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TYR Corrective Optical Goggles

TYR Corrective Optical Goggles Reviews

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4.5 star rating (610 Reviews)

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  • 1/6/2015 unusually large eye cups

    3 Review stars By Doug K

    I can't give this an accurate rating, since these goggles do not fit my face. The cups are larger than most, so that they cannot seal on my eye sockets. Speedo Vanquishers and Tusa Liberator prescription goggles both work fine for me, but I've thrown these TYRs away. Swimming competitively since 1969, I've had other TYR goggles that worked fine, but these just don't work for me.

    Doug K
    Boulder CO


  • 8/15/2017 Never received my order . It was lost in the mail

    3 Review stars By Wasi

    Did not receive my item , it was lost in the mail

    Raleigh Nc


  • 11/13/2015 Fine, with a caveat

    3 Review stars By Goggle Eye

    I like my googles, but I wish TYR had a (- 7) pair ..or that those had been in stock when I ordered. I also wish we could order different corrections for each eye, which would add to the cost. I don't want to read or drive in these googles, but I would like to get closer to my prescription. The pair I bought six months ago broke, which wasn't what I expected, but I ordered a new pair. This is my second. Thanks

    Goggle Eye
    New York

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/23/2014 Too big, anti-fog wears off

    3 Review stars By Linda S.

    I bought these to see if the gasket was more comfortable than the Sporti S2, which is was, DEFINITELY! However I have a small face and these were just too big. Also the nose piece is VERY user UNfriendly. I know all anti-fog coating will wear off eventually but it was only good on these for about 3 or 4 swims before it started wearing off FAST.

    Linda S.
    Atlanta, GA

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 4/25/2011 average

    3 Review stars By not satisfied

    it is great for the price but after my use. the goggles had something on them and it just wont come off. i just went into the pool and out.

    not satisfied
    Brooklyn, NY


  • 4/23/2011 Optics just OK

    3 Review stars By TriathleteJ

    Nice, comfortable fit but optics just OK. Could see better with SwimOutlet's ClubSwim.

    Indianapolis, IN


  • 1/30/2011 love the prescription

    3 Review stars By Ruth

    The goggles are great for seeing -- what a relief! I swim laps -- I'm working up to a mile in an indoor pool. As goggles go they are no better or worse than others except that when I adjusted the nose piece and it proved to be too tight, it was completely impossible to move it back and my husband had to actually shave the plastic separator in order to move it. Once he did that I was able to adjust it back a step-- they fog up and let water in periodically, but I'm so glad about having clear vision that I can put up with the annoyance. I think they might be slightly too large for my face, but when I play around with them I can eventually make them tight enough so that there are no leaks.

    New York

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 12/28/2008 prescription goggles

    3 Review stars By j

    The goggles came off when jump into the swimming pool.


    Fit: Feels too big

  • 12/28/2008 prescription goggles

    3 Review stars By j

    The goggles came off when jump into the swimming pool.


    Fit: Feels too big

  • 1/30/2021 Great little goggles!

    3 Review stars By Mom To C

    These are a little weak for my daughter’s prescription because her eyes are different levels and we had to of course go with the weaker number, but the price point for these goggles was great and they get the job done! If she turns in to a swimmer, we will splurge for goggles that are prescription specific to each eye [OPENBRK]but those are three times as expensive as what we got![CLOSEBRK]

    Mom To C


  • 8/23/2020 A lot of leaking

    3 Review stars By Lisa B

    I am grateful to be able to see and to have an opportunity for the prescription lenses. But the goggles are not fitting well on my face and that is disappointing

    Lisa B
    Los Angeles


  • 7/25/2020 Great product but I ordered wrong

    3 Review stars By Hoped to see to surf

    The TYR giggles are well constructed and fit beautifully. I wanted prescription swim goggles. Unfortunately, I needed +2.5 and I misunderstood when the only options available were negative numbers. So, having ordered negative instead of positive, the goggles have no use for me. If I can return them I would like to do that.

    Hoped to see to surf
    SW Florida


  • 7/19/2020 Definitely corrected vision. Anti fog coating didn’t even last a week.

    3 Review stars By Imoore

    They correct my vision wonderfully. Nice shade without being too dark. Crystal clear at first. But they started fogging up within a couple of days, despite following direction to never touch or wipe and rinse after every use. For this price I expect them to last longer.

    Ann Arbor mi


  • 9/19/2019 Pretty good

    3 Review stars By Z

    Hard to adjust. Otherwise good goggles No leaks, no fogging.



  • 8/6/2018 Adequate

    3 Review stars By Elizabeth

    They keep the water out. The materials used for the cup irritated the skin around my eyes, so I only use them as a back up/emergency pair.

    New York


  • 10/13/2013 Nice goggles but poor fit

    3 Review stars By Ray C.

    I have used these for three months and still can't get use to them. The hurt the bridge of my nose. So I gave up and bought a speedo vanquishers goggles they have better fit.

    Ray C.
    Tecumseh, MI

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 7/12/2013 Great googles, but light tint

    3 Review stars By martha a.

    My son is a backstroker and he likes these goggles, but says the tinting is really not dark enough for outdoor backstroke races in the summer.

    martha a.
    oakton, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/10/2013 Great for about a month...

    3 Review stars By Mark H.

    I have purchased several pair of these goggles. They work GREAT initially, probably for about the first month. Crystal clear, no fog and good correction (I use the -3.00). However, after about the first month, they start to develop a slight haze which isn't too bad. The anti-fog coating does continue to work for a while longer.

    By the end of month 3, the haze is pretty bad and the anti-fog coating has ceased to work. I swim in both chlorine and saline pools, so I'm not sure if I should be caring for them differently than specified by the package. I DO know that you do NOT want to touch the inside of the goggles - that removes the anti-fog coating and makes visibility very poor.

    I do like the fit as I have a large head and my eyes are kind of widely spaced. The adjustable nose piece is handy and allows me to get a good, comfortable fit with no leakage.

    If they lasted longer, I would have given them a higher rating. Even with the relatively short usable life, though, I do continue to purchase them. At a discounted price, I figure I can continue to buy and use these until I find a corrective goggle that lasts longer, fits as well and is comfortable.

    Mark H.
    Collierville, TN

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/28/2013 Leaks

    3 Review stars By BruCanHit

    Not sure if I am fitting properly to my face but lets in water to the point after about 75 meters water is built up in my lense and since I need corrective lenses to see this is not working as well as I had hoped.

    Charlotte, NC

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/15/2012 Not a great fit

    3 Review stars By Michelle

    My daughter used these one time and we had to return them. She said no matter how tight they were, water was getting in and they just weren't working right. So will stick with the Speedo Vanquisher optical goggles.

    Washington DC


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