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Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch

Swimovate Poolmate Live Swim Watch

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The Poolmate Live Bundle offers you with everything you need to track your pool laps. This bundle includes... Read More
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    The Poolmate Live Bundle offers you with everything you need to track your pool laps. This bundle includes the Poolmate Live watch to record data and the clip to transfer data from the watch to your computer. Featuring a sleek but tough design, the Poolmate Live watch is crafted with sapphire crystal glass and a ceramic bezel so it stands up to the hardest swim session.

    The PoolMate Live now has open water swim support!

    Now you can see your speed, distance, calories, duration, efficiency, and stroke count, no matter what type of swimming you do. Use it in pools, lakes, rivers, the sea, and even endless pools where the swimming is tethered.

    Just select OWS mode and the PoolMate live will estimate your speed, distance, and more in open water environments. 

    How It Works

    • Tracks laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, stroke per minute, duration, and efficiency.
    • Poolmate Live clip downloads data for each lap to your computer.
    • Has chrono mode for other sports.
    • Filter your swim by stroke type.
    • Add notes or edit data.
    • See how far you have swum this month or year.
    • Multiple swimmer support.
    • View your fastest times, best stroke count, etc.
    • Club mode to view multiple swimmers on one machine.
    • Select any session and examine in detail.
    • Shows graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed, etc., to see how they have changed over time.


    • Up to two years of battery life.
    • Water resistant up to 50m.
    • Large Display Characters: Easy to view through goggles.
    • Vibrating Alarm: Alerts you when you have swam a certain number of laps, distance, or time interval.
    • Download your lap-by-lap data to a PC or Mac for further analysis via Swimovate's software.

    Design Details

    • 24 hour clock and alarm.
    • Suitable for everyday wear.
    • Plugs in via USB.
    • Watch has specially designed back plate with a twist off battery port so you can change it yourself.

    What’s Included

    • Poolmate Live swim monitoring watch.
    • USB and Download Clip

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  • 4 Review Stars (18 Reviews)

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  • 4/26/2021 Difficult to Use

    3 Review Stars By Peck2021

    The software did not load.  I had to go to the web site to download the software.  Then the instructions for installing the software were incomplete and missed a few steps.  I finally got it installed but the software would not download the swims.  Tech help said some necessary steps had not taken place.  Once I did those steps I got the software to download one swim.  However, It has not downloaded any swims since then.

    The watch does seem to track laps correctly.  Freestroke is my primary stroke so the watch is set for that and when I switch to a couple of laps of breast stroke the watch does not always track those laps.

    I would recommend this watch with reservations.

    Copake Falls, NY

  • 8/24/2016 Never lose count of your laps

    5 Review Stars By Senior fitness swimmer

    This watch is great for keeping track of where you are in your sets.  I swim sets of 500 yards and can lose count somewhere in the set.  Now I just set the vibrate alarm at 500 yards and I get an alert during my last lap that I'm coming into 500 yards.  You can download all the stroke information to your computer so you can see areas where you can improve.

    Senior fitness swimmer
    Durham, NC

  • 9/20/2020 Review

    2 Review Stars By swimmer

    Watch looks nice but too big and heavy.

    Fairfield, CT

  • 10/25/2017 Lovin' the 100 yd buzz

    4 Review Stars By Oz

    Great value
    100 yard marker (buzz)
    large easy to read face
    workout summary screen

    Cleveland, Ohio

  • 7/10/2020 Love my new watch

    5 Review Stars By Kathleen

    Although I am still getting used to it, I find this watch much easier to figure out than my previous watches (e.g., how to track my open water swims). It's very solid and the folks at were very helpful in answering my questions.

    Oakland, CA

  • 5/4/2016 Excelent

    5 Review Stars By Alejandro

    Till today. More than 10 training session did not miss one lap. Must use in the correct arm.
    Post buy support the best. I need help with the syncro clip and get the best support


  • 2/13/2020 Nice look but doesn't work well with non-freestyle laps

    2 Review Stars By JP

    Got this watch to replace my Garmin Swim, as the display was fading and Garmin no longer makes a pool exclusive watch. This is a nice looking watch - looks sleeker than the Garmin and looks good for every day. However, how it functions is most important, and in this case, it isn't great. I swim freestyle, backstroke and breast. It works great for  freestyle - doesn't miss a lap. For backstroke, it seems to miss a lap each time, especially if I do a medley. It is the worst for breaststroke. Today I did 200 yards (8 laps) and it counted 5. It seems to be worse each time. The first day it seemed to work well and I was happy with it, but is subsequently seems to be missing more and more strokes. Disappointing to say the least.

    New York, NY

  • 5/13/2016 Very helpful watch

    4 Review Stars By Gretch

    I have been encouraged to see progress in my swimming skills in using this watch.  It has been quite accurate in counting my laps and I love the vibration telling me whatever distance I enter.  The stroke count has also been very helpful.  It is a large watch that did not fit comfortably on my small wrist, but I adapted a sweat band under the watch that works very well.  I have not taken the time to figure out how to see all the info on my watch after a workout especially without my glasses, but sure enjoy the information after it is uploaded to my computer.

    Grand Rapids, MN

  • 10/28/2019 Mixed review

    4 Review Stars By fortedelnorte

    Really like the functions but the first one i received last about 20 laps before it had water inside and malfunctioned.  A replacement was shipped quickly and after one use, all good for now.  Seemed very accurate counting laps on first use (1.5 mile workout in a pool in a number of sets).  Like the vibrate function- if you know the pace you'd like to be on you can set it to vibrate every x minutes which lets you know where you are vis a vis your desired pace.  I find i can't see the number of laps while swimming- combination old eyes and don't want to break stroke and pull watch to my face but the timed vibrate works just as well.  Will update review if this one fails but so far so good.

    New Mexico

  • 8/8/2016 Super convenient

    4 Review Stars By Beginner Swimmer

    This watch does what I want it to. It's easy to see in bright sunlight. It's really solid and comfortable. It counts my meters and laps as I go so I don't have to. It buzzes my wrist if I assign it a time or distance to do so. Back home, I latch the USB dock onto it and it uploads my swims to an online tracker that shows all kinds of cool stats about my swimming, including efficiency. The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is that I have to tell it the pool length (which was hard to determine for my odd-shaped pool) and I have to be careful about my arm movements so it doesn't miscount my laps. But those are small inconveniences I'm willing to endure for the price difference between this watch and the GPS watches that don't have those issues.

    Beginner Swimmer
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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About This Brand


Swimovate was founded in 2007 by triathletes in the United Kingdom. These triathletes were tired of always forgetting how many laps they had swum and the difficulty with trying to keep track. There were gadgets available, but the only ones on the market were manual devices that required you to push a button; if you forget to count your laps most likely you will forget to push a button.

The triathletes turned their problem into a solution when they invented the Swimovate Pool-Mate, which can only be accurately described as a swimming computer. The Swimovate Pool-Mate measures and tracks lap with a state-of-the-art motion sensor, allowing you to swim hassle free.

The Swimovate team continues to bring you dynamic, innovative electronic training products at an affordable price while maintaining an impeccable customer service performance.