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TRISWIM Body Wash 8.5oz

TRISWIM Body Wash 8.5oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (185 Reviews)

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  • 7/29/2009 I know longer smell like the pool!

    5 Review stars By Daily Swimmer

    People no longer ask me "Do you swim?" or "Did you swim today? - when they catch the lingering aroma of chlorine on my skin. Great product really does the job.

    Daily Swimmer


  • 7/4/2009 This stuff works

    5 Review stars By James A. S.

    I use it after swimming. Whether it is the first shower or second after swimming, the product removes all chemical oder. No soap, or body wash has done that for me.

    James A. S.
    Dublin, OH


  • 6/29/2009 Pretty good`

    4 Review stars By Jenna

    I do swim lessons a few times a week at a nearby gym. The body wash takes the chlorine off my skin really well, but it does not lather as much as I'd like it to.



  • 6/15/2009 NIce body wash

    5 Review stars By Betsy G.

    I use this body wash after swimming every time. I like the fragrance and it does take away the chlorine smell. It is nice and sudsy and leaves my skin feeling soft and not all dried out from the pool water.

    Betsy G.
    Los Angeles, CA


  • 6/15/2009 Works

    5 Review stars By Kona

    I swim 4 times a week and shower with it right after, it works and is not harsh on the skin.

    Santa Clara, CA


  • 5/23/2009 It is a good product.

    4 Review stars By Janet T.

    It is easy to use and works well.

    Janet T.
    West Sacramento, CA


  • 5/20/2009 It works.

    5 Review stars By Nancy K.

    Gets the chlorine smell out.

    Nancy K.
    San Jose, CA


  • 5/17/2009 good

    4 Review stars By vi

    good stuff too



  • 5/5/2009 GOOD SOAP

    4 Review stars By Lisa

    Smells nice and has left my son's skin very soft. He has dry skin to begin with and this is keeping him moisturized.

    San Ramon, CA


  • 4/20/2009 Tri Swim body Wash

    5 Review stars By ELH

    I use this product after swimming at the gym. It travels well, smells good using it, and hours later on my skin. However, it doesn't lather well, which was a big difference from previous liquid soaps I've used.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 4/18/2009 a chlorine-abolishing shower gel

    5 Review stars By Kate

    Pleasant smell and pretty good at removing the chlorine stench.



  • 4/15/2009 Terrific body wash anytime

    5 Review stars By medusa

    Tri-Swim is worth every penny! It's extremely difficult for me to get all of the soap off my skin in the shower because the water in my area is so hard and full of chemicals. I use a water filter in my shower, but ordinarily I have skin problems all the time anyway because of the poor quality of the water I have to shower in, and my skin reacts even more dramatically to pool chlorine. Since I've been using Tri-Swim in the shower after swimming, however, I've had no skin outbreaks -- NONE, which is a miracle for me -- and as an extra added bonus my skin is softer than ever. A quarter-size dollop of Tri-Swim on a bath sponse will suds up wonderfully and will get that chlorine off immediately, leaving a really nice scent. I'll be using Tri-Swim all year round now, pool or no pool. Terrific product, even better than I expected.



  • 3/30/2009 Doesn't Work

    2 Review stars By Tri Swim

    I didn't find this product useful......I still have a strong scent on chlorine lingering over my skin

    Tri Swim
    Blaine, MN


  • 3/18/2009 Tri-Swim Wash

    4 Review stars By Carol

    I've been going to water aerobics and always smell like chlorine. Since I bought this product the smell is gone. I would definitely recommend this product for a nice body wash after swimming.

    Eugene, OR


  • 2/25/2009 It works!!!

    5 Review stars By C D.

    My son was always ichy after swim team practice! This product Works! He loves It, no girley smell either!

    C D.


  • 2/20/2009 it works! and it's Good

    5 Review stars By linda h.

    I have very sensitive skin and this takes the chlorine off my skin on the first shower. It's even better on the second shower without making me feel really dry. I swim 5 times a week and this made a difference

    linda h.
    brooklyn, NY


  • 2/11/2009 Pretty Decent

    4 Review stars By John S.

    So far so good. It does a good job of mitigating the chlorine odor and helps keep my skin from drying out. However, to get the desired effect you have to use a lot and like others have said it doesn't lather up well. All in all, a good product worth buying.

    John S.
    South Hill, WA


  • 1/20/2009 Body Wash Gel - That's Good Stuff

    4 Review stars By Vavo28

    I've been using this gel for about a month now (3 to 4 times per week). I love that I don't smell or taste like chlorine after using it. Works better than any other shower gel I've tried, even the super smelling ones from VS!

    Gardena, CA


  • 1/1/2009 I Love Tri-Swim Body Wash!

    5 Review stars By Mary W.

    This product has saved my skin from intense itching and dryness due to chlorine in the pool where I swim. My skin used to reek of chlorine odor - no more!

    Mary W.
    Bend, OR


  • 12/6/2008 I'm Hooked

    5 Review stars By Janet

    It really does eliminate the "itchy" feeling and chlorine smell. I swim daily at a Y and will be a lifelong user. Now, if it only came with a back scrub stick it would be perfect.

    Fair Lawn, NJ


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