

I recommend going with a size 32 in this suit.

Answered by on 03/08/2016
01/27/2016 Hello I am trying to figure out what size to buy my daughter. She wears a 26Youth or a women's 24 for regular competition suits. The sizing chart does not help because her measurements do not make sense with suggestions Edit
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Normally for a competition suit the guideline is to go 2 sizes smaller than normal practice suit size.
My daughter wears a 30 in a practice suit and is able to wear a 24 easily in this suit. If you read reviews you'll see most only go down 2 sizes, but we first purchased this at a local store and knew the 24 fit well. Some other tech suits cut way too high on the hip when trying to go down sizes. This one doesn't which is why we both like it.
I'm sure body shape plays a role overall, but my gut says maybe you could get a 22 if she really wants to feel she's getting the real tech suit experience. If your concerned she might fret at the tightness, I'm sure a 24 would be quite workable.
It often is available for about $50 so try to get that. We replace each season as it will start to relax after the first wear which is expected. The price is great - many practice suits can cost the same!

Answered by Jean on 12/12/2015
01/27/2016 Hello, My daughter usually wears a size 28 Speedo suit. Can you tell me what size you would suggest I order in this suit? Edit
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I would say a 26. One size down is usually best for racing suits.

Answered by Morena on 08/24/2015