TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle Reviews
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TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle

TYR Socket Rocket Metallized Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (93 Reviews)

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  • 1/9/2015 Scratch easily

    2 Review stars By WNC

    Comfortable but inside scratched easily when using fingertip to clear fog.

    Asheville nc


  • 3/13/2014 Hard to get a seal

    1 Review stars By SueB

    I bought these because everyone raved about how great they were. I can't get them to seal and fit properly at all.  I adjusted them multiple times but couldn't get the fit right.  Going back to my AquaSpheres...

    Salt Lake City, UT


  • 7/13/2013 Possibly the best goggles I've ever owned

    5 Review stars By Cooper

    I've been swimming for 10 years for my club team, high school team, and soon for college. In this time I have tried out just about every kind of goggle--vanquishers, speed sockets, air seals, and Swedes. I bought a pair of socket rockets about a month ago and have been absolutely loving them. The seal keeps them from leaking, I hardly get raccoon eyes after practice, and the mirror is dark enough to be comfortable outdoors without being too dark for indoor pools. I'm still trying to decide whether the extra cost makes them better than just regular swedes, but I really do like these goggles a lot.

    Rochester, NY


  • 6/6/2013 Best goggles EVER

    5 Review stars By Nicholas P.

    I am a collegiate swimmer and use the goggles twice a day. They are the best goggles i have ever purchased, better than Speedo or Sweedes. They are comfortable on your eyes and head, and they don't press against your eye sockets. THESE GOGGLES DO NOT FOG AT ALL. I don't wipe them out at all during a 2 and a half hour practice. And they block the sun no matter where you are in the country. The straps are just a little loose, so make sure they are tight before you use them in a meet. Def practice with them first, all goggles are different.

    Nicholas P.
    Orlando, FL


  • 11/2/2008 DON'T GET THE CLEAR!

    4 Review stars By michael

    They're barely mirrored. Cool but not as cool as the other colors. Good goggles. A little iffy on sprint freestyle or fly.

    Strongsville, OH


  • 7/21/2016 swedes++

    5 Review stars By catawboy

    If you like swedes, then you'll love these - just a little grippy right where it contacts the skin, so they stay put even better. The old string and plastic tube kit is also included, for those that don't care for the rubber strap between the eyepieces.



  • 5/22/2016 My favs

    5 Review stars By Ann

    These are great for outdoor daytime swimming.

    El Segundo, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/6/2015 Excellent goggles for speed

    5 Review stars By -V-

    Low Profile Swedish style goggles with the comfort of a rubber/silicone type liner around the eyecups. As a competitive swimmer , I prefer the Swedish goggles but these cut down the prep time to file the edges etc. MUCH more comfortable.

    Lens color Has a great light/dark balance and the reflective costing helps with glare.



  • 5/16/2015 review

    3 Review stars By vm

    Bought these for my second yr swimmer never had bought Swedish style before so that took some getting used to but the part that got the three star from me was the band that holds it together snapped because its thin and is like the cheap goggles you buy at the pharmacy so in a mad dash before a meet I had to get a thicker band all worked out...




    5 Review stars By George

    Comfortable googles
    Great Fit and shade lens for outdoor swim

    Los Angeles, Ca


  • 1/22/2015 Perfect

    5 Review stars By DanRunning

    Great goggles!

    Colorado Springs, CO


  • 1/17/2015 Cool but dysfunctional

    2 Review stars By Swim team

    I bought these for my boyfriend since we both swim. He says they're really cool, but he hasn't been able to adjust them the right way,  and can't get them to work at all. The way the strap is designed is weird and I can't get it just right either.

    Swim team


  • 1/15/2015 Pleased but gets foggy

    3 Review stars By Rebecca

    Fit very well, straps are easy to adjust, reasonable price but they fog quickly.



  • 12/5/2014 Best of the best!!!!

    5 Review stars By CCC

    Five stars for a superb design! if were possible, I would give a 10 star mark!



  • 9/30/2014 my review

    5 Review stars By Guillermo P.

    not good for indoor pools, but the reduced vision camp helps to the swim focus.

    Guillermo P.
    Doral, FL


  • 8/15/2014 Work great

    4 Review stars By GT

    Took me a little to get used to the way that they secure to the face.  After I got used to them through one swim they suction very well into the orbits and I have 0 leaking.  If I had to complain they make peripheral vision seem odd and I constantly think someone is next to me.



  • 5/25/2014 My favorie training goggles!

    5 Review stars By Nancy

    I became allergic to the foam gasket goggles that fit great and thought I'd never find another kind that fit so well.  Well these are even better!  I've worn them for several years now and I hope they remain a TYR staple.  They don't leave marks around my eyes and they have a thin smooth plastic gasket that is more comfortable than those without one.



  • 12/15/2013 Great goggles

    5 Review stars By Ken G

    These goggles do not fog up. They fit well and love the clarity of the lens. I use them for lap swimming and I like to look for lost jewelry at the bottom of the pool. I have not found anything that I do not like about them.

    Ken G
    el cajon, CA


  • 10/16/2013 (Nose piece) Very Different than Most Goggles

    1 Review stars By Daily Swimmer

    The goggles look great, but the nose strap is just a small, thin strip of elastic which makes it difficult to quickly remove/replace goggles between practice sets.  Additionally, the straps dangle down on the nose.  Not at all what I was expecting!

    Daily Swimmer
    near DC


  • 9/26/2013 These ARE the best goggles I've ever owned

    5 Review stars By Scott H.

    These are the greatest period.  Yes, I do need to set up a watch shop type environment to tie the nose piece just right (I paint super glue on the outside of the string before I cut it to avoid the fraying which keeps the string from going through the tiny eye piece holes), but once that is done these goggles have no rival.  

    TYR has another new google on the market that is similar, but higher tech.  That google has limited vision and somehow pressures my eyes different -- I literally can't stand it.  So far the rockets are the bomb.

    Scott H.
    Richardson, TX


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