Workouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches Reviews
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Workouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches

Workouts in a Binder for Swimmers, Triathletes, and Coaches Reviews

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  • 12/10/2012 Great Motivation for a Formerly Bored Swimmer

    5 Review stars By Kimm

    I've just started using this book on my own, after using it some friends for workout motivation.  It's great to have workouts already written up so I don't have to write my own.  So much less boring, and I find myself doing longer, harder, and more diverse workouts than I would on my own (and substantially more pull than I would on my own too!)

    Highly recommended for the adult swimmer without access to a Master's team looking for motivation to work harder.

    Chicago, IL


  • 8/21/2010 Great book for more advanced swimmers

    3 Review stars By Tracey G.

    This book likely deserves more than three stars, however I'm a new lap swimmer and am just getting started with it.  I just completed my first tri, a sprint, and plan to use this to improve my speed & ability throughout the winter.  

    The physical structure of this book is extremely practical for pool use.  It has plastic pages, a spiral binder that allows you to keep it open on the right page, and the cover has an extra flap for marking pages.  The workouts are very well organized and have a systematic logic.  The intro is excellent at explaining how to use the book and how it is laid out.

    The cons may have more to do with weather or not I'm a good match for this book, so a caviat on the description may have been useful.  For a while, I'm going to have to spend extra time decoding the workouts before doing them because the whole book is shorthand and acronyms. Additionally, I'm very slow.  The slow version of these workouts, I estimate, would take me 2 hours to complete.  I have neither the time, nor the fitness level to complete them, so while decoding the jargon (which the book does have an excellent glossary in the front), I also have to narrow them down to a 45 min workout that I can realistically do within my  schedule.

    Tracey G.
    Minneapolis, MN


  • 1/17/2013 Serious Training Book

    5 Review stars By TLeager

    I was in a rut with my workouts. This book certainly brought me out of it. Very challenging. The workouts are long distances but they are broken into manageable units. I highly rccommend it to anyone looking to push past your same old standard freestyle lap routines.

    Raleigh, NC


  • 4/27/2012 Love this

    5 Review stars By Aimee M.

    As my daughter is swimming unattached for a while, and I'm having to coach her, this book is the best tool. Many of the swim sets are close to what she was swimming with her team, and many she finds challenging. And also, since I'm a master swimmer who doesn't have a team, I find lots of variety that are at my level. We've used this every day. And yes, it is truely waterproof.

    Aimee M.
    Travis AFB, CA


  • 10/24/2010 WHAT A GREAT BOOK!

    5 Review stars By Scott C.

    I found myself in a rut with the work outs I was producing for myself. As a masters swimmer who mostly swims on my own, I needed something new to think about. I would always write out the same workouts and it became boring. This book has really brought some new ideas for my own work outs and has also helped me with some new ideas for a YMCA swim team I coach as well. I suggest it, but it is a challenging book. The longest workout I saw was 6300yds.. That is a lot of swimming, but it was very insightful and helpful for me. Great for more advanced swimmers.

    Scott C.
    Pewee Valley, KY


  • 12/13/2009 A great help

    4 Review stars By Tim

    I swam in high school (40 years ago) and have done some triathlons over the past 20 years, though I have been doing more open water swims lately.  A book like this would have been handy for me.  Not having been brought up through any type of organized coaching program (I became the default coach for our high school team a couple of years ago), this book gives provides some good ideas for training both me and my high school swimmers.  You will still have to modify it for yourself, or your swimmers, but (at least from what I have read and tried) the workouts are planned well and incorporate several different training techniques.  Drills are added, though just in a general way (5 X 50 DR for drills); you have to add your own specific drill at this point - fingertip drag, breast stroke drill, etc.  The books is broken down into sections - stroke, sprints, middle distance, etc.; though they are all listed as free workouts, except for the section on IM.  The authors Eric and Nick Hansen have a good reputation for coaching swimmers (at least from what I have researched) so the workouts come from people who know what they are doing.  Modify it as you need to, it will still give you a solid starting point.

    Tulsa, Oklahoma


  • 1/30/2009 Well worth the price

    5 Review stars By swimNY

    This is a great workout book.  There are a large number of workouts, broken down into different areas (distance free, middle distance, sprint, IM).  Everything is clearly explained, so there is no guess work.  The workouts are long, ranging from about 3500yds to over 5000, but they can easily be scaled back but removing a set.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you are without a coach.

    New York


  • 11/25/2008 Good tool...for the SERIOUS swimmer

    3 Review stars By Douglas E.

    I've been getting back into the swim of things lately.  I was wanting a guide to provide some solid workouts to help keep me motivated and on task.  This is a great tool, however the scheduled workouts are for the SERIOUS swimmer.  Taken at face-value, minimum distance workouts are AT LEAST 3,000 yds/mtrs with most distances averaging in the high 3,000s or low 4,000's.  While you can modify the workouts to match your allotted time, doing math during the middle of a workout is more headache than it is worth.

    Product is durable and great for use at the pool, water resistant.  I recommend for longer swims when you have AT LEAST an hour to 1.5 hours to devote to one of the prescribed workouts.

    Douglas E.
    Columbus, OH


  • 10/29/2016 Great book, but hoping for more.

    4 Review stars By CO swimmer

    This has been a terrific tool. I've used it for several years and it's very durable and has good workouts. I hope someday they'll offer a "volume 2" with more variety of workouts,  particularly for sprint and IM.

    CO swimmer
    Colorado Springs, CO

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/2/2016 Great book!

    5 Review stars By Sarah

    This is really great for days you don't have a workout planned.



  • 11/17/2013 Great Resource

    4 Review stars By Mike S.

    While using the book, all i had available was a 50 meter pool, which was no problem converting the workouts to the distance. Great workouts escpically in my expertise of distance swimming.

    Mike S.
    tobyhanna, PA


  • 9/15/2013 Nice book

    4 Review stars By Nora E.

    I'm using these workouts and finding them helpful.

    Nora E.
    Wingdale, NY


  • 3/9/2011 Excellent method! Club Quality!

    5 Review stars By dutchgirly

    VERY PLEASED with this purchase! I stay very motivated with the diversity available in these workouts! This book is such a blessing! No crabby coach involved! Awesome WATER PROOF book! Best thing for a 24 year old masters swimmer!



  • 9/5/2010 A good quick workout book

    4 Review stars By Coach Z

    This has been a wonderful workout book that I can refer to and it helps me come up with a amazing workout for my swim team. I recommend this to any coach or swimmer. I am planning on using this for a long time.

    Coach Z
    Monkey Island, OK


  • 5/1/2010 Interesting

    3 Review stars By Angelica S.


    Angelica S.
    Stillwater , OK


  • 3/1/2010 Workouts manual

    5 Review stars By Bo

    Very well done and easy to follow. Has workouts for every type of swimmer possible. Love that it is waterproof!
    My swimming is now done with a  purpose following a plan.
    Very pleased with my purchase.

    Atlanta, Ga.


  • 1/6/2010 Inspiring!

    5 Review stars By K

    I'm a masters-level swimmer currently swimming solo, and the workouts in this waterproof book are fantastic.  While most workouts are very long, they can easily be modified for your time, ability, and stroke preferences.  I particularly like the reasonable rest intervals that keep you on track.  I'm getting much more out of my workouts thanks to this book.

    St. Paul, MN


  • 12/10/2009 Great workouts for competitive swimmers!

    5 Review stars By Elise F.

    GREAT WORKOUTS for more competitive, Masters-level swimmers! Most practices range from 3000-5000 y/m... and there is a nice mix of drill, pull, kick, and strokes. My teammates and I have been using this book to add variety to our workouts - it is definitely waterproof and very USER friendly!

    Elise F.
    Saint Louis, MO


  • 4/12/2009 Great overall swimming book

    5 Review stars By Cindy

    I have used this book many times in the short time I have had it.  I have used it  when I am coaching my swim team and have also found it very helpful for myself  for workouts in my own training as a swimmer and a triathlete

    Fairview, PA


  • 12/20/2008 Great book

    5 Review stars By P

    Lots of good workouts, easy to mix and match.   Makes doing your workout a lot more interesting, since it makes changing your routine easy.   Book holds up well around water, so you can bring it to the pool deck for easy reference.



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