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TRISWIM Lotion 8.5oz

TRISWIM Lotion 8.5oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (72 Reviews)

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  • 8/8/2016 Orange You Glad You Found this Lotion?

    4 Review stars By BETH L.

    MMMM Smells like oranges. Love the scent. The lotion is silky, creamy, moisturizing.

    I'd say the only negative is that the price is a tad high. But for every one who buys lotions from B&BW and pay just as much, this lotion is much more moisturizing than those ones so I prefer the formula of this lotion.

    BETH L.
    MESA, AZ


  • 3/5/2014 the best

    5 Review stars By carolyn s.

    I use my triswim body lotion after my daily swims. My girls are also swimmers and the stench of chlorine can be over powering, but, thanks to this product we leave the shower after our swims feeling soft and smelling crisp and clean.

    carolyn s.
    stone mountain, GA


  • 8/15/2013 Lotion

    4 Review stars By Carolyn C.

    Product is good at helping to eliminate chlorine smell after shower, however, it does take a few minutes to soak in. It does go along way, so a little bit spreads very well. I will continue to use this product.

    Carolyn C.
    Las Vegas, NV


  • 2/13/2013 Lightweight lotion

    4 Review stars By Mari

    I use after swimming. It does not take all the chloride odor from your body, but I like it because it is not heavy or greasy in any way. Your skin will definitely be moisturized.

    Colorado Springs


  • 1/20/2010 Excellent product

    5 Review stars By Mike L

    I use this all the time otherwise I can't sleep due to itchy skin.

    Mike L
    Wayne, PA


  • 8/12/2009 Great product

    5 Review stars By shopper

    For those curious about the scent, it smells like a mixture of pineapple, lime, and coconut, with the pineapple-ish fragrance the strongest. It's not like the scent lasts long, but it's therapeutic to apply something that smells fresh after a swim & shower. I agree with one of the reviews that said it doesn't absorb quick, but it does seem to moisturize properly.

    New York, NY


  • 3/29/2021 Great lotion

    5 Review stars By cmitch

    Great lotion, nice citrusy smell.



  • 1/24/2021 avoid the itch

    4 Review stars By Joy

    Very pleasant fragrance but a little sticky when first applied. It does absorb relatively quickly and keeps one's skin from having the brittle chlorine feel. Recommend this product.



  • 3/9/2020 Perform as as promised.

    5 Review stars By Finster

    I’ve been using TRISWIM Shampoo and shower gel for years and just ordered my first tube of the lotion. The product does a great job of rehydrating my skin after pool sessions. The lotions scent is pleasant... not overpowering.

    Morris, CT


  • 3/4/2018 Great at eliminating chlorine

    5 Review stars By Daniel Crane

    I swim 3 times a week and the chlorine dries out my skin really bad. I use this right after showing and I have no itch whatsoever. Highly recommend

    Daniel Crane
    New York


  • 9/14/2016 Helps with dry skin from swimming

    5 Review stars By Rick

    I like this lotion. It's not greasy, goes on quickly and evenly, has a light and pleasant fake-citrus smell (I can't stand heavy, perfume-y smells), and stops my skin from getting itchy and red, even in the winter (I swim for an hour every day).



  • 7/27/2015 Dangerous product!

    1 Review stars By Arnold M.

    After swimming I tried the product on my face and got red blotches on my skin. I am not allergic to anything. I think the product is dangerous and hasn't been properly tested. I guess that the swimming community is saving them big on R&D. We are their Guinea pigs.

    Arnold M.
    Sunrise, FL


  • 9/12/2014 It works

    5 Review stars By Kathleen B.

    The lotion lasts much longer than any of the name brand lotions and costs the same.

    Kathleen B.
    Norman, OK


  • 8/31/2014 fruity and minty

    5 Review stars By Sarah V.

    I apply this generously onto my skin after shower and all I smell is fruity and minty it absorbs quickly and makes my skin feeling hydrated.
    I don't smell chlorine or just the smell of this lotion is very nice.

    Sarah V.
    San Diego, CA


  • 8/15/2014 Smells Minty

    4 Review stars By Sarah

    This products smells minty and it overpowers the smell of chlorine. My skin feels hydrated after spending 2 hours at the pool. It doesn't stay long to hydrate.

    San Diego, CA


  • 8/8/2014 OK

    3 Review stars By Gwyn

    The lotion goes on the skin fine. I would like it better if it had a good scent (maybe citrus or lavender).

    Panama City, FL


  • 7/15/2013 Best lotion ever!

    5 Review stars By Cindy

    This lotion works best because of all the swimming I do.

    Natick, MA


  • 5/31/2013 love the scent and keeps pool rash away thanks so much

    5 Review stars By M. Mckee

    Every one so far really likes it . The scent is nice and not overpowering . It seems to keep the pool rash away thanks so much

    M. Mckee
    Ashland Ohio


  • 5/3/2013 Works good so far the scent is nice and not overpowering

    5 Review stars By Samaritan Regional health systems

    Everyone loves the scent it is not overpowering . We were concerned about the people who were chlorine sensitive and so far it seems to work ok.

    Samaritan Regional health systems
    Ashland ohio


  • 4/5/2013 good

    5 Review stars By blanca a v.

    i recommend !!

    blanca a v.
    san diego, CA


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