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Summer Solutions Swimmers Own Shower Gel 8oz

Summer Solutions Swimmers Own Shower Gel 8oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (113 Reviews)

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  • 2/19/2014 Swimmers Gel

    4 Review stars By Lee-Ann Mastrianni

    Have used gel for years of swimming in highly chlorinated pools. It takes away the chlorine smell and damage to skin. A little bit goes a long way and can use all over body. A must for post-swim shower.

    Lee-Ann Mastrianni
    Plainville, CT


  • 9/8/2018 Small bottle

    4 Review stars By Mrs. Yeti

    Smells great, works well, the bottle is too small. I would much rather pay more for this product and get a decent size bottle. You feel like every time you use it that you’re using up half of the bottle and it is a bummer.

    Mrs. Yeti
    Sf Bay Area


  • 8/2/2013 Good for skin,works good,

    4 Review stars By Gary M.

    I would like it better with something to condition or moisturize at the same time but when my arms get very dry feeling I use the Shampoo/Conditioner on them. This takes the chlorine right off the skin and works great especially for the cost less cost than what I had been using and last longer.

    Gary M.


  • 10/29/2019 Shower Gel to Neutralize Chlorine

    4 Review stars By Gary

    I was looking for a product to neutralize the chlorine odor after swimming. This product works better than any others that I've tried, but still isn't 100% effective. But, it is probably 80% - 90% effective.



  • 7/4/2019 Nice shower gel

    4 Review stars By Chuck

    Gel is very nice. I use as a followup to chlorine spray and keeps my skin nice and "soft".



  • 1/30/2018 Works very well

    4 Review stars By Afrit

    Works very well at getting the chlorine off, non-irritating, and pleasant scent, not perfumy or overwhelming.

    Tujunga, CA


  • 9/25/2015 Chlorine smell is gone!

    4 Review stars By Q

    This product removed that chlorine residue/smell from my skin better than soap or my other shower gel!

    Carlsbad, CA


  • 4/7/2014 Anti-chlorine body wash

    4 Review stars By Carole

    I swim in a chemical pool .... this product cuts the chemical odors by about 75% so I will continue to use this as my post-swim shower product.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 7/28/2013 Very good product

    4 Review stars By Alice B.

    Nice product with a refreshing scent.

    Alice B.
    Charlottesville, VA


  • 4/10/2013 Helping to Save the Moisture in my skin

    4 Review stars By Slick

    In order to keep the chlorine off my skim I use this the 5-6 days a week I swim. It keeps the skin from being so dry and miserable.



  • 1/19/2013 great!!

    4 Review stars By tt

    I bought it for my son, since he has been using this product his skin doesn't smell like chlorine like before and not as dry, I'm satisfied with it and I would buy it again.



  • 12/29/2012 Amazing

    4 Review stars By mike c.

    I use Summer Solution after being in the pool. This product neutralizes the chlorine and leaves your skin smooth. This is the best product on the market and would recommend it highly. The only negative comment would be that I can't find it locally.

    mike c.
    urbandale, IA


  • 9/17/2012 Been using for years

    4 Review stars By Swim Family

    Helps keep the chlorine smell out of your skin, also I am sensitive to chlorine and end up itchy if I just use regular soaps after using a public pool (our home pool is not so chlorinated and doesn't bother me as much). This works perfectly for me and my family.

    Swim Family
    Billlerica, MA


  • 9/7/2012 Summer Solutions Swimmers Own Shower Gel 8oz

    4 Review stars By hachii

    seems to work - no more chlorine smell!

    sj, ca


  • 7/14/2012 Great product

    4 Review stars By Bora

    I swim everyday, and this shower gel has really helped my skin, no more dry dusty looking legs and arms.



  • 7/2/2012 Shower gel removes chlorine smell!

    4 Review stars By Sue

    I lap swim at least 5 days out of 7 and this shower gell works extremely well at removing the smell of chlorine from my skin. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out either. :)

    Minden, NV


  • 5/20/2012 Gets rid of chlorine smell

    4 Review stars By Otter

    A must after swimming!

    Midlothian, IL


  • 5/9/2012 I like it!

    4 Review stars By Merideth

    This is one of the finer swimmer's body washes that I have found, primarily because the scent, while strong, is not overpowering. I use this in the shower with a washcloth, and when I step out, my skin does not smell like chlorine and, with a little body lotion, my skin is not tight or dry. Although I will use this as a suit wash, the downside to this is that it takes a long time to rinse out. It seems to rinse off the skin reasonably well, though.

    Washington, DC


  • 4/22/2012 Swimmers Soap

    4 Review stars By Frank

    As regular swimmer, I have tried a dozen various "swimmers" body soaps over the years. Most are either too harsh or too weak and none are perfect, including Summer Solution Gel. But this product comes the closest to striking a good balance and strips away most chlorine without completely removing the top layer of skin as well. Swimming is inherently tough on skin and dryness is part of the price paid for the exercise. Replacing lost skin oils with a good after shower lotion seems to be the best and only remedy.

    New York City


  • 3/19/2012 not just for summer good for all pool swimming

    4 Review stars By pool gel

    gets rid of chlorine smell really well and just a little goes a long way.

    pool gel
    eastern north carolina


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