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TYR Latex Nose Clip

TYR Latex Nose Clip Reviews

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4 star rating (16 Reviews)

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  • 6/2/2016 swiming laps it works

    5 Review stars By Al

    If you do laps and want to stop water from flooding into your nose on the flips this is the one you need. At first it's a little tight bu it WORKS great. Won't fall of after a couple of laps

    Heathsville Va.


  • 2/8/2017 Nose Clips That Actually Work

    5 Review stars By Mike

    This is the first set of nose clips that I can get to stay on my nose and do the job of keeping the chlorinated water (to which I seem to be very sensitive) out of it. As a result I have been able to add to the number of laps I can do without acquiring a nighttime sinusitis.

    Toledo, OH


  • 12/1/2012 This one stays on!

    4 Review stars By Blanche

    I used nose clips in my youth and gave up because I could not find one that stayed on in local stores. Finally, found one that stays on. Maybe the original nose clips I used were made with latex, I don't know, but this one stays put and works!

    Albany, NY


  • 1/20/2011 This clip dose not work for me

    1 Review stars By gregory v.

    I'm a free style lap swimmer and this clip just pops off at each turn

    gregory v.
    monterey, CA


  • 4/7/2013 needed the strap

    3 Review stars By sony

    Clip VERY TIGHT on my nose. Almost like it was designed for a kid. If you've got a big shnoz try another one. strap seems thinner than old one. time will tell how long it lasts.

    Patagonia, Az


  • 4/11/2012 TYR Latex Nose Clip

    3 Review stars By Jeff J.

    it works, not very comfy, after about 20 min, my nose needed a break. was excellent to work with!

    Jeff J.
    Carpinteria, CA


  • 3/27/2012 Excellent Dependable Nose Plug Found Again

    5 Review stars By Cindy

    Your service was fast. The nose plugs work great just like the ones I used to buy in local stores but cannot find anymore. They are very comfortable and adjustable. My daughter now uses them instead of the hard plastic ones. Thanks so much.

    Manlius, NY


  • 12/17/2020 Nose Clips For Swimming

    4 Review stars By LF Helm

    Just what I ordered - good!

    LF Helm
    North Virginia/Fairfax County


  • 11/18/2020 Non-slip!

    5 Review stars By Francesco

    Finally, a nose clip that doesn't slip off in the water! Yeah!



  • 7/9/2018 Best Nose Clip

    5 Review stars By Ann

    This nose clip beats the others in keeping water out of the nasal passages. If it slips off, the attachment prevents losing it at the bottom of the pool. It is important to wash it after each swim especially if there are chemicals in the water. At this price, have an extra, when eventually you may need to replace it.

    New York


  • 3/21/2018 Works, But at a Price

    3 Review stars By Janelle

    I had a noseplug that really worked & dropped it down the drain slats poolside. Drat! So I bought this & one other by Arena.This one would work better on a smaller nose & I'm female with not that big a shnoz.It's very tight & the strap is attached at a funny angle so it presses uncomfortably into your cheek.Also, the strap doesn't just lie around your neck, it is stretchy and goes up under your cap. I wear earplugs and goggles, & scrunchies & barrettes, so that's a lot of gear under there.The strap is too tight for me.This clip will do in a pinch if I lose the other one I just bought.



  • 1/20/2017 This is the only one that does the job for me

    5 Review stars By Al

    The best On for me

    Kilmarnock, va


  • 6/7/2016 excellent product

    5 Review stars By Al egan

    Because it has a spring steel core it works well and has excellent longevity

    Al egan
    Kilmarnock va


  • 3/26/2014 terrible

    1 Review stars By deborah m.

    I threw it away, doesn't stay on

    deborah m.
    whitefish, MT


  • 9/29/2013 They are adjustable

    5 Review stars By Tommy Dharma

    Have used these for years and they stay on. If they are too tight, just spread them open a bit.

    Tommy Dharma
    State of WA


  • 11/2/2012 Good product

    4 Review stars By Bev

    It works great.



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