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Terrapin Turtle Wristband Terrapin Turtle Wristband Terrapin Turtle Wristband Terrapin Turtle Wristband

Terrapin Turtle Wristband

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Safety Turtle is an effective "last line of defense" to protect your children and pets from accidents around water hazards; including swimming pools, spas, ponds, boats and shorelines. Simply lock a Turtle wristband around your child's wrist or secure a Turtle sensor to your pet's collar. A fall into the water causes an immediate alarm at the Base Station. Unlike other pool alarms, Safety Turtle is not disabled by pool users.


• Baby Turtle plug for Base Station
• Key for locking buckle

How it works:

• The Base Station (sold separately) sounds a loud alarm when the Turtle is immersed in fresh water; the alarm continues to sound until it is reset
• The Turtle wristband locks securely with a key—a child cannot remove it
• The Turtle wristbands are permanently sealed and built to withstand a child's rugged play
• Protection continues while the pool is in use or a pool cleaner is in operation

More information:

• Get the whole Safety Turtle kit which includes: Base Station with AC adaptor (sold separately)
• One or more Turtle Sensors (of same color) on wristband or pet collar adaptor
• Battery pack and weatherproof enclosure for Base Station (accessory)
• Cigarette lighter 12 VDC adaptor (accessory)

Unique features:

• Children love wearing the Turtle
• No installation in the pool required
• More than a pool alarm: use at home and away from home, with any fresh water
• Water coverage and Turtle battery health are easily tested in TEST MODE- test volume adjustable
• By using different turtle colors, neighbors can enjoy the benefits of Safety Turtle without triggering each other's alarm
• Rain or spray from lawn sprinklers won't trigger alarm
• Turtle has a battery life of at least three years when used every day
• Turtles available in five bright colors (green, blue, red, yellow and red) -- each comes with a matching color coding plug (Baby Turtle) inserted in the lower left corner of the Base Station

***A Base Station should be within 150-200 feet of the water. The battery pack accessory provides total portability—to power the Base Station at a beach, vacation pool, etc. – and uninterrupted backup to primary power.



Terrapin/Safety Turtle's alarm system is designed to prevent water related accidents before they occur. All of their easy to use products require little to no installation. Safety Turtle's wristband, base station, wireless gate system and Turtle Power's innovative security system provides uninterrupted protection whether you're away or at home. It's safe and effective to use for adults, children and pets. Safety Turtle's portable design allows you to use it near any water hazard.