TYR Tracer Femme Racing Mirrored Goggle Reviews
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TYR Tracer Femme Racing Mirrored Goggle

TYR Tracer Femme Racing Mirrored Goggle Reviews

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4 star rating (28 Reviews)

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  • 1/17/2018 Perfect Suction

    5 Review stars By Savvy saver

    These are the only Goggles that we have found that fit my daughter without leaking. We now buy them in multiples because it was such a feat to find some that fit her eye sockets.

    Savvy saver

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/10/2016 Good suction, but nosepiece is week

    3 Review stars By Carrie

    Really like these goggles -- The tint is perfect for indoors or outdoors use, and the sockets are a great fit. I was wearing a goggle with a slightly larger socket, and I wanted to see if these would help me get fewer headache's over long workouts, and it did; there was less pressure on my brow and still kept the water out pretty well. The only problem is sometimes when I am putting them on the nosepiece pops loose, but it goes back in easily.

    Raleigh, NC


  • 11/21/2010 Not a fan.

    1 Review stars By Swimphin

    I wear Speedo Vanquishers and View Snipers and love them.  The fit was not good and they were hard to put on and off between sets.

    Summerfield, Florida


  • 2/3/2015 KInd of Disappointed

    1 Review stars By Stefani

    The suction around the eyes is not very strong. My daughter wore them a couple times and now they don't keep the water out.

    Kansas City, Missouri


  • 6/26/2013 great

    4 Review stars By becky B.

    only gave 4 stars bc they do fog a little, but I think that's probably due to user error.  I love how adjustable they are!

    becky B.
    chicago, IL


  • 5/20/2012 Difficulties

    1 Review stars By d

    The troubles I have with these goggles are:
    Leak to the sides;
    the nose piece is EXTREMELY difficult to push in;
    and the nose piece popped out.... so maybe it was SO hard to push in that I never really succeeded.



  • 12/1/2011 goggles

    1 Review stars By mrigg

    broke during the first use...complete waste of money...will not purchase again

    london ontario


  • 11/30/2011 This goggle will leak

    1 Review stars By Lin

    My daughter complained this goggle will leak right after diving from the block. The way fixing it is to make the stripe very tight. It becomes very uncomfortable and my daughter describe her eye ball almost pop out. I do not recommend TYR goggle.

    San Jose, CA


  • 7/5/2011 nice goggles

    4 Review stars By Heather L.

    The goggles are nice.  For an inexpensive pair of goggles they work well!!!  I think adding a bungy would make them that much better.

    Heather L.
    Cuba, NM


  • 6/28/2011 Best Goggles

    5 Review stars By Carmen

    Super comfortable! Soft and well fit. No fog or leaks.

    Indialantic, FL


  • 4/30/2011 Awesome Googles for meet

    5 Review stars By Ariel L.

    Most all of the swimmers from my daughters swim team uses this google and they all liked it cause it doesnt fog and it's tighly snug to your face.

    Ariel L.
    Elk Grove, CA


  • 4/29/2011 Great Goggles!

    4 Review stars By KTA

    I wear these goggles for lap swimming. The fit is great and they do not leak. The straps are comfortable. They do tend to fog up after about 250 yards.

    Denver, CO


  • 4/21/2011 my daughter loves it

    4 Review stars By Joshua N.

    good for small narrow face but the strap  broke so I replaced it with a bungee

    Joshua N.
    Bronx, NY


  • 4/21/2011 tyr googles

    5 Review stars By manatee

    Great fit with excellent visibility.  Lens are not too dark.



  • 3/12/2011 love these goggles!

    4 Review stars By swimchick

    I love these goggles! I use them for practice (5-6/week) and meets because they are so comfortable.  They are also much lighter than the speedo vanquisher goggles. My only problem with them is that they seem to fog up after the first week of use :(  but its really not that difficult to wipe it off inbetween sets.



  • 11/30/2010 good goggles

    4 Review stars By Sarah C.

    We were having trouble keeping goggles on our 4-year-old, but these stay put and she doesn't complain about them. The adjustable nose pieces are a help too!

    Sarah C.
    York, PA


  • 11/15/2010 Short and sweet

    4 Review stars By Emkay

    My daughter swims on a competitive year round team and will only wear the TYR Tracer Femme Racing goggles for both workouts and meets. They offer great visibility and are sleek. She has a narrow face and it is the only model that fits without leaking. The only problem is they don't last long if you swim a lot. The gasket that seals around the eyes gets brittle and hard pretty quickly. We go through a lot of these goggles.

    Highlands Ranch, CO


  • 10/4/2010 Best goggles I've ever had

    5 Review stars By Nell

    I ordered these goggles last December and they have been the best goggles I've ever had.  A tragic accident happened to them about a month ago, however (the rims melted from being in a car in the hot Phoenix sun), and instead of trying out a different pair, I ordered the exact same pair.  I can't say enough about these goggles--they seal perfectly, never fog up, have great peripheral view, and fit like they were made just for me.  And, they look great, too (I've ordered purple both times).

    Flagstaff, Arizona


  • 8/6/2010 great pair of goggles!

    5 Review stars By AC

    great sun glare protection. great fit.



  • 3/29/2010 Excellent Goggles

    5 Review stars By Tim A.

    I bought these for my daughter. She says that they don't fill with water, don't fog up and give her better visibility to the side. She likes them much better than the cheap TYR's that she was using for  only $5 more.

    Tim A.
    Littleton, CO


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