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Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap

Sporti Bubble Swim Cap with Chin Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (336 Reviews)

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  • 5/3/2016 FINALLY!

    5 Review stars By Carol Lovelace

    FINALLY...a cap that works! I have persistent problems with swimmer's ear, and this cap does THE BEST job at keeping water out of my ears. I use silicone plugs, then put the cap on. I use the chin strap. Just adjust it and snap it in place, then pull the cap over my head and pull the strap down under my chin. I seldom get water under the cap...occasionally it will breach the barrier and get into my ears but only slightly. I stop my lap swims then, and dry my ears, replace the plugs, dry the inside of the cap and the area around my neck and face, and put the cap back on. I'm confident that I will be spending more time in the water and less time at the doctor's office for an ear infection prescription. Hair stays waaaay dryer too! Way more comfortable than those tight silicone caps too. Best cap ever!

    Carol Lovelace
    Godfrey, IL


  • 7/15/2011 Awesome swimming cap

    5 Review stars By ET

    This cap doesn't pull your hair out or squeeze your head. Especially for women who have long hair and need to snuggle them inside the cap. Unlike those brand name, it rip easy and need to pull down with force to get the hair covered. Of course, it's good price too.

    Chicago, IL


  • 2/3/2014 Cute & Comfy

    4 Review stars By Jewels

    This cap is very roomy. I get my hair braided with weave and I really feel like this cap will work. The strap is comfortable too. I gave it four stars because I haven't used it yet (just tried it on), however I do believe it is 5 star worthy. Bottom line is: 1. it is very spacious 2. it's comfortable 3. it covers the ears well and 4. I believe it will protect my hair well in the water.



  • 2/14/2013 Great fit, good for big heads like mine (:

    5 Review stars By eeleenay

    I swim 3 times a week and had a swimming cap that fit me tight. It was so tight it would give me a headache. I bought two of these, one for mom (smaller head than me) and second one for me. If you have a head bigger than median size like me this is the cap you need. I like the fact it has an adjustable strap and it is not a flimsy product. Priced right too! You can't go wrong with this one.

    New York


  • 1/30/2013 Good old fashion cap!

    5 Review stars By Jewel

    perfect old fashion cap that you can easily get your hair tucked in easily and keeps water out of my ears.. I dislike the modern caps that I can't pull over my head.

    Cleveland ohio


  • 5/12/2017 Grate fit good looking

    5 Review stars By Richelle

    I like the way this cap fits me,snug but not to tight it does keep my ears dry and most of my hair, some water gets in right around the edge not enough to make it uncomfortable or mess up my hair.I like the new colors they go with most of my suits. There is room for long hair in side the cap and it still keeps your hair quite dry, and you comfortable. Good for when you use a dive mask or goggles, they don't pull the hair when taking them off and stay in place while swimming, with the help of the chin strap, easy to adjust for a good fit.

    Port St. Lucie Florida


  • 9/12/2018 Great coverage, but tore too soon.

    3 Review stars By Gloria

    I have been asked by other swimmers if it keeps my hair dry and I told them "No", but that there isn't a cap out there that does because I've tried them all. I like how it hugs my face; however, it tore, and I'm on my 2nd cap. I don't believe I've been hard on it...just tucking my hair in it. The strap is difficult to open and close so I put it behind my neck and don't use it because the cap stays on pretty well. I wish it had a sturdy snap. I swim 100 laps in a 25 meter pool and I only pull it down twice.

    Dublin, CA


  • 5/13/2014 Swim Cap

    3 Review stars By JMC

    I have thick hair and this cap holds all my hair in the cap. The bottom of my hair still gets a little wet when i swim This is my second one for I wore out my other one, it lasted about 6 months. The price is right.

    New Jersey


  • 12/27/2010 Great for long hair

    5 Review stars By Mara C.

    I bought this cap and the speedo silicone cap for long hair to see which worked better. I like this bubble cap better because it is more comfortable. The speedo one is too tight for me. With both you get some water in around the front so it won't keep your hair entirely dry. I mostly need a swip cap because my hair gets so heavy when it's wet that it won't stay back or up when doing laps. Also I don't want to wash my hair every time I swim. I tried using the silicone cap under the bubble cap and still got some water in so it doesn't seem to make much difference.

    Mara C.
    Lords Valley, PA


  • 5/24/2017 Soft comfortable fit nice colors

    5 Review stars By Richelle

    I like to use it when snorkeling it fits good under the mask strap and does not pull my hair when I take it off. Keeps my hair dry and water out if my ears.The colors are nice they go with all of my suits, comfortable for long time usage. You can hear what is going on around you not like some other caps. They look good and have been asked to the place I got them, more will be bought soon.

    Port St. Lucie Florida 34952


  • 11/9/2013 swim cap

    2 Review stars By Anne S.

    I swim many laps on a regular basis. I thought this cap would help keep my hair dryer, but it doesn't. The cap is easy to put on, but it actually seems to be a bit big, that is probably why more water gets in and gets my hair wet. It seems like a good product and much stronger than the latex type caps which I had difficulty putting on. I think if it was a bit smaller it would work better.

    Anne S.


  • 1/3/2011 bubble cap with chin strap

    4 Review stars By Dorli

    very good and durable for lap swimming

    Green Isle, Minnesota


  • 8/16/2018 nice and well-made

    4 Review stars By Carla

    too big for my small head - I got this in two colors and one was bigger than the other
    but both were too big for me. I would recommend them as well-made and really attractive. The colors I got were blue and teal and both were bright and summery.



  • 7/16/2018 Bubble swim cap

    5 Review stars By Bkcwjzy

    It fits my large-headed, thick haired, adult sized, 13yo perfectly without her feeling like her head is being squeezed! It stays on great without using the strap. And the purple color is beautiful! She’s received MANY compliments on it. Only con is the rubber smell is prominent in the heat of the sun.

    Dothan, AL


  • 5/12/2018 Finally found the one that fits!

    5 Review stars By kaila

    I have ordered many swim caps that claim to be big, but they are those tight plastic ones that pull your hair out and pull at your forehead skin. This one is the type I grew up with, and is still the best. I have a bit larger head, and this one fits fine, as long as I don't let my hair get much longer! (It's shoulder length now.) I am very happy and I think I'll order another one, maybe two. YES!

    Sacramento, CA


  • 8/13/2015 Not White!

    1 Review stars By David Haste

    Tried contacting customer service, no response. Unfortunately the cap is not white, not even close to white. Not happy, since they can't be bothered to respond.

    David Haste
    Bethlehem, PA


  • 8/7/2015 seal tore away

    3 Review stars By swimmer

    During the first few uses the inside seal around the back and sides pealed off on the one I bought previously like this one.. I am anxious to see if the new ones do the same.
    I hope not.



  • 1/6/2015 OK, but difficult w/ big goggles

    3 Review stars By Sbw

    It fits OK on my average-sized head. However when I wear this with my aqua sphere vista goggles, it simply WILL NOT stay on my head. Another issue is that water seems to seep into the cap through the ear covers.

    SF, CA


  • 1/14/2014 good fit for larger head, keeps hair dry in pool . Thhhhhe white cap is

    4 Review stars By Jean Z.

    The blue cap is great, fit well and keeps hair dry in chlorine pool. the white is too small. i can't wear it. it's a child's size.

    Jean Z.


  • 10/17/2013 Easy To Put On

    5 Review stars By Curritiba

    I searched all over in stores to find this cap with no luck. I was so glad to see it online! It keeps the water out of my ears and my hair in place just like its supposed to. It's easy to put on, too. Not like those flimsy other caps that you have to stretch and stretch until you nearly tear them or have to get help to put them on!

    East Bay, CA


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