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TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle

TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (97 Reviews)

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  • 5/12/2010 Great goggles

    5 Review stars By Rob

    These fit perfect and give a huge advantage over any other goggles with area of vision. Comfortable too, I forget I'm wearing them even after 2 mile workouts. Fog is minimal, and TYR antifog works perfect. Straps show wear after a while, but I've never had to replace one.

    Adrian, MI


  • 4/12/2010 great view!

    5 Review stars By Jose G.

    Awesome view and very comfortable

    Jose G.
    South Korea


  • 4/5/2010 Best on the Market

    5 Review stars By JDaugherty

    Better than any other Swedish style goggle you will find out there. There is a soft silicone type seal at the rim of the eye-pieces that make these more comfortable than those that have only the plastic of the eye-piece. I wear these four times a week in Masters practice. The only negative I can think of is that the strap on these deteriorates more quickly than most. I can usually get about 4 months out of a strap. Try 'em you'll like 'em!

    Little Rock, AR


  • 3/30/2010 Using for competition.

    4 Review stars By guilmar5

    I love the fit, they rarely slip move out of place. The only bad thing is red color of the lens, it scratches off easily.

    huntington park,CA


  • 2/17/2010 Best Goggles Ever

    5 Review stars By State Champs!

    I use this goggle as an all purpose goggle. i cant imagine wearing anything else, they are comfortable enough to wear in long practices and also improves my mood because the world is turned a lovely blue. These goggles have lasted forever and are great for competition, they have a tight comfortable fit and with a bungee chord is the best goggle you can find

    State Champs!


  • 12/11/2009 Just ok

    2 Review stars By S. T.

    People must like them for the light weigh but they're not easy to put on or adjust well. Get the Nest instead.

    S. T.
    San Diego


  • 11/2/2009 What can I say, I LOVE them!

    5 Review stars By Zach K.

    I've been swimming since I was 4. I stumbled upon a pair of swedish goggles in a parking lot on my way out of a meet one day and fell in love with the swedish goggles. When i tried these on at my local outfitter it was love at first wear. They are your typical swedish goggle but that silicone gasket turns a comfortable pair of goggles into a heavenly fit. I am also a coach and purchased all 3 colors and my team members are on a first come first borrow basis. These goggles get my team at practice 10 minutes early just so they can borrow them. Buy them all. The white ones are sharp, the black ones keep out the sun and the blue ones give the pool a really interesting beautiful blue hue. I'll probably never purchase another pair. What can I say, I love these goggles.

    Zach K.
    Lake Wales, FL


  • 9/23/2009 Won't use any other goggles, been using them for years

    5 Review stars By Alex

    I swim about 15k yards per week, these gogles never leak, always fit perfect. I love the metalic look and the rubber coating around the edges. Makes them very comfortable for distance swims.

    Gig Harbor, WA


  • 9/12/2009 Very nice

    4 Review stars By Jeff D.

    The best thing about this product is that it doesn't leak. I have owned 3 different goggles before these and all would have water seep in during a swim. This has not happened yet with these. The only down fall if this is really a down fall. The straps are a bit thin. I would like a bigger thicker strap option.

    Jeff D.
    Nashville, TN


  • 9/11/2009 Fantastic google

    5 Review stars By Dan T.

    comfortable, barely fogs. good for backstroke in the sun.

    Dan T.
    Orange, CA


  • 8/23/2009 Great Goggles

    5 Review stars By

    All three colors are great.
    Ramona CA


  • 7/23/2009 Better than sweedes

    5 Review stars By SWIMMIN' BEAST

    These are great they have the swedish design but have comfortable gaskets, and rubber nose peices for a custom fit and low profile design. I have also been using these for over a year and are great 10 out of 10



  • 7/14/2009 the perfect fit

    5 Review stars By Hossien S.

    ever since i started swimming ive used sweeds, but they usually fall off when i dive off the blocks..these are just like sweeds except they dont fall off, i guess cause of the padding which also makes them a bit more comfortable and you can also see 180 degress in each way..also im an IMer and the reflectice part is exellent for blocking the sun when swimming backstroke outdoors..

    Hossien S.
    Cerritos, CA


  • 7/5/2009 .

    5 Review stars By andrew

    you have to be carefull because the tint can scratch of easy, but other than that they work great.

    lincoln nebraska


  • 6/11/2009 Great fit, very comfortable, professional look.

    5 Review stars By Abben H.

    These are by far one of my favorite pair of goggles. I don't usually race in them because I wear them loose and they fall off if I dive, but they are great for practice. Some people may not like them because of their different/large eye shapes when the goggles are slightly on the smaller size compared to others. These are basically swedes with a rubber coating on the edges and metalized lenses. The rubber coating makes the seal better and more comfortable. Great buy.

    Abben H.
    Sandy Hook, CT


  • 6/1/2009 Great for laps in the sun

    5 Review stars By Shawn

    These goggles are darker than my sunglasses, they're perfect for outdoor swimming. The buckle on the strap makes readjustment quick and easy. There is a rubberized coating on the surface that touches your eye, digressing slightly from a true swedish style goggle but it doesn't seem to impact the seal.

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 5/26/2009 1st. Impression of Product

    4 Review stars By MJ Ivory

    Superior product,...if a bit fragile in design & construction May not fill all faces, far as secure water tightness is concerned;....but if you are either an advanced swimmer &/or competitor,...could be a truly worthy investment in ones "aqua activities".

    MJ Ivory
    San Francisco, CA


  • 3/29/2009 Must be worn loose

    5 Review stars By Brian

    Many swimmers do not like these googles because they try to tighten the strap like they would other goggles. This will stretch and break the rubber nose piece and allow them to leak. The strap should just fit your head without a lot of stretch. They are very comfortable this way and stay on great.

    Owatonna, MN


  • 3/25/2009 Favorite goggles ever

    5 Review stars By Julian W.

    Surprisingly comfortable. Best peripheral vision of any goggle. They don't fog up.

    Julian W.
    Pacific Palisades, CA


  • 3/17/2009 best ever

    4 Review stars By Eva Nymoen R.

    in use twice a week all year long. I just bought pair number two for my son, ane one pair for my self. Just because the are really good stuff! Try them!

    Eva Nymoen R.
    Bradenton, FL 34203 , FL


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