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TYR Special Ops Polarized Goggles

TYR Special Ops Polarized Goggles Reviews

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4 star rating (27 Reviews)

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  • 6/3/2013 Nice

    5 Review stars By Nathan

    Don't fog, fit great, fit comfortably. I've swam with them for over a month now and I don't have a complaint. If only they played movies on the lens' (Now there's an idea!!)



  • 5/11/2013 Disappointed

    2 Review stars By bartacus

    Was really hoping these would be good but they leak and they fog up.



  • 4/15/2013 Open Water Specific Goggles

    4 Review stars By Amanda

    I have just started swimming open water and realized that my pool goggles don't work very well in that environment. What I really need is polarized lenses that help me sight into the sun and through the glare off the water. These goggles seem to do that. They are slightly distorted underwater in the pool - but who cares? I can't see anything underwater in open water anyway. I will use different goggles for the pool, but these are much superior for the lake or ocean. Good product at a reasonable price.

    Santa Clarita, CA


  • 3/3/2014 Polarized is great but...

    4 Review stars By Local

    Even though the fit is comfortable they keep breaking. The small clips on the side that holds the strap constantly breaks this is very disappointing this is my 4th pair the only reason I keep buying it is because of the fit and polarized if TYR would just fix that I would give it high marks

    Honolulu, HI


  • 12/11/2013 Very poor quality - broke after 2months, but Comfortable

    1 Review stars By gabriel reed

    I used these 4days/week
    didn't leak

    fogged up
    broke after only two months-poor workmanship

    gabriel reed
    sarasota, fl


  • 10/1/2013 Great!

    4 Review stars By Drj004

    The goggles fit great, feel amazing (doesnt squeeze my eye sockets). I am currently swimming a pool with them, and cant wait to try an open water swim. Great goggles...I will recommend to anyone.

    Vacation land, Ohio


  • 8/15/2013 Great Goggle

    5 Review stars By Steve K.

    Very comfortable, never have a problem getting it to fit my face.

    Steve K.
    Rockland, MA


  • 7/29/2013 Fantastic Goggle

    4 Review stars By Triathlete

    A great goggle for open water and pool swimming. Very comfortable, excellent visibility, and they look great!

    They are a little expensive, so check out the Nest Pro as an alternative.

    Sacramento, CA


  • 5/5/2013 Great for open water....not great for the pool

    4 Review stars By Shana N.

    These work awesome for open water, cuts down on sun glare, don't leak and are comfortable. Unfortunately, I don't wear them for the pool since everything is blurry underwater. I know that may not be important to some but I like being able to see clearly underwater.

    Shana N.
    Plaquemine, LA


  • 4/24/2013 TYR Special Ops Goggles

    1 Review stars By Adam

    Goggles are not comfortable and extremely blurry under water. Bought them with hopes to use for open water swimming, which they may work better for but after initial useage in the pool for two weeks, they hurt my eye sockets to much to want to wear them for extended periods of time. I would not recommend these goggles to others.

    Omaha, NE


  • 3/13/2013 Good Pair of Goggles

    4 Review stars By triathlete

    I have used this product so far in the pool only. I am currently training for a sprint triathlon. I like the mirrored goggles and think they will work great once outside in the lake. They are very comfortable. No leaks. I have noticed they fog just a little, but a think some anit-fog spray will take that away. Overall I am very happy with the product. My husband has the same pair, just differect color and loves them as well.



  • 2/21/2013 Blury/ Double Vision

    4 Review stars By ElMijo

    I wanted to buy the goggles because of how flamboyant and bright they are (the multicolored ones). When I first put them on, I noticed that they tint in the lenses was not black, but red, which was a bit of a turn off. Another thing that I noticed was that once I started swimming my vision became blurry and a little fuzzy, but once I lift my head out of the water my sight became crystal clear which would be great for sighting during a triathlon.

    I would give it 3 starts but the color, the fit around my eyes and the ease of sighting while swimming makes me five it 4.

    Milwaukee, WI


  • 2/18/2013 nice goggle

    4 Review stars By the neil

    Was skeptical with the gaskets that they would hold out water, as my bony skull is tough to get a good fit. But, they work well, minimal leakage over 1000yd swim. TYR in general fit me fairly well, and these are no different. Can still be worn in inside pool even though mirrored and polarized. Worth the extra five bucks vs other goggles.

    the neil
    Lake Tahoe, CA


  • 2/2/2013 Good full Vision

    4 Review stars By chi tri chicago

    Swimming in the pool they work great . seal up for the duration of my swims (30 to 45 min so far). I have bought them for the open swim but have not gone as of yet ( Feb. in Chicago) the polarizing lenses do keep the glare down... indoors so far.

    chi tri chicago
    schaumburg, Il


  • 1/25/2013 Most Comfortable Goggles EVER!

    4 Review stars By dpalmer

    These are the most comfortable goggles I have ever tried. I sometimes have trouble getting a good seal but once they are in place I can wear them for long workouts (hour+) and not have any pain around my eyes that other goggles cause.

    Plymouth, IN


  • 1/17/2013 Cool looking but distorted vision

    2 Review stars By HB Swimmer

    I like the fit and look of these goggles and the anti-fog works about the same as the other goggles i have tried (good for the first 30 minutes and than slight fogging) However, the distortion/refraction of the lenses underwater from being too curved is giving me a headache. I know some people are more sensitive than others to this issue, ranging from the lenses just don't seem as clear to having full on double vision. For me the vision seems a little distorted and by the time I am done with a set my head is pounding. I will give these to someone else and find another pair.

    HB Swimmer
    Huntington Beach



    4 Review stars By Andrea

    Great fit and comfort! and very little fogging, also the look is fantastic.
    Very reliable for open water, but I also use them at the pool.
    The only area they can improve on is visibility, there is a bit of double vision going on, especially under water (that would be the 5th star).

    New York


  • 12/9/2012 Can't Wait for Summer

    4 Review stars By OldGalWithAPool

    These are fun-looking goggles which I think will go with a lot of my swimwear. Not only will I use them for doing laps but also to deflect the glare from the pool while playing with the grand kids. I'd have given them 5 stars but that will be determinded by their durability...

    Santa FE, NM


  • 11/30/2012 Not as good as I hoped.

    4 Review stars By Ron

    I swim laps daily for an hour as long as the weather and my schedule permits. The fit on these are very good. They are comfortable and do not leak.

    I have two issues that others may not have.
    1- They are too dark. It's impossible to see the time on my watch while doing laps which forces me to stop to check the time.
    2- I can see the black line at the bottom of the pool but the vision is not clear like my other goggles. Things look fuzzy.

    Green Valley, AZ


  • 11/29/2012 Comfy

    5 Review stars By Cate

    Team swimmer in pool 10-14 hours a week
    Got a pair of these last Christmas as a trial from Tyr. Loved them and have been waiting a year to find them in general production. Even called Tyr to see if and when they would be out.
    They are very soft but not wimpy or leaky. Takes a couple hours of wear to get them adjusted just right but then never need to take them off. Mostly worn for practice but also race in them. When I race them I switch the strap for a bungee lanyard.
    Great new colors now, too



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