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TYR Socket Rocket 2.0 Swim Goggles

TYR Socket Rocket 2.0 Swim Goggles Reviews

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4 star rating (185 Reviews)

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  • 8/5/2016 Eye cup not comfortable

    1 Review stars By SwimMom3Boys

    The eye cups on these goggles is so strange and not comfortable at all, it feels like it is suctioning my eyeball out. These goggles are very difficult to get on and fit well. I regret this purchase!

    North Carolina


  • 6/12/2015 Worthless

    1 Review stars By Lee

    Difficult to put on. I swam one lap and then retrieved an older pair, and tossed these in the trash when I got to the locker room.



  • 2/11/2015 Cannot get them to seal.

    1 Review stars By Tom

    These goggles seem to have a good rating but I have never been able to get them to seal. I've tried about 6 times but they have leaked before I have gone 15-20 yards.

    So. Weymouth Ma.


  • 8/17/2014 Uncomfortable

    1 Review stars By fe s.

    Too small

    fe s.
    warren, MI


  • 7/27/2012 Might be okay but definetly different!

    1 Review stars By Josh

    I'm used to the normal Socket Rockets. These are confusing. I couldn't see where I wanted to. Maybe that's the point but I switched back to the regular Rocket Socket after one try. Good luck maybe they'll work for you.

    Bettendorf, IA


  • 7/26/2012 very flimsy

    1 Review stars By swimNYC

    next time I will choose a better pair, These are not so great!



  • 3/21/2012 try socket rocket swim goggles

    1 Review stars By Kathi R.

    Although these goggles were extremely comfortable and did not leak, they fogged up so terribly I couldn't see where I was going. They started fogging as soon as I arrived at the pool, even before I put them on. I will be returning them because they will not work for me. I was very disappointed.

    Kathi R.
    Painesville, OH


  • 11/20/2011 TYR Socket Rocket Swim Goggles, Not good for me.

    1 Review stars By Janie C.

    This pair of goggles really hurt my eyes. They are really beautiful but I think I am to new to swimming to wear them.

    Janie C.
    Centralia, WA


  • 11/10/2011 Not that great

    1 Review stars By Graciela M.

    Swim laps, not much great, fog up so fast, do not like these goggles

    Graciela M.
    Yakima, WA


  • 10/4/2011 Rocket Goggles

    1 Review stars By Fitness

    Don't like the fit. I'm concern about the durability. Disappointed after opening the box after receiving the product in the mail.

    Stone Mountain, Ga.


  • 10/4/2011 Rocket Goggles

    1 Review stars By Fitness

    Don't like the fit. I'm concern about the durability. Disappointed after opening the box after receiving the product in the mail.

    Stone Mountain, Ga.


  • 9/13/2011 so so

    1 Review stars By Swimmer2

    These goggles would be fine for leisure swimming in a backyard pool but are not for every day practice wear.

    Monmouth, IL


  • 9/10/2011 sux

    1 Review stars By Hater

    This pair sux. Lets in too much water, fogs up easy.

    Corvallis, OR


  • 8/15/2011 Awful! I can't believe the good reviews

    1 Review stars By NewSwim

    I got suckered in with the positive reviews. These are the worst goggles I've ever used. The flimsy rubber ribbon for the nose bridge is completely impractical. I either feel like my googles are too big or two small. Getting them on my face is a trial in patience - I usually have to try 2 or 3 times before I'm sure something isn't upside down or twisted around. I would return it if I hadn't used it already.

    Washington DC


  • 6/22/2011 Swim Goggles

    1 Review stars By TGM

    The size of the lens and their enclosure is too small for my sons and they are only 8 and 5.......they are uncomfortable and the boys are not using them.........very disappointing

    Marietta GA


  • 6/4/2011 mistake

    1 Review stars By Swim Mom

    bought these for my 13 year old swimmer. He tried them on once. Put them in the trunk and asked me not to buy them ever again. They are too uncomfortable to wear, even as an emergency backup pair.

    Swim Mom
    West Linn , OR


  • 1/15/2011 Sorry not me...

    1 Review stars By Tom

    Just go these goggles and tried at least 3 times. No matter what you do they do fog up. I am an adult male . I would not recommend this based on my experience. I also purchased ClubSwim Antifog Swedish Goggles Plus for much less $$$ and i love them.

    staten island , n.y.


  • 12/21/2010 They fog up horribly!

    1 Review stars By Pali Master

    The regular socket rockets fog up immediately, and there doesn't seem to be any way to keep them clear for more than about 25 yards. Make sure you get the metallized socket rockets. For some reason TYR puts an anti-fog coating on the metallized version of these goggles, but not the regular or non-metallized version. The metallized version of the TYR socket rockets I give a 5-star rating to. Don't make the same mistake I made. Make sure you only purchase the metalized TYR socket rockets.

    Pali Master
    Pacific Palisades, CA


  • 2/23/2010 Disappointing

    1 Review stars By Misha H.

    I could not even use it. I had to go by another that really works. Very disappointing. The goggle would not sit right because it did not have the right support and the water would go also hurt the muscles around my eyes...I just threw it in the trash.

    Misha H.
    martinez, CA


  • 1/2/2010 Leaks like no other goggle I've worn

    1 Review stars By Jason G.

    I know most people like these goggles, but I can't get them to seal around my eyes. They feel secure when I put them on, but within 5 seconds in the pool water pours in. Really disappointing since they seemed great in terms of visibility in the few moments before they fill up with water. Far less foggy than Swedish goggles. I guess I have to chalk it up to having the wrong shaped face for the product, or maybe I needed a different size - swimoutlet seems to pre-select size 2.

    Jason G.
    Watertown, MA


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