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Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap

Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (336 Reviews)

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  • 2/3/2014 Cute & Comfy

    4 Review stars By Jewels

    This cap is very roomy. I get my hair braided with weave and I really feel like this cap will work. The strap is comfortable too. I gave it four stars because I haven't used it yet (just tried it on), however I do believe it is 5 star worthy. Bottom line is: 1. it is very spacious 2. it's comfortable 3. it covers the ears well and 4. I believe it will protect my hair well in the water.



  • 1/3/2011 bubble cap with chin strap

    4 Review stars By Dorli

    very good and durable for lap swimming

    Green Isle, Minnesota


  • 8/16/2018 nice and well-made

    4 Review stars By Carla

    too big for my small head - I got this in two colors and one was bigger than the other
    but both were too big for me. I would recommend them as well-made and really attractive. The colors I got were blue and teal and both were bright and summery.



  • 1/14/2014 good fit for larger head, keeps hair dry in pool . Thhhhhe white cap is

    4 Review stars By Jean Z.

    The blue cap is great, fit well and keeps hair dry in chlorine pool. the white is too small. i can't wear it. it's a child's size.

    Jean Z.


  • 7/2/2020 Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with chin strap effective for long hair

    4 Review stars By MELINDA

    Despite articles I've read recommending silicone caps for long hair, I find that the Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap contains my long, thick curls better than the highly rated silicone cap I bought previously. The silicone cap tugged my hair painfully when I put it on and off and it eventually ripped. In contrast, the Sporti Bubble Swim Cap fits well. I put up my long hair in a braid, and the cap accommodates it. My hair gets slightly wet but the cap does not ride up over my ears, as the silicone cap did. The straps are not adjustable and fit loosely but help to keep the cap in place. I recommend this cap.



  • 2/27/2019 Swimcap

    4 Review stars By MLD

    The quality is very nice for that price range. However, I found it hard to adjust the strap, and then the end piece snapped off, although it still stayed within the clip. It's a little big for my head, so I would suggest varying sizes, if possible. Haven't been able to use the cap, yet, but am looking forward to trying it. These types of caps are not easy to find in sporting goods stores, so you are providing a needed product. Thank you.

    Fishers, Indiana


  • 3/20/2013 very pleased, though not quite dry

    4 Review stars By Joanna

    I am happy to have this cap, just like ones I had when I was much younger. I have a large head, and pulling a tiny latex cap over it was agonizing. I swim in a pool 2-3 times a week, and, on the advice of friends, use conditioner to protect my hair from the chlorine. While this cap doesn't keep all the water out, it helps, and it keeps the conditioner on my hair and out of the pool.

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 1/30/2013 A Good Find

    4 Review stars By Elizabeth

    I didn't think these type caps were made anymore so it was great to find this. It fits well and is very comfortable. I needed something to cover my ears well and this fits that purpose. I swim laps 3 times a week and I'm very happy with this product.



  • 1/30/2013 bathing cap

    4 Review stars By janie g

    it could be a little smaller for my head but is a good product

    janie g
    delrlay beach florida


  • 12/6/2012 Comfortable

    4 Review stars By Amy

    I've been using this product for years. I found it comfortable,
    look good, though not tight enough for keeping water out
    completely--may be impossible. I like it allright.

    Ojai, CA


  • 8/2/2012 old fashion style but fits

    4 Review stars By GinaH

    I had trouble with the swim caps that fit like a glove so I ordered this one. It fits well but still lets in some water around the back. I don't have thick or long hair and maybe that is why. I still like this product better than any I have tried.

    Silver Spring, MD


  • 7/25/2012 Bubble Cap with Chin Strap

    4 Review stars By Jeanne

    The cap is designed for women who have large heads or lots of hair. I have neither and it is way too big for me but it does keep the hair out of my eyes. I really would like a cap with a chin strap that FITS.

    Austin, TX


  • 6/7/2012 Great cap

    4 Review stars By Kathy

    This cap is good if you want something more comfortable than the tight silicone caps, or you have a lot of hair to cover because it's larger. It's not going to keep all water out, but It's perfect for water aerobics.

    North Little Rock, AR


  • 4/16/2012 Very good product

    4 Review stars By Lana

    I purchase those caps for my teen son for swimming pool, as all latex caps are too tight for his XL head. He likes the cap and actually wears it even without chin strap. The only thing which might be mentioned as not so great about it is a little dimness after chlorine in the swimming pool.

    Everett, WA


  • 4/21/2011 swim cap

    4 Review stars By Janet Khuri

    The cap leaves my hair relativly dry. I find the snap are hard to close & undue. I lretuned two other caps but have not receiced a notce or credit . Please let me know. Thank you, Janet Khouri

    Janet Khuri
    Boynton Beach, FL 33426


  • 3/1/2021 Only cap with a chin strap that I could find anywhere

    4 Review stars By Diana

    I have to put it on with the strap buckled because I cannot unsnap the strap. I am afraid to pull it too hard to unsnap it for fear the snap will rip out of the cap. I need a cap with a strap in order to protect my ears. None of the caps without a strap stay down over my ears so water gets in my ears. With a history of ear infections, I cannot get water in my ears and ear plugs are not comfortable. Thank you for still carrying this product.

    Topeka, Kansas


  • 2/11/2021 Caps Are Great

    4 Review stars By Jerome

    Shipment took a very long time-2 weeks. Other online services take the most 2 days.



  • 9/7/2020 Looks and feels good

    4 Review stars By Richelle

    I use this type cap because of the comfort, and ease of putting it on and taking it off. I use it for just swimming or when I go snorkeling, because the straps for the mask goes on over it easy. It dose keep the water out of my ears,but some dose get in around the edge. I like the colars. This is the 3rd cap I have gotten and they lasted for at least 1 to 1 1/2 years.

    Fort Pierce Florida


  • 8/6/2020 Good fit

    4 Review stars By Jolee

    Good fit , holds my long hair out of my face. Keeps wind and water from hammering my ears and protects my ears and forehead from the sun.
    First cap I purchased came with broken chin strap, but they replaced the cap immediately.
    I love this cap. I will be ordering more.



  • 4/5/2020 Problem with the strap

    4 Review stars By Normajean

    Unable to remove the strap. Also it is hard to adjust.

    South Palm Beach


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