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Sporti Silicone Ear Swim Cap

Sporti Silicone Ear Swim Cap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (104 Reviews)

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  • 9/4/2014 Snug and actually covers the ears.

    4 Review stars By Slee Fenton

    It actually covers my ears! After swimming underwater for about half an hour to an hour, when I take the cap off, I find that about half of my hair is usually still dry, which, when your hair is over 2.5 ft long, that's a drying-time godsend. It greatly reduces the amount of water that gets in my ears, which is ultimately why I bought it, and I'm really pleased with it. I look forward to using it with plugs.

    Slee Fenton
    Rockton, IL


  • 5/17/2016 So far, so good

    4 Review stars By Snowy

    I suffer from swimmer's ear and purchased this cap to help keep water out of my ear canals. I swim at a local indoor pool once or twice a week. My ears get a bit damp with the cap, but they have not filled with water and I've not had any bouts of swimmer's ear. So far, this cap has worked well for me.

    Rocky Mountains


  • 11/25/2016 swim cap

    4 Review stars By patty

    This product works as it is advertised. The water does't get under the cap and there is no pressure on your ears so your earplug headphones aren't dislodged. I don't do flip turns so I wonder how the cap would do with those.

    Houghton, Michigan


  • 4/11/2018 Great for holding waterproof earbuds in place

    4 Review stars By DaveyD

    I've been swimming with a waterproof iPod Shuffle and waterproof earbuds for years now. The chronic complaint is that the earbuds get moved around during flipturns and aggressive swimming, so I'm regularly having to stop to readjust. This product, after some tinkering with getting the swim cap perfectly positioned over my earbuds, is the best solution I've found so far. Normal swim caps don't provide quite enough room over the ear, but these do.

    San Jose, CA


  • 1/20/2017 Accommodates earclips

    4 Review stars By BFJ

    While swimming I listen to books on an MP3 player and use earclips (rather than ear buds) to listen. My regular swim cap was so uncomfortable because of the excessive pressure on my earclips that my ears became impossibly sore after a short period of time. The relaxed area in this swim cap makes the earclips much more tolerable.
    I do notice, however, that there is occasional leakage under the edge of the cap.

    Easthampton, MA


  • 3/4/2015 Quality cap

    4 Review stars By Melissa

    Months ago I was having problems with dizziness after flip turns. It was suggested I start to wear ear plugs to lessen the chance of water getting trapped during long swims. The ear plugs kept falling out so I purchased this style cap to catch the ear plugs when they fell out. They don't fall out when I wear this cap (even if I swim butterfly). I have had it for 6 months now and it is still in good shape. I use it 5-6 days a week. The price is right so I just bought two more.

    Santa Ana, CA


  • 9/24/2019 Kept water out of my ears which is why I bought it.

    4 Review stars By Bev

    I have sensitive ears and have to wear ear plugs and a swim band over my ears and a swim cap to keep the water out. Swim Outlet was recommended to me by an Olympic Swimmer who told me their caps were long enough to keep the water out of my ears so I gave it a try. I loved the cap and it is longer than most swim caps to adequately cover my ears. I wish the cap was slightly tighter. I had a much more enjoyable swim by wearing this cap!

    Sarasota, FL


  • 8/30/2016 Sporti Silicone Ear Swim Cap is Great

    4 Review stars By Old Silver Swimmer

    I have searched and purchased many caps for my 90 year old swimming mom. She hates getting water in her ears. This cap was very easy to get on and gave her a pretty good seal around her head. For the most part it kept the water out and did not creep up over her ears. She can't hear a thing when she has it on...I guess that means it's working. I bought 4 other caps but they were either to small or very loose around the face.

    Old Silver Swimmer
    Cape Cod Massachusetts


  • 7/8/2016 Aquatics Instructor

    4 Review stars By OneWillow

    As an Aquatics Leader living with chronis sinus infection, I ordered this cap as a means to protect my ears. Secure fit. Protects ears from underwater activity. However, does not protect the ears from humidity/sweat in a humid environment. I wear this cap snuggly over a velcroed earband, in addition to plugs.

    Seattle, WA


  • 7/19/2015 Runs a little big

    4 Review stars By sierra117

    I like the cap, it covers my ears completely. The silicone does not pull my hair. However, it's a little too big. My head is a little on the larger side too. The larger size makes the cap slide up which is annoying. If you have a larger head, this cap is great!!!

    Boise, ID


  • 5/9/2014 SWIM CAP

    4 Review stars By Chance

    Really like it, it works very well for my needs

    Las Vegas, NV


  • 5/4/2014 This is the one you want

    4 Review stars By Canuck Swimmer

    Cheap, looks good, does a fairly good (not perfect) job of keeping water out of my ears. Silicone is what you want, not that sticky rubbery stuff. Plus the colours are fantastic. Lots of compliments from the old guys at the pool. Better than anything at London's sports equipment stores (you know the ones I mean). does a quick and efficient job delivering to Canada and no tariffs. Highly recommended.

    Canuck Swimmer
    St. Thomas ON


  • 12/28/2020 Larger cap but still works well

    4 Review stars By KC

    Very comfortable on the ears but larger than a typical swim cap overall so quite a few wrinkles once on. However, for cold water swims this may be beneficial as you could pull it quite low over the forehead and bring it slightly more onto the cheeks to reduce exposure. I wear this under a neoprene cap for winter OW but not sure if I’ll use it in the pool.

    Seattle WA


  • 8/9/2019 Limited Color Choice

    4 Review stars By Mark

    Purchased this cap, ended up giving it to my daughter. She likes the cap, It works well and is a nice fit.
    Color is a little off.
    Sporti Silicone Ear Swim Cap, Royal Blue is really more of a sky blue or silver blue.

    Portland, OR


  • 7/12/2019 So far so good

    4 Review stars By OKIE Swimmer

    I have just worn the cap a couple of times and so far it fits well, not too tight and it has stayed down over my ears, wich is why I bought it.

    OKIE Swimmer
    Tulsa, OK


  • 5/24/2019 Fits great!

    4 Review stars By Waterbaby4

    This cap really stays put over my thin fine hair and covers ears very well. However, water still sneaks inside your ear when you turn to breathe (why 4 and not 5 stars) but I still think it’s a great product.

    Fort Lauderdale Fla


  • 6/9/2018 Good cap

    4 Review stars By Joy

    Fits head and cover the ears as described



  • 6/7/2018 Really nice cap

    4 Review stars By KC

    Perfect fit for my 5 & 6 year old daughters

    Missouri City, TX


  • 8/14/2016 Good, not Great

    4 Review stars By J.Swim

    I purchased this cap because I frequently get swimmers' ear. The cap is large enough to cover my ears and fits on my large head, but my hair and ears were moderately wet when I finished swimming. It does not keep me dry, but it does act as a good barrier between myself and the water clogging my ears because water glides over the cap for the most part.

    Athens, GA


  • 6/22/2016 great cap

    4 Review stars By biker

    runs a little big in size but covers back of head well re sun protection. I would buy another one.

    Phoenix area


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