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TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle

TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (97 Reviews)

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  • 8/15/2014 Work great

    4 Review stars By GT

    Took me a little to get used to the way that they secure to the face. After I got used to them through one swim they suction very well into the orbits and I have 0 leaking. If I had to complain they make peripheral vision seem odd and I constantly think someone is next to me.



  • 12/15/2013 Great goggles

    5 Review stars By Ken G

    These goggles do not fog up. They fit well and love the clarity of the lens. I use them for lap swimming and I like to look for lost jewelry at the bottom of the pool. I have not found anything that I do not like about them.

    Ken G
    el cajon, CA


  • 10/16/2013 (Nose piece) Very Different than Most Goggles

    1 Review stars By Daily Swimmer

    The goggles look great, but the nose strap is just a small, thin strip of elastic which makes it difficult to quickly remove/replace goggles between practice sets. Additionally, the straps dangle down on the nose. Not at all what I was expecting!

    Daily Swimmer
    near DC


  • 9/26/2013 These ARE the best goggles I've ever owned

    5 Review stars By Scott H.

    These are the greatest period. Yes, I do need to set up a watch shop type environment to tie the nose piece just right (I paint super glue on the outside of the string before I cut it to avoid the fraying which keeps the string from going through the tiny eye piece holes), but once that is done these goggles have no rival.

    TYR has another new google on the market that is similar, but higher tech. That google has limited vision and somehow pressures my eyes different -- I literally can't stand it. So far the rockets are the bomb.

    Scott H.
    Richardson, TX


  • 4/23/2013 Awesome Tri goggles

    4 Review stars By Lynn

    Favorite pair of goggles for 3 years. Until they are worn out, keeps water out the best. Nice for small faces. No headache pressure since the band over the nose is not hard, fused, plastic.

    When worn out, they leak. Since I have a smaller head, it takes quite a bit of adjusting to get these 'fitted' before everything is set. Once set, they rock.

    Overland Park, KS


  • 4/8/2013 Great Goggles

    5 Review stars By Vince

    I decided to give these goggles a chance, even though I was unhappy with previous pairs of swedes that i have had before. Wow. These are fantastic. As comfortable as speed sockets, and they're $10 cheaper. i use the latex-ish type nosepiece rather than the string, and the same latex-ish strape. Just one thing, the red ones are really dark, not the best for indoor swimming, wish i had gotten the mirror ice ones (i'll probably pick up a pair in the next few weeks...) but if you are swimming outdoors in sunny conditions, the red ones are perfect, even though seeing everything in red is nuts. Bottom Line: if you buy these, you will not be disappointed

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 2/17/2013 Love these for practice and competition.

    5 Review stars By Michael M.

    Love these. Real simple design. Just the slightest amount of cushioning around lens to form a good seal. Nose strap allows for true custom fit. I use them for practice and competing. Also very cool looking mirror finish.

    Michael M.


  • 11/27/2012 Try socket

    3 Review stars By Mecop1

    Would not stay tight. Sent item back.

    Ottawa, IL


  • 10/22/2012 Great goggles

    5 Review stars By hadmeister




  • 10/15/2012 Great Goggles

    5 Review stars By Bob

    Easy to adjust. They do not leak. No fogging. They stay put. Comfortable. Great goggles for practice, meets and open water. The only type I use.

    Southern California


  • 9/15/2012 Notice! Mirrored goggle, but bright

    2 Review stars By Nick Jones

    Ive been using the original swedes all my swimming career. I decided to try the socket rockets just for a cooler mirrored pair. I bought both the white "snow" goggles and the red "fire" goggles thinking the white will be clear and the red would be smoke. This is not the case. Both goggles have a bright blue color. They really are sweet mirrored goggles, but are way too bright to be worn outside which is a real shame. I'd rather wear the original swedes than the socket rockets, just for the reason that these are too bright, but they are very good still.

    Nick Jones
    Philadelphia pa


  • 8/25/2012 My go-to goggles

    5 Review stars By Steve B

    I am an intercollegiate water polo player and swimmer, and swim outdoors every day all year, and I use them for both practice and meets. I tried these because I was tired of having to replace fragile vanquishers every other month. I swapped in the string nosepiece, and slapped on a bungee strap, and found these to be 99% undestructable! Not to mention the peripheral will make you swoon. And they look hella tight! Only problem is the silicone gasket will deteriorate in the sun. ALOT. Mine still work great, after six months, but they are about to crumble apart. But its better to spend $15 every six months, than to spend $25 six times a year! Awesome goggles, highly recommended.

    Steve B
    Sacramento, CA


  • 8/14/2012 Great goggles

    4 Review stars By Marilyn

    Great goggles. I love them for swimming out doors

    Gulf breeze,fl


  • 8/11/2012 Outstanding!

    5 Review stars By Corey

    I wear these goggles for training/competing. I swim long distance and short as well. I was skeptical at first due to the apparent lack of a gasket around the goggles, but I haven't had a single leak yet. They come pre-treated with anti-fog and I use my own on top of that. I swam a 1500 the other day and I had little to no fogging at all. The straps are somewhat of a pain to adjust at first, but once you get them where you want them, they stay there. Great product.

    Wherever the Army takes me.


  • 6/29/2012 I will never buy another kind of goggles again!

    5 Review stars By kerry a.

    Fits great, the soft silicone around the goggles not only helps seal the goggles for no leakage, but also softens the fit around my eyes. I have excellent periferal vision in the water, and the anti-fog helps with clarity. With the adjustable nose strap the goggles fit great, and with the smaller size, they fit right around my eyes, which helps prevent the grooves that are left behind after wearing some of the bigger style goggles. The mirroring makes for a fun look, while helping prevent brightness from the sun. I truly will not be buying any other kind of goggles from now on.

    kerry a.
    arvada, CO


  • 5/14/2012 awesome goggles

    5 Review stars By iTRImo

    usiing for my 8 week program workout for triathlon. previously using a sweddish goggles, nothing to compare with TYR. the rubberized socket help so much better on your face, also anti-fog lenses are awesome! no negative feedbacks at all, thinking of getting another one with a different shade.

    Long Island, NY


  • 5/5/2012 awesome awesome awesome

    5 Review stars By

    awesome piece for pool training. will start open water in the next few weeks. the tinting does not make it dark. also bought the non tinted one as a back up.
    littleton colorado


  • 3/18/2012 Not comfortable

    1 Review stars By Jenna

    these goggles were nit for me. The reviews were good and they looked fine so I bought them. The first second I went underwater water came in one side. They were tight and very uncomfortable and every lap I had to dump the water out. After swimming I looked like I had two black eyes and the skin around my eyes was sore the next day. These might work for someone and the packaging was nice and I received them in a timely fashion, but I need goggles with padding. I am disappointed that I even wore them once because now I can't return them.

    My laurel, NJ


  • 3/12/2012 Pretty good all around

    4 Review stars By Ryder

    i swim just about 30 hours a week competitively, i have used these for a couple weeks, i love how they fit. the only downfall i find is that when wet the silicone gasket is a little slippery and doesn't seal as perfectly. otherwise, great goggles!



  • 3/1/2012 A very fine every day goggle

    4 Review stars By Dan

    I swim for exercise 3 to 5 times per week. This is my second pair of TYR Socket Rockets and I will continue to buy them. I was concerned the first time around about the rubber banding for a nose piece AND head strap. I thought it would make them hard to put on. While is is a little harder than some goggles it is a minor issue compared to the functionality of this goggle. Sight is great, and they last a long time. The chlorine finally got to the rubber and but I was even able to get some more life out of them by tying knots. Also worth mentioning is that I have trouble finding a goggle that fits properly so that it doesn't leak. Whatever the reason, eye spacing and etc. this goggle does not leak. Recommended.

    Green Bay, WI


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