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Sporti Bungee Strap

Sporti Bungee Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (501 Reviews)

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  • 6/21/2011 roley-poley

    3 Review stars By kewi

    I like that these will last longer than the usual latex that I am used too, but they do roll a little over my swim cap.

    portland, OR


  • 5/7/2016 A little thinner than expected

    3 Review stars By Jolene

    My daughter loves a good bungee cord in her goggles so we ordered this in hopes that it would do the trick. She did not like it as well as others we've gotten locally. She said it was thinner than her others and didn't care for it.

    Monticello, MN


  • 10/22/2015 Too thick for goggle holes

    3 Review stars By SpecialOlympicsSwimmer

    Maybe it's just the goggles I've got, but this bungee cord seems very thick and tight in the strap slots. I had a very hard time getting the strap through the slots when initially putting the strap on the goggles. Subsequently, the goggles don't slide on the strap, and get stuck, making adjustment more difficult than I expected from a bungee. However, this strap is still easier to adjust than the silicone one that came on the goggles from the manufacturer.

    Metairie, LA


  • 9/24/2015 Meh.

    3 Review stars By Dah-Leen

    The bungee is great. Once you get it on, it took me about an hour just to get the bungee through the clamp. I recommend taping the two ends together and then sliding through.

    SLC, UT


  • 11/16/2014 Good strap

    3 Review stars By TIggs

    Good straps, better than the silicone straps that come with goggles. Broke the seal on my TYR goggles though, not happy about that because i payed lots of money for reflective lenses and red lenses. Didn't seal as well after that.



  • 11/2/2014 Elastic gets too stretched

    3 Review stars By Noah97

    I wore it for one swim season (3 months) and by the end of the season the elastic was too stretched out to use. Color stayed, but I could no longer use for competition

    Wayne, MI


  • 6/19/2013 Haven't used it yet

    3 Review stars By Angela

    I am giving three stars because I haven't been able to use it yet due to difficulty setting it up. If you have any type of grip problem you are going to have difficulty on the initial set up. I suspect these are great once in place and maybe even five stars as they should last.



  • 6/17/2013 A little challenging

    3 Review stars By Becky M

    It is cool, but getting the two strap through was challenging, it took a bunch of tries. Once through it was okay.

    Becky M
    Cedarburg, WI


  • 9/27/2012 Does what it's supposed to

    3 Review stars By TL

    Not as stretchy as I'd like, but it gets the job done.

    New England


  • 9/22/2012 Loses color very easily

    3 Review stars By Lola

    The color is great when you first buy it, and I have no complaints about durability, however the color fades after a bit. I ordered sky blue cords and they turned almost white after two months.

    Gaithersburg, MD


  • 8/25/2012 Not so stretchy...

    3 Review stars By Swimmary

    These bungees do not have as much stretch in them as others we have tried for a little more money. They appear to be a bit thinner as well. Can't comment on durability as I haven't had them long enough, but I have my doubts. We'll see...



  • 6/29/2012 Sporti Bungee Strap

    3 Review stars By Swimmom

    Functionality speaking the product works great. Disappointed how quickly the red color faded.

    Columbus, OH


  • 6/12/2012 Faded after only a few days

    3 Review stars By Stacy B.

    My kids are on the swim team so they use goggles daily. My daughter was excited about the bright blue color of this bungee strap, but after 2 weeks of use they have fades to white. The color is disappointing, but they still work fine and much easier to adjust than the regular goggle strap that comes with the goggles.

    Stacy B.
    Tongdanoxie, KS


  • 4/13/2012 Off label use

    3 Review stars By Barb

    Use brightly colored ones to 'personalize' swim bag so it does not look like everyone elses and is easy to find in the pile.



  • 12/12/2011 goggles cord

    3 Review stars By Richard S.

    light weight, a bit stiff, clasp is a bit difficult to work. Otherwise OK

    Richard S.
    Weems, VA


  • 8/21/2011 Does its job

    3 Review stars By Marcia H.

    Once I got the strap on the goggles they work great. The problem was inserting them into the eye pieces. The ends of the strap kind of fell apart when trying to insert them into the small holes on the goggles. It was very hard to get them through.

    Marcia H.
    Fullerton, CA


  • 6/27/2011 Good strap

    3 Review stars By Swimmer2011

    I replaced this strap with my other strap on a pair of Speedo gog's I have because the previous strap was not big enough. This strap is easy to put on and easy to adjust; however, it seems to be slightly difficult to adjust just right. And, once I get it just right, I often times have to adjust it every new session. It is still very convenient and bottom line: I would recommend it. SwimOutlet was very quick with their shipping as promised and I would definitely buy from them again.

    Orange, CA


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