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Swimovate Poolmate Pro Swimming Watch Swimovate Poolmate Pro Swimming Watch Swimovate Poolmate Pro Swimming Watch

Swimovate Poolmate Pro Swimming Watch

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  • The Swimovate Poolmate Pro watch brings revolutionary technology to life. With multiple language options and motion sensors, this watch automatically monitors the motion of your arm as you're swimming and counts your laps for you. compatible 

    • The most advanced swim workout and training platform.
    • Track your workouts, find local pools or clubs, and connect with other swimmers.


    How It Works

    • Tracks calories burned, lap count, distance, your fastest times, and best stroke count.
    • Chrono mode: Time your running, cycling, openwater swims, or triathlons.
    • Shows your overall swim analysis at a glance.
    • Full digital watch functions: 12 or 24 hour format, alarm, and backlight.
    • Download data from the Poolmate watch or add swims manually.
    • Watch will automatically transfer data via infrared link to the pod and your PC.
    • Motion sensors automatically monitor the motion of your arm when swimming.
    • Select any session to examine in detail, including individual sets within the swim.
    • Use the watch to grade your swim.
    • Add notes or edit data.



    • Download pod that plugs into your USB port and cable.
    • Over 100 logs can be stored before download.
    • Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, distance and speed.
    • You can time your rest periods between sets.
    • Water resistant to 50 meters.
    • Multiple language support.


    Design Details

    • 1.64" diameter, 0.55" thickness.


    What’s Included

    • Swimovate PoolMate Pro Watch.


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  • 4 star rating (13 Reviews)

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  • 2/15/2013 Great Product!

    rating star By Ronnie G.

    I've used the Swimnovate Pro for eight major swim sessions and, in general I am very pleased with its performance.  The watch collects a lot of data which can be effectively used with the software to analyze each session.  The software also provides cumulative summary data for analysis.  

    I initially had some difficulty using the software on my Mac, but I have been able to successfully resolve all of the issues, and the staff support for this product is very professional,  competent, highly responsive, and always willing to help!

    I think this product is badly needed by swimmers at all levels, and will be further refined in the future, but it's a great start!

    Ronnie G.
    Corinth, Texas

  • 11/9/2012 Great Swim Watch

    rating star By Emilio

    This is my second watch (I lost my previous one). I use it to keep track of my distances in practice. About 10,000 yds a week, mostly freestyle. For me is 100% accurate in freestyle. As expected it has trouble with unusual drills and kick only sets.
    The support PC/MAC software still needs some improvement but it works fine. It allows editing of the data. It keeps track of the workouts and provides  a lot of statistics and it is all in your computer. Software support from the manufacturer has been outstanding.
    On my wish list I would add start/stop button with tactile feedback, larger digits, and to keep the displayed just completed set time a little longer (10sec?)

    Thousand Oaks, CA

  • 2/14/2011 Great Watch

    rating star By NGP

    Overall a good watch and amazingly accurate on laps and strokes.  
    I have only tested it extensively on freestyle stroke, but looked to be just as accurate on all the other strokes when I did a couple of laps of each.

    Really helpful for swimming longer sets and keeping your lap count.
    At the end of a lap you can push the stop button and see your swim time for a few seconds, then it automatically switches over to the total time you have been resting and keeps counting until you push start to begin counting your next swim.   I have found that I need to lift up my tinted goggles to see the display in an indoor pool, which I do not need to do with a Timex watch.  Would not be a problem with clear goggles, and may not have this problem outdoors, but have not tried it, yet.    

    Software is easy to use.  

    Wish the watch would show lap speed vs strokes for each lap, instead of the averages over long sets, but still a nice tool to check your overall efficiency and track improvements.

    Wilmington, NC

  • 1/17/2011 Review of Swmovate Pro

    rating star By Mfahy

    Obtaining true data to improve your swim stroke and timing has been
    difficult to generate in the past. This watch provides real-time feedback on your swim laps. Rather than depending on a heart monitor or general "feel", this watch provides the user timing, distance, interval information &efficiency and records it . If you want to see how you are improving, this watch will provide the data.

    Germantown TN

  • 11/5/2014 PoolMate Watch

    rating star By Olga

    Good watch to track your training.
    However, i would love if the screen had lights as when you swim in the evenings it is difficult to read the numbers on the screen.


  • 10/22/2014 watch ok but pod does not work

    rating star By falcon

    The watch functions although my counts and its tend to differ but that may be my lack of concentration.  The pod to link to my computer arrived nonfunctions; they have shipped a replacement but it has not arrived.

    I would like the product better if it had a mode to allow it to be more easily used with an endless pool rather than relying on a lap turn.

    raleigh, n.c.

  • 4/10/2012 Great Watch

    rating star By Emilio

    I have used this watch for over a year now and it is great. I swim every other day and have logged over 400,000 yards. The very few errors it had I can trace to stopping mid lap to adjust my goggles, or an unusually long turn (resting), or changing stroke at mid lap.
    It is great having the exact speed of each of your sets, so you can easily see your improvement over time. Also no more guessing how far or fast you went.
    The numbers are hard to read under low light conditions in the middle of a fast practice. But then my eyesight is not what it used to be. There is no problem outdoors in daylight.

    Thousand Oaks, CA

  • 1/9/2012 Failed on 3 basic levels

    rating star By Eric S.

    I swim a mile a day and wanted to find a way to keep track of my laps without having to constantly repeat my lap count in my head as I swam.  I read multiple reviews and decided that this was the watch to buy.  I swim just 2 basic strokes, freestyle and breast.  After a week's trial, the watch consistently off by 8-10 laps on the count.  I tried, as suggested, lengthening my glide after my turns, but this made no difference.  Problem #2:  I downloaded the software to my Mac (OS 10.7.2) and attached the watch pad.  The program did identify that the pad was attached, but I could not get it to upload any of the watch's data after multiple attempts.  Problem #3: after only 1 week, the watch already lost 4 minutes of time.  A watch should, at a minimum, keep accurate time.  I do appreciate the easy return that provided me.  I would definitely buy from them again.

    Eric S.
    Solon, OH

  • 6/17/2011 Great!!!

    rating star By Kevin S.

    This watch is Awsome and when used with water proof MP3 makes your workout seem effortless and u really dont want to get out of the water because time flyes.......

    Kevin S.
    North Miami, FL

  • 6/17/2011 Great!!!

    rating star By Kevin S.

    This watch is Awsome and when used with water proof MP3 makes your workout seem effortless and u really dont want to get out of the water because time flyes.......

    Kevin S.
    North Miami, FL

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Swimovate was founded in 2007 by triathletes in the United Kingdom. These triathletes were tired of always forgetting how many laps they had swum and the difficulty with trying to keep track. There were gadgets available, but the only ones on the market were manual devices that required you to push a button; if you forget to count your laps most likely you will forget to push a button.

The triathletes turned their problem into a solution when they invented the Swimovate Pool-Mate, which can only be accurately described as a swimming computer. The Swimovate Pool-Mate measures and tracks lap with a state-of-the-art motion sensor, allowing you to swim hassle free.

The Swimovate team continues to bring you dynamic, innovative electronic training products at an affordable price while maintaining an impeccable customer service performance.