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Whether they’re just beginning or learning Butterfly, we’ve got swimwear, gear, and resources to ensure your child has a fun and safe swim experience.

Swimming lessons are a huge step for your child’s growth and safety. Whether they are just beginning or on their way to making the high school swim team, learning how to swim is a fun way to get the kids exercising, while promoting a life-long skill--water safety.

Usually, toddlers start by submerging their face, blowing bubbles, and then going into a basic front crawl. Don't worry, most swim programs have a lifeguard on duty so you can trust swim classes are safe!

More experienced or older children (age 6+) go right into learning freestyle and backstroke. They will start with a kickboard and progressively begin swimming without it. Be patient! This is a hard skill, it takes lots of time and practice to master stroke technique.

Once a child is very comfortable and proficient with freestyle and backstroke, then they will learn breaststroke and butterfly. Before you know it, they'll be on the swim team!

Usually, the swim school provides the gear you need for your lesson, but practicing outside of class reinforces swimming skills so make sure to stock up on all the latest swimwear and kids' gear at SwimOutlet.com.