Yankz Sure Lace with Black Buckle Reviews
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Yankz Sure Lace with Black Buckle

Yankz Sure Lace with Black Buckle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (28 Reviews)

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  • 10/22/2014 Very handy!

    5 Review stars By Jim

    Quick on and off.  I like them.

    Dover, NH


  • 9/7/2016 Very helpful for Tris

    4 Review stars By Nate

    I haven't used these in some time, but since I was doing a tri again I figured why not.  They took a bit of time to get laced up, but once they were in they're perfect.  I haven't needed to adjust or anything like that.

    I do need to burn the ends that I've cut off though, as they are already fraying after about 4 runs in them, and I don't want them coming apart.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 8/31/2015 Works well

    4 Review stars By Xica59

    It took awhile to figure out how to get these in my running shoes, but they do work well to keep the shoes laced tight but still easy on/easy off. There were no instructions in the packaging (even though the box said instructions inside), but I found the instructions on the web. I had to try several times while reading the online instructions and watching the video. If you have patience, this is a good product.



  • 7/6/2014 Jury is still out

    3 Review stars By Chris

    They certainly helped in T2 but this last second addition to my order  may have needed more research.  I plan to burn the loose ends and see if that cures the fraying problem after cutting them to size. My wife installed them trying to help so maybe I missed some instructions. They work and are far better than tying but my expectations were higher. Maybe a more expensive item was in order this time, or a better consumer. Worth the money.

    Summerville, SC


  • 3/27/2014 Great product

    5 Review stars By Bryce

    Personally I enjoy this product because I never have to stop in the middle of a long run to retie my shoes. I would recommend getting this.

    Louisville, KY


  • 3/8/2014 Yanks are great.

    5 Review stars By Jimbo

    This was my first experience with Yanks. Nice option for triathlon training.  I ran with these for about 30 miles now.  I had them to tight at first, but adjusted length a couple of times after first install.  Lacing is always snug  and getting my running shoes on/off is easy. Went to Yanks website and they carry more color options.



  • 2/16/2014 Too tight to be helpful

    3 Review stars By Michael G.

    I just couldn't get the right "fit" to make the shoes easy to get on/off yet still wear like they would with trad. laces.

    Michael G.
    Jacksonville, AR


  • 8/2/2013 Love them!

    5 Review stars By SWT

    I found them easy to install, just takes patience to adjust for the right comfort.

    Weatherford, Texas


  • 5/9/2013 Great-once I figured it out

    4 Review stars By TANIA H.

    The directions on the website are terrible.  They have 3 different sets of directions-technical video, funny video, and written.  All three explain it a different way and there are key elements in each that are missed in the others.  I am very mechanically inclined but it took me going through all 3 versions and putting the pieces together to figure it out.  That being said, once i got it together and went running, I'll never use regular laces again.  I also don't like that you have to get the sizing just right, or there is too much or too little slack to clip it into the toe clip.  I think the Lock Laces are more simple and easy to use, less fancy but get the job done.  In the future, I'll buy Lock Laceds, but these work great too.

    TANIA H.


  • 4/26/2013 Awesome product!

    5 Review stars By Ashley L.

    Took me a little bit to get them just right with my shoes, but once I did, they were great! I used them for my first triathlon and I was really stoked at how easy my shoes were to get on, even with sweaty feet from the ride. A little bag balm and those puppies slipped right on! No more fiddling with laces when my fingers are frozen!

    Ashley L.
    Santa Cruz, CA


  • 3/6/2013 works as advertised

    4 Review stars By Mac

    I'm easily confused, so at first glance, the installation instructions seemed rather weak, but after lacing one shoe incorrectly, I was able to identify the error and get both shoes laced properly.

    Richland Hills, TX


  • 12/11/2012 GOOD WORKING

    5 Review stars By BC

    used in a triathlon
    good working- put about 10 race miles into them with no problems

    claremont, CA


  • 6/13/2012 Quick Laces

    5 Review stars By SSTswimmer

    I use these for my running shoes for triathlon. They work great. They make it so much easier to get into my shoes when I am transitioning from my bike to my run. With regular laces, they are too tight and even when you loosen them, your feet are wet, so it makes it hard to get your feet in. But with these elastic laces, even with wet feet, getting your feet into the shoes is no problem.



  • 4/3/2012 Comfort for Fast transition

    5 Review stars By Manuel M.

    I use this lace before and buy another pair for my new shoes, they don't come any better, this sure lace are good for fast transition and make you feel more comfortable than regular lace because it grab your foot to fit. Recommended.

    Manuel M.
    Caguas, PR


  • 9/11/2011 Like a rubik's cube!

    4 Review stars By Winner12

    I found these to be overall useful, but don't try to drink a beer or anything before attempting to get these set up in your shoes. Make sure to keep track of the tiny printed instruction card, too.  You will need all your wits about you.  Admittedly, I am not a mechanical genius, but I found the directions lengthy and I don't believe I have the laces installed fully to the optimal level, but they are good enough for easily taking my shoes on and off, and that's what counts, right?



  • 9/9/2011 Yankz sure lace

    1 Review stars By PETER L.

    not very easy to work with with smaller shoes

    PETER L.
    Edwards, CO


  • 8/1/2011 handy

    5 Review stars By Jim B.

    Work fine!

    Jim B.
    Pittsfield, NH


  • 6/18/2011 gets the job done

    4 Review stars By Laura K.

    I have another brand of elastic laces and liked them so much that I bought these. However, the buckle on this brand is much more complicated. More than is necessary. But I still like them for what they do.

    Laura K.
    Goodyear, AZ


  • 4/24/2011 Great product

    5 Review stars By shirley l.

    I was given a pair of yankz last fall for a triathlon.  I love them, so I just bought a pair for my husband, son and daughter in-law.  Once I put them in my shoes they have stayed secure.  My shoes are easy to put on and off and the yankz have not stretched out.  I am telling all my friends about them.

    shirley l.
    grand blanc, MI


  • 10/5/2010 Yanks Elastic Shoe Laces

    4 Review stars By Editor

    Performs as advertised but takes some getting used to. Shoe can initially be too tight or too loose. Very helpful for fast transitions in triathalons.

    Cincinnati, OH


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