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Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap

Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (336 Reviews)

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  • 11/9/2013 swim cap

    2 Review stars By Anne S.

    I swim many laps on a regular basis. I thought this cap would help keep my hair dryer, but it doesn't. The cap is easy to put on, but it actually seems to be a bit big, that is probably why more water gets in and gets my hair wet. It seems like a good product and much stronger than the latex type caps which I had difficulty putting on. I think if it was a bit smaller it would work better.

    Anne S.


  • 5/29/2012 bubble cap for my Mom

    2 Review stars By Susan Dutton

    we bought the swim cap for my Mom, who is 92, but still swims twice a week. She is very disappointed in the cap. She doesn't like that the strap doesn't unsnap. Also she says she is getting water in her ears. I told her we could return it, but she doesn't want to. (I think she would just rather complain to me about it.) She picked out the item from your website and had us order it. Sorry, but you have an unhappy customer (and her daughter).

    Susan Dutton
    New Fairfield CT


  • 2/2/2012 This cap is not for swimmers

    2 Review stars By DD

    I am a competitive swimmer but I recently have some skin irritation on my forehead and therefore I could not wear any tight cap (cap for swimmer) for awhile. I bought this cap just to hold up my hair so I could do some laps for the time being but too much water gets into the cap and slows my lap down. I can't use this cap but it is not worth the shipping fee for a return. This cap is not meant for real swimmers.

    Reisterstown, MD


  • 7/20/2011 Bubble cap

    2 Review stars By edith d.

    I ordered the other model before with the chin strap but I thought this might have more room since I have long hair. This however is loose around the nap of the neck and ears. The other is better and keeps more water out.

    edith d.
    Los Angeles, CA


  • 11/10/2017 Too Large

    2 Review stars By Zohair

    Too Large for Mans Head



  • 8/30/2017 Ok for lounging in the pool.

    2 Review stars By Joshsmom2006

    I bought this cap because I was tired of the regular swim caps slipping off of my head. It works but with a price...the strap cuts in to my neck and I'm left with nasty red rashes across my neck.
    The cap itself is roomy for someone who has a lot of hair, especially thick hair, I have thin hair and not a lot of it, so I'm left with a big bubble at the top of my head.
    I swim laps, and I swim hard...this cap would be suited to those who do light swimming or like to lounge around in the pool.



  • 9/17/2012 Sporti Bubble Cap

    2 Review stars By Brandi

    The fit is great and comfortable. However, it does not keep your hair dry if you go under water.

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 1/31/2012 Gaping at back

    2 Review stars By Jessica C.

    I ordered this swim cap because I have bushy hair which hangs past my shoulders and a larger than average head for a woman. This cap is more spacious than your standard latex cap; however, it did not hold my head securely. There was room for my hair (a plus) and the cap framed my face well but it gaped in the back of the cap, even when my hair was secured at the top of my head. The cap is comfy, and kinda kookie with the strap, so a good option if your intent isn't to keep your hair dry.

    Jessica C.
    Washington, DC


  • 10/28/2011 Sporti Bubble Cap with Chin Strap

    2 Review stars By gloria g.

    The chin strap broke!

    gloria g.
    brunswick, OH


  • 2/14/2011 bubble cap

    2 Review stars By ally v.

    Cap too large for average head. Might be good for person with long, long hair.

    ally v.
    bensalem, PA


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