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TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle

TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (97 Reviews)

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  • 1/16/2012 The only goggles for me

    5 Review stars By Kevin

    These are the only goggles I will swim with now. I've been using them for prob over 8 years exclusively at this point and every time I go to use a different brand, it reminds me why these are the best. Their peripheral vision is astounding as are all Swedish styles I suspect. The option of elastic or string nose piece is nice to choose between racing and practice goggles for me. I usually go with a bungie strap for racing as the included one is a bit too stretchy for my entry on a dive. The low profile is a great look and does not come off as bug eyed. The gasket around the edges are UNBEATABLE. I have not found a better sealing or more comfortable fit for my face and rarely do they leak. Only if the nose piece is incorrectly spaced do they ever leak for me. Granted the gaskets do NOT last forever and is really the only downfall I have found of the design. But at the price . . . I think it's an acceptable compromise. The gaskets degrade quicker if left out in direct sunlight and will harden if exposed to a lot of sunscreen it seems. They end up "melting" or "cracking" after a long while under these circumstances. These are fine for outdoor swimming, but the Eclipse version are definitely worth the money if swimming in the middle of the day.

    Troy, NY


  • 10/19/2011 Good Goggly Miss Molly

    4 Review stars By AD

    I assume that the TYR Socket Rocket is excellent because it is better than other goggle I have used. They do require some getting used to with the way they feel over the orbitals. They came recommended to me from my buddy who is a swimmer. I am happy with this product.



  • 10/11/2011 Very Good Goggles - I've used for years

    5 Review stars By Triathlete

    I've been racing in triathlons competitively for about 6 years now and I've used these goggles for open water swims and pool swims. I think I've bought about 5 or more pairs of these goggles. They work great and are pro looking which helps you win of course. =)

    Provo, Utah


  • 9/22/2011 Impressed! Imporvemnet on original Swedish.

    5 Review stars By Roger S.

    I mainly have used traditional Swedish goggles. But always end up trying new things. I had read a few not so positive reviews and was skeptical about the TYR packaging, mods, and quality. After a month of continues everyday use, I am nothing but thrilled with the whole package. The anti-fog works better than others. Metallic (rainbow) clear look really cool and work just fine in the dark. The little extra silicon (I think) surface, is the icing on the cake. It really adds to the seal and comfort. I can really relax the straps. In addition, coming fully assembled is worth the extra $5 by itself. Also comes with traditional string nose peace, but the elastic nose peace works better, is less hassle, and more comfortable and reliable. I absolutely love them.

    Roger S.
    Austin, TX


  • 9/13/2011 tyr goggles

    5 Review stars By anonymous

    this is my all time favorite pair of goggles. i switched out the rubber nose piece for the classic string one (which is provided). they fit wonderfully. they're comfortable around your eyes and i love the adjustable strap. perfect. really.



  • 7/16/2011 TYR Socket Rocket Metallized

    5 Review stars By Jake

    Use these almost everyday in practice and even have a spare pair for meets. They are the best goggles that I have ever used and they look fantastic. Highly recommend them.

    Kalamazoo, MI


  • 5/18/2011 Great goggles!!

    5 Review stars By daveandlani

    Perfect Swedish style goggles!!

    Naples, FL


  • 5/15/2011 great

    5 Review stars By Klara P.

    Perfect googles for both racing and practice. I use them for swimming outside. since I'm a backstroker, I really appreciate the color!

    Klara P.
    Baltimore, MD


  • 5/1/2011 Nice goggles, but...

    3 Review stars By William K.

    these are interesting. Nice vision from inside. Excellent visibility. But... they seem a bit flimsy. Everything is connected by small rubber bands and getting them on properly takes a little work, if you're not used to this type of goggle. No leaking, though, and they don't bind like others.

    William K.
    Lompoc, CA


  • 4/21/2011 Love 'em!

    5 Review stars By Dwayne D.

    Best goggles I've ever owned, and I've had them all !

    Dwayne D.
    Brazil, IN


  • 1/19/2011 Awesome

    5 Review stars By breastroker1120

    I use them every day for practicing I don't feel them at all.. A better strap would be better but everything else is awesome!!!

    watertown, ny


  • 9/27/2010 Take a little getting used to

    5 Review stars By Enviroboy

    I confess, I bought these in part because they look cool. I used them several times in the pool and they work well. The bluish tent is comfortable and they haven't fogged up at all after about 6 swims. The instructions say to rinse with clean water, don't touch or wipe the lenses. The goggles fit inside the socket of your eye which is a little different than I was used to. They also stay water tight without the strap being particularly tight. I experience some leakage in cold (64 degree) water but I probably could have mitigated that by tightening the straps before the swim.

    Ottumwa, IA


  • 8/6/2010 Improving a classic

    5 Review stars By beachmouse

    I'm a 20 year user of traditional swedish goggles, and gave the Socket Rockets a try based on recommendations. They're everything I loved about swedes- lightweight, great field of vision, and comfortable, tweaked just slightly for even better comfort straight out of the box. The hint of padding and nicely elastic strap let me adjust them so it doesn't feel like I've even got goggles on at all, which is great during long practice sessions. I also like that they come already assembled; sometimes it's nice not to have to do the arts and crafts project before using. My only complaint is that I swim outdoors, and a little more tint would be nice during backstroke, but I suspect if they went much darker, they'd not work as well for the bulk of users who swim mostly indoors.

    Niceville, FL


  • 7/28/2010 Great product

    5 Review stars By DE

    I have a prominant nose and conventional goggles were rediculously uncomfortable. After seeing a picture of Phelps wearing goggles with a soft bridge strap, I found these for a perfect fit. The tint is great in the morning light (not too dark). Recommend highly. After reading other posts, i bought a spare strap just in case but haven't needed it yet. Go gentle on the straps when adjusting and they'll do fine. These goggles are worth buying the case sold seperately, too.




    4 Review stars By Swim Doc

    Best vision I have found --30 years--- Fit comfortable --nose great--but Off blocks came loose/off even w/ tight strap

    Swim Doc
    Tucson AZ


  • 7/13/2010 Great comfort and style

    4 Review stars By Fares K.

    Great for outdoor use, although the straps wear out pretty quick!

    Fares K.
    Grosse Pointe Farms, MI


  • 6/18/2010 Great fit, anti-fog is lacking

    3 Review stars By Mark

    I have a pool so I use these daily. What I like: The tinted goggles really help in bright sunlight. These are very comfortable. What I don't like: The anti-fog only lasted a week. <<-- This really ticks me off because anti-fog is very important to me. If I could get this style of goggle in a different brand with better anti-fog, I'd buy those instead.

    Decatur, Al.


  • 6/12/2010 Good goggles

    4 Review stars By Danford A.

    I swim for exercise and have for many years. I want a pair of goggles to be reliable and no bother to get on when I am ready to start. I expected these to be a bit of trouble but after the first or second use, I found them to be on the plus side of satisfactory. The way they fit is the most desirable feature. It is NOT necessary to tighten the head band until your eyes pop out. I have found that if you have just enough tension to keep the goggles in place and the water stays out. Also, it is possible to adjust the nose band exactly to the right length for your eye spacing. Making adjustments is touchy but arguably this is not a bad point since once you get it right they are perfect. I would have given 5 stars but I will have to see how long they last. I will be watching the straps and the sealing gasket around each goggle.

    Danford A.
    Green Bay, WI


  • 6/3/2010 GREAT GOGGLES

    5 Review stars By GOOD STUFF

    Great goggles never leak fantastic best 15-20 dollars i've ever spent

    New York, NY


  • 6/3/2010 Don't bother

    1 Review stars By Nancy

    My son wanted to try these after he saw a friend using them at his high school meet. We bought these and a pair of his preferred goggles the Speedo Speed Sockets in silver. I was hoping for success because of the better price. Needles to say it was a waste of money. He used them in practice and they never had a good seal nor did they stay in place. They might be ok for non competitive swimmers, but don't rely on them to replace your go to goggles.

    Marietta, Ga


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