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Swedes Swedish Metallized Goggle Swedes Swedish Metallized Goggle Swedes Swedish Metallized Goggle

Swedes Swedish Metallized Goggle

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The Swedes Swedish Metallized Goggle is the premier choice for competitive swimmers who demand a watertight fit and... Read More
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    The Swedes Swedish Metallized Goggle is the premier choice for competitive swimmers who demand a watertight fit and customizable comfort. The gasket-less design conforms to the face to prevent water leakage.


    • Small, sleek, high-speed goggles with polished lens.
    • Metallized finish to reduce glare.

    Assembly Instructions

    1. Thread nose string through the first lens using the small hole located at the side of the lens.
    2. Slide the blue nose cover over both ends of the nose string.
    3. Thread one end of the nose string through the remaining lens and tie with a knot.
    4. By sliding the string, you should  be able to hide the knot inside the blue nose cover.
    5. To attach the rubber strap, push each end of the rubber strap through the opening on the edge of the lens.
    6. Pull equal lengths through the lens hole so that you can tie the strap in a knot.
    7. The rubber strap now doubles as a headband.
    8. If you still need a tighter fit, you can untie a bit to shorten the length.
    9. Once you reach a comfortable length, you can cut off any extra slack from the rubber strap.
    10. Some swimmers use a small section of the rubber strap in place of the nose string and blue nose cover.
    11. Using about 1.5 inches of the rubber strap, thread the ends through the string holes.
    12. The rubber strap will stay secure without needing to be tied into a knot.

    For more information on how to assemble Swedes, read How To Assemble Swedes.

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  • 4.5 Review Stars (64 Reviews)

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  • 3/9/2018 Greatest goggles ever made... period.

    5 Review Stars By Stefano

    Goggles should be simple. You should forget that you are wearing them. Swedes do just that.  

    Pick a color, assemble and swim. Don't overthink it.


  • 7/5/2010 Metal Swedes

    5 Review Stars By Logan B.

    I LOVE these goggles! I am accustomed to the standard clear Swedes, which I am satisfied with. However, clear goggles aren't very useful when swimming backstroke outdoors in the sun; so I got these. You assemble them just like any other Swede goggle. The metallic finish on the outside is very durable so long as you don't smack the goggle against too much stuff (but that's how it goes with all goggles). These goggles do their job- outdoor swimming- perfectly. Also, they have an anti-fog treatment, which is an improvement from the standard Swedes.

    Logan B.
    Ankeny, IA

  • 5/31/2017 Good stuff

    4 Review Stars By KP

    They need to come with a bungee

    El cajon

  • 5/25/2011 besdt out there

    5 Review Stars By ml

    Used to race all the time, always used these. The metallic are best for outside swimming but works everywhere. Some people may find them hard around the eyes at first but once you are used to them these will be the only thing u want!

    Omaha, NE

  • image reviews

    9/7/2016 Awesome minimalist goggles

    5 Review Stars By Nate

    I used these goggles a ton in high school, and hoped they would still be as wonderful now...thankfully they are.

    Now, that said, they're not for everyone.  They are as in socket goggles as you can get, and there's no rubberizing or anything.  It's moulded plastic.  No sharp edges and if you like in sockets, you'll like these.

    I chose the mirrored because 1) they look bada** and 2) I'm going to be doing more tris, which are often outside and it will help during those sunny days.

    When it comes to building them, I never really follow the instructions I have one band only, so that way I have like 37 feet of leftover elastic incase they break.  I also don't use the string for the nose, just more elastic.

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • 7/11/2011 Good for Open Water Swimming

    4 Review Stars By Jennifer L.

    I use these when I swim outdoors and they work very well -- no leaking, no slipping. Be aware that the front of the goggle is very dark.

    Jennifer L.
    Menomonie, WI

  • 12/29/2014 Excellent

    5 Review Stars By Jason

    Look Sexy

    Boca Ratton, FL

  • 9/17/2011 GOOD product GREAT services

    4 Review Stars By Tye

    Fit well, Light weight

    Tucson, AZ

  • 8/5/2014 Great, but really dark

    4 Review Stars By Michael

    Classic fit of Swedes, but the mirrored lenses are actually quite dark, even compared to other mirrored goggles. Now, I've been using mirrored silver Vanquishers indoors and they were somewhat dark, but since I've been wearing them for years so I don't really think much of it. These Swedes are a whole new level of darkness. It's actually a smoke lens (which gives everything a sort of brownish-maroon tint) which are very dark in there own right, with an additional layer of mirrored coating on top of that. Don't expect to use them indoors, even if you're used to fairly dark mirrored goggles. If you're using them for outdoor pratices, they're great and provide some much needed sunlight blocking abilities, especially for backstroke. Other than that, the straps that are included are quite short. I don't have a big head by any means, and the strap included with the regular Swedes fit me fine, but I had to end up using a bungee for these.

    Charlotte, NC

  • 4/18/2012 LOVE

    5 Review Stars By Marissa

    great goggles!!!


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Swedish goggles are a necessity for many swimmers- they continue to be's best-selling product to date. Self-assembly is not a deterrent due to the level of fit that can be achieved only by personal assessment and adjustment. The gasket-less design is ideal for some swimmers for conforming to faces and curbing water leakage. Since 1974, manufacturer Malmsten has been a supplier of pool equipment, water toys, swimming gear, and of course, the famous Swedish goggles—available in a variety of colors and metallized finishes.