Sporti Progressive Back Floatation Device Reviews
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Sporti Progressive Back Floatation Device

Sporti Progressive Back Floatation Device Reviews

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  • 10/15/2016 Great Tool For Learning How To Swin!

    5 Review stars By DanKan

    Really like this floatie! It allows our daughter to swim on her own while giving us relief from having to hold her. We simply walk along side her while teaching her how to swim. It's the best tool we've found so far.

    Dayton, OH


  • 6/3/2016 Great buy

    5 Review stars By Danielle

    Love the colors. Serves its purpose of helping my son stay afloat While he is learning to swim. Also love the price. Would recommend to family and friends


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/21/2016 Item did not work

    1 Review stars By Sara K

    We used a very similar bubble in swim lessons so I got this to work with at home. It just simply did not work. She sunk in when we used it and it was extremely difficult to adjust the straps.

    Sara K
    Evanston, IL


  • 8/7/2015 Awesome, wonderful floatie

    5 Review stars By Kim

    I ordered this floatie for my four year old son, who loves the water & needed something to aid his independence in the pool/water while he learns to swim.

    This floatie was awesome & wonderful because the floatie part is on his back, leaving his chest & arms free to move. It is lightweight, compact, & so helpful to him.
    My only & intial concern was when it arrived, brand new, it was near impossible to unbuckle & while I overcame that issue, it is also difficult to adjust for the correct chest/waist fit.

    Clifton Park, NY


  • 5/12/2015 Excellent Swim Lesson teaching aid

    5 Review stars By H2O Fit Heidi

    Our instructors use these to assist kids in floating front/back. Panels are removable to decrease/increase floatation aid, as necessary. Highly recommend.

    H2O Fit Heidi
    Colonial Heights, VA


  • 4/9/2015 Really fits the bill

    5 Review stars By Grandpa Dan

    Very pleased with this product. My 2 grandsons love the water and this gives them the ability to have free arm movement. Also the ability to remove layers as they progress is a real plus.

    Grandpa Dan
    Syracuse, NY


  • 2/27/2015 Just What We Needed

    4 Review stars By Cat

    My 3 year old needed something to assist in keeping him afloat while allowing full range of motion. This is perfect.  Love how snug I can adjust the belt. The kind our Y had came loose to easily. This has a great secure fit and the kind of clasp he can't undo himself. We haven't reduced the disks yet, so I can't give it a full five stars. Yet.



  • 2/14/2014 Just what we needed

    5 Review stars By mt

    My 4 year old used something similar at the YMCA in her lessons, but I wanted something she could use in other pools.  I like that the float is adjustable, but I haven't used that feature yet.

    Bremerton, WA


  • 1/15/2018 Great Item!

    5 Review stars By Floatation Device

    Great teaching tool. Kids love it!

    Floatation Device
    Aventura, Fl

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/15/2016 GREAT!

    5 Review stars By Mom of 2

    I bought this float for our kids.  28lbs. & 32lbs.  They are perfect! I would also like to say that I am thrilled with the customer service and the quickness of receiving my order.  It was received in excellent condition and quickly.  I will be purchasing from here again!

    Mom of 2
    Portage, MI


  • 11/5/2015 Very Satisfied!

    5 Review stars By Megan

    I love these floatation devices. They work very well for our learn to swim program- being able to put different numbers of bubbles out for the children to use has greatly helped our program. The only issue we have is they are difficult to adjust the size of the blue band and the extra length of the belt is too long for children. Otherwise we are very happy with  these!



  • 7/16/2013 Excellent swim trainer/floatation

    5 Review stars By Melanie c.

    My daughter is now 3 and this is an excellent product.   She has been using it since she was about 20 months old.   This is actually our 2nd one. (The first one - the strap broke).   She learned how to swim with this, no restriction of arm movement.  
    She is now swimming with nothing.   We only use this in the ocean and when we visit family and go to the lake.

    Melanie c.
    Dover, FL


  • 7/22/2012 Love the concept

    4 Review stars By OCmama

    I ordered this for my daughter who is 2, fearless, but not pool safe. I saw other kids using them and thought it was a great idea.  Unfortunately, she is too young and not able to use it yet.  When we tried it, she fell forward which was scary.  I am eager to use it next year when she is a bit more sturdy and aware of her body in the pool.

    Southern California


  • 8/2/2011 perfect for my kids

    5 Review stars By nguyen

    I had to separate 1 in the front and 3 in the back to prevent it from sliding up.



  • 8/2/2017 Great for older kids

    5 Review stars By Momma

    This was recommended to me by a swimming instructor. My 7 year old had a few lessons and then we bought this after her recommendation. This is great for kids who already can float but need that extra help. The "blocks" come off one by one as the child needs less help.

    West Virginia


  • 7/28/2017 Great for progressive swimming

    5 Review stars By Niles grandma

    Bought 2 of these for my 2 youngest grandchildren.  Great for teaching progressive swimming.  My oldest grandchild is already swimming on her own!

    Niles grandma
    Niles, MI


  • 7/24/2017 Sporti Progressive Back Fliatation Device

    5 Review stars By MTTrug

    My 4 year old granddaughter used a device like this while taking swimming classes at Swim Tank in W Harrison NY this past year, so I purchased this for the summer for her to keep practicing at home in my pool.  She was confident in it and kept up her lessons.  This is better than the one she used because it has the four layers that can be removed one at a time as they develope their skills and become stronger swimmers.  She was also taught how to get out of the pool by pulling themselves out, but the swim vests for children are cumbersome and restrict the child from doing this.  If they fall in and are not near a ladder, they can climb out anywhere.

    Bronx NYC

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/7/2017 Fantastic!

    5 Review stars By Mariana

    They came in different color schemes, and the kids LOVE them! They are super cute too!



  • 5/3/2017 Adjustable buoyancy

    5 Review stars By Nana

    I like that this product is adjustable to provide just the right amount of support.
    My granddaughter is swimming a few strokes and needs  help keeping afloat.  She does well under water; now she should master staying on top.



  • 2/22/2017 Back Floatation Device

    5 Review stars By Mom-Mom J.

    This floatation device was purchased for my grandson. He is 4-1/2 years old and is taking swimming lessons. With the help of an adult the device is put around him and he feels confident as the instructor tells him to do swimming on his back or stomach depending on how the device is strapped on him.  It is a great product.

    Mom-Mom J.
    Hamilton, NJ


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