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Summer Solutions Swimmers Own Shower Gel 8oz

Summer Solutions Swimmers Own Shower Gel 8oz Reviews

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4.5 star rating (113 Reviews)

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  • 7/16/2017 No Chlorine Smell!

    5 Review stars By Sandy

    I've been using this product for several years, and I'm glad that Swim Outlet carries it in its catalogue. It has a nice scent, and definitely removes most of the chlorine scent from my body after swimming. The company that manufactures Summer Solutions really stands behind its product. I had a few bottles that started leaking from the cap. When I called the company, a representative told me that they had received a bad bunch of caps, and he replaced the 4 bottles I had purchased with the faulty caps. And, he informed me that the company had contracted with another company to ensure that the caps wouldn't leak anymore. And, Swim Outlet ships the product with tape over the lid so it won't leak during shipping. I highly recommend Summer Solutions Shower Gel.

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 10/11/2017 Removing chlorine from face after swimming laps

    5 Review stars By Pat

    I use it instead (works better) of my usual facial wash to removed chlorine from my sensitive skin at the pool. It keeps my face from reacting to the chlorine until I can get my whole shower at home.

    Damascus, OR


  • 2/19/2014 Swimmers Gel

    4 Review stars By Lee-Ann Mastrianni

    Have used gel for years of swimming in highly chlorinated pools. It takes away the chlorine smell and damage to skin. A little bit goes a long way and can use all over body. A must for post-swim shower.

    Lee-Ann Mastrianni
    Plainville, CT


  • 9/8/2018 Small bottle

    4 Review stars By Mrs. Yeti

    Smells great, works well, the bottle is too small. I would much rather pay more for this product and get a decent size bottle. You feel like every time you use it that you’re using up half of the bottle and it is a bummer.

    Mrs. Yeti
    Sf Bay Area


  • 3/7/2018 Summer Solution Body Wash Gel

    5 Review stars By bnlusa

    Used after being in a pool. It has done a very good job of getting rid of the itching I was dealing with in being in a pool that used chlorine.

    Corona, Ca


  • 10/13/2015 Another great product

    5 Review stars By Must have product if you swim frequently

    Swimming every day can leave skin feeling dry and unpleasant. This Shower Gel gives me the clean feel I want. I also use the shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair healthy. It has a nice fragrance as well.

    Must have product if you swim frequently
    Houston, TX


  • 8/2/2013 Good for skin,works good,

    4 Review stars By Gary M.

    I would like it better with something to condition or moisturize at the same time but when my arms get very dry feeling I use the Shampoo/Conditioner on them. This takes the chlorine right off the skin and works great especially for the cost less cost than what I had been using and last longer.

    Gary M.


  • 10/29/2019 Shower Gel to Neutralize Chlorine

    4 Review stars By Gary

    I was looking for a product to neutralize the chlorine odor after swimming. This product works better than any others that I've tried, but still isn't 100% effective. But, it is probably 80% - 90% effective.



  • 5/23/2019 Preferred Shower Gel

    5 Review stars By Frank

    I have used (and been disappointed by), numerous showers soaps designed with pool swimmers in mind but Summer Solutions is far and away the best. Removes minerals from the skin and also prevents skin dryness caused by water and chlorine. No scent residue. And a little goes a long way. Very economical. A top of the line product.

    new York, NY


  • 5/1/2019 Really great product

    5 Review stars By Tenorgirl

    I love this great-smelling shower gel - I use it all over, no need for shampoo! It really gets rid of the chlorine odor! It is not drying to my skin, which is sensitive and tends toward dryness.

    Plano, TX


  • 8/11/2018 Great Body Wash

    5 Review stars By Tina

    Excellent body wash to get rid of chlorine smell. Leaves skin soft ....

    Jonesboro, AR


  • 12/22/2017 Best of the Lot

    5 Review stars By Frank

    I’ve tried them all. This one is the best in my view. Removes the chlorine, etc., without excessive drying of the skin. Economical as well.

    New York Coru


  • 8/16/2013 absolutely removes the chlorine from my skin

    5 Review stars By Terri V.

    It's very easy to toss in my bag and take to the pool. It's gentle on my skin, while removing the chlorine completely. And, it doesn't take much product to cover your entire body in lather. I love it, and I swim laps 3 times a week these days, so I can't do without it.

    Terri V.


  • 2/18/2010 Smells nice

    3 Review stars By Mag

    I use the product after every swim, almost daily. Love the fragrance, gets rid of the chlorine smell. But, it does dry the skin. I am very sensitive & usually use only hypoallergenic products.



  • 3/17/2009 gets the smell, not so gentle though

    3 Review stars By jill

    I like that it gets rid of the chlorine smell, but my skins feels drier after using this. I have started using a thicker body lotion to combat that problem. Product seems a bit diluted. I use a lot to get all of my body. Wish it had more foam too. I will try a different brand next time.

    missoula, MT


  • 3/12/2020 Shower Ge

    5 Review stars By Jack

    This gel goes on fairly thick. My skin feels clean afterwards and I don’t need lotion to rehydrate after swimming in the pool.

    Santa Barbara


  • 2/7/2020 Good all over body wash/shampoo

    5 Review stars By Dave in Kansas City

    I know it’s listed as a body wash but I also use as a shampoo and it seems to do a great job. It does get rid of the chlorine smell.

    Dave in Kansas City
    Kansas City


  • 1/10/2020 Summer Solutions Swimmer Gel

    5 Review stars By Tony

    Great smelling shampoo that does a good job of eliminating chlorine odor.

    Pittsburgh, Pa.


  • 12/20/2019 Not a good one

    1 Review stars By Alice

    Sadly, the ingredients were not listed online, so when it came to me I saw that the ingredient list contains so many carcinogens that I would not put it on my skin.



  • 9/26/2019 Does the Job

    5 Review stars By Paulette

    This product really works to prevent the chlorine odor after swimming and showering. Just wish it weren't so expensive.



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