TYR Tracer Racing Goggle Reviews
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TYR Tracer Racing Goggle

TYR Tracer Racing Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (64 Reviews)

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  • 12/28/2016 Best goggles I've found

    5 Review stars By JC

    I've been on a search for the last couple of years to finally find a brand/model that doesn't leak, fits securely without adjusting every other lap and doesn't give you a headache at the end of a long training effort. These are awesome. Somewhat similar to the Speedo Vanquishers but the plastic surrounding your eyes is much softer and flexible, making the fit perfect and light at the same time. I'm buying more to insure I don't have to fall back to the days of leaks and pain.

    Birmingham, AL


  • 7/12/2013 As good as they've always been.

    5 Review stars By Brennan T.

    I use them all the time for practice and races, reliable and well fitting.

    Brennan T.
    Provo, UT


  • 2/8/2010 Excellent start

    5 Review stars By Jason W.

    I purchased the TYR Tracer to replace my Lane 4 Revolutions.  I've had difficulty finding goggles that were comfortable, didn't leak, had a good field of vision, and had good fog resistance.  After trying numerous goggles, I decided to order the amber Tracer for training.  Excellent goggle so far.  Very comfortable, great field of vision, no leaks and good fog resistance.  So far, I've got about 30,000 yards with them and think I've found my new goggle.  Very pleased.  Look forward to trying them in a triathlon soon.

    Jason W.


  • 5/4/2017 excellent everyday goggles

    4 Review stars By CO-TriGuy

    I'm on my 5th pair of these. They're not the most comfortable for multi-mile workouts but they fit well, don't leak, and they are fairly low profile. They are my go to goggles for workouts and I have used them for several lowlight triathlons.
    I really like that I can customize the size of the bridge for a snug fit.
    The silicon gaskets are only good for about 6 months worth of 3 to 4 days a week swims in the pool. But a half the price of the more expensive goggles they are a bargain.

    Grand Junction, CO


  • 10/25/2015 good goggles

    4 Review stars By chbprep

    My son who is on the swim team likes these goggles because they don't leak. He uses them for training and races.

    pasadena, ca


  • 9/8/2015 I have been wearing these for years

    4 Review stars By M.S.

    I love these goggles, and have been wearing them for years. They fit great, and are a small enough for racing, but also great to wear daily for daily lap swimming.

    NYC, NY


  • 5/18/2015 My favorite goggles

    5 Review stars By Coach Mark

    I swim 5 days per week  and these hold up very well.  They require very light pressure to keep suction.   The strap clips aren't  even needed  if you lose one.  I replace these once per year, as the rubber cups are permanent and they are inexpensive.

    Coach Mark


  • 5/18/2015 Good fit, good value

    5 Review stars By vialado20

    Great goggle for swim team and practice. They are very water-tight - I bought for my 15-yr old who is on a swim team - she wears her (daily wear) contact lenses under them no problem. Her only complaint is that because they are low profile her eyelashes brush up against them. No big deal.

    Coastal NJ


  • 4/27/2015 Awesome goole

    5 Review stars By yaustin

    Love it!

    Austin, TX


  • 12/20/2013 Great Goggles

    5 Review stars By Rachel A.

    My daughter loves these. Won't let me buy anything else.

    Rachel A.
    Tumwater, WA


  • 4/7/2013 Son loves these goggles

    4 Review stars By patricia l.

    My son loves these clear goggles. They really fit his face well., However he is very disappointed that they no longer come in Amber. He uses the amber ones to race in.

    patricia l.
    denton, TX


  • 6/6/2012 good product

    4 Review stars By thomas r.

    nobody has the same shape and contour to their face so finding decent swim goggles can be tricky.  i ordered 4 different pairs.  the tyr tracer was the best of the 4: good view, comfortable fit, didn't leak.  maybe not for you, but worked for me.

    thomas r.
    kill devil hills, NC


  • 8/4/2011 Side walls are too soft

    1 Review stars By Merritt

    I preferr clear goggles. I tried out these because of their low profile design and all clear materials. Upon trying them out I was very disappointed. I could not press on the goggles to seal them around my eye sockets beyond a soft tap. Any significant pressure compressed the side walls of the googles, pressing the lenses into my eyeballs. I tried to swim a few laps with a loose seal, but the water pressure over them during flipturns of significant speed caused them to press into my eyeballs, making vision impossible. These goggles are impossible to use.

    Long Beach, CA


  • 7/20/2011 Gasket fails way too early

    2 Review stars By Dan

    I bought these in January and replaced them in July due to a cracked (due to a stiffening of the gasket material) gasket.  They are great while they last, but my past TYR goggles lasted years, not months.  I've been a regular swimmer all my life and this is the fastest failure I've ever seen.  I'm amazed there are not other reviewers complaining of the same.

    Eugene, OR


  • 7/31/2009 Finally! Goggles that Don't Leak

    4 Review stars By Sander B.

    It took a it to figure out how to adjust the goggles.  I was not used to a back-of-the-head adjustment device.  However, after adjusting, I was amazed that I had ZERO leakage.    I would have rated them 5-stars, but the clumsy adjustment device made me lower the rating my one star.  However - Love them.

    Sander B.
    Marietta, GA


  • 7/11/2009 Not bad.

    3 Review stars By Nancy K.

    You get several nose pieces - be sure to switch to the one that makes the goggles fit your eyes.  They didn't seal around my eyes until I changed to a smaller nose piece so the eye pieces weren't so far apart.  They do fog up, however.

    Nancy K.
    Lakeway, TX


  • 11/22/2017 TYR Tracer Racer

    5 Review stars By lantzka

    great fit.  I'm in the water daily and log between 1/2 and an hour a day.   These get cloudy after 4-6 weeks, but are still usable.  At $10 a piece, great value

    Peoria IL


  • 11/7/2017 Best goggles out there-used for years!

    5 Review stars By A

    Both of my sons are competitive USA swimmers and they have been wearing these goggles in various colors and tints for the past 4 years.  They are in the pool 6 days a week and go through a pair or 2 every short course season.

    Madison, WI

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/25/2017 Great goggles

    5 Review stars By Jenny

    My son  swims 5-6 days a week. These are his favorite and hold up really well.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/26/2016 Good fit. Comfortable

    5 Review stars By Cookie Momster

    Used by teen daughter.  Current pair of Tracers are about 1 yr old and working great.  Prefers clear lenses for indoor pools.  Recent purchase are spares.  Pros:  comfortable, no leaks, stay on while diving.  Hasn't lost goggles on a dive, turn or while backstroking yet.  She wears with TYR bungee strap (her preference - because she can adjust herself while wearing.)   Strap is 1 yr old and working well.

    Cookie Momster
    East Coast


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