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Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap

Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (213 Reviews)

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  • 12/16/2016 My dream googles for $3

    4 Review stars By Liar

    These are the googles I have always wanted. I am 65, and I have swam most of my life. I have tried numerous googles, and found the old style like TYR with the adjustable nose piece have worked the best for me as far as not leaking, and being comfortable; that is until the Sweds. I am Swedish and have the high cheek bones, so I thought I would gamble $3 to see if they fit. Well I got lucky. I didn't give them a five because I had to redo the nose piece with a piece of flurocarbon fishing line because the original nose piece kept slipping. Because there is no padding to wear out, and the strap can easily be replaced, these googles could be the last ones I'll ever need. When the anti-fog goes bad, I will soak it off with rubbing alcohol, and use a dab of baby shampoo to keep them clear (just an old guy tip for you younger swimmers put the tiniest bit of baby shampoo on your google lenses when your done swimming, and lightly rinse the next time you swim to keep them from fogging. I have had my bottle of baby shampoo for 26 years, and it is still almost half full.).



  • 5/1/2016 Good for Elastic Nosepiece

    4 Review stars By Max

    The holes for the nosepiece are larger than the original Swedish Swedes, so it wont potentially tear up the elastic when you install it. If you are like me and need to use the headband material as opposed to the string and tube, this will be your preferred option to the original. I will concede, a fresh elastic nosepiece will tend to slide sometimes due to the powdery, antimoisture deposit on the elastic band. Within a week of using the goggles in the pool though, the nosepiece will have been exposed to the chlorine enough to eliminate this problem. And of course, the elastic seems to be good for a couple of months. The bungee straps last a long time, so after the initial goggle sanding (typical for swedish variants), the only maintenance will be the nose piece swaps. Certainly can't beat the price on these.

    Atlanta, GA


  • 11/13/2010 Good leak-free goggles, good price

    4 Review stars By Limey Di

    Easy to fit, these goggles haven't leaked on me yet. Like all Swedish goggles, they can leave marks under the eyes if worn too tight. I bought "green" which is actually more like a deep aqua. Great price and a good choice overall for me for daily recreationl lap swimming.

    Limey Di
    Chatham, NJ


  • 9/23/2018 Great price!

    4 Review stars By KFJ408

    All the right components for everyone. Bungee style strap and plastic tube for the nose piece as well as the traditional elastic strap



  • 2/7/2017 good product

    4 Review stars By mike

    For a few dollars, these a really good deal to keep chlorine out of your eyes, for wading and going under water and gentle swimming. I wouldn't use them for lap or aggressive swimming.

    las vegas


  • 5/12/2015 First time using bungee; cord for nose strap slick

    4 Review stars By dominic

    I've used swedish goggles for decades. They're exactly like every other pair. They work for me.

    This is the first time using a bungee strap. It puts a good bit of tension on the goggles against your eyes even when set to be just enough to stay on. Perhaps the bungee will loosen up over time so there's more play and variation in tightness. Also, when not wearing a cap, the bungee tends to slide down the back of my head. I have to get it positioned right on my crown to stay up. Perhaps this will also improve when the bungee breaks in.

    The cord included for the nose strap is very very slick, perhaps polyester. I put a double knot in it that untied before the end of the first swim. A compound knot with about 4 hitches seems to be staying now, but it looks pretty silly. I'll probably try to find an old strap from another pare of swedes to put on these. And given the tension of the bungee strap, using a piece of latex or silicon strap for the nose piece isn't working - it's too elastic compared to the bungee.



  • 2/24/2015 Better Than Expected

    4 Review stars By Emily

    I had needed goggles since my original pair broke at the end of my swim season. Summer break rolls around and I decide to get Swedes because they're cheap so I can get a few pairs and if I don't like them I can get a pair of normal goggles and have these for backup. I refuse to wear normal goggles now, so I think I might have liked them.
    It should be said that they take some readjustment from time to time, which can be a pain because you don't know if it's right until your swimming and next thing you know there's water in your Google's and your only a quarter of the way to the other side. Then you stop, readjust, repeat. The thing is, it's worth it. You have them adjusted to the right spot and their good for a while and they're so comfortable I'll forget that I'm wearing them. I have girls on my team borrowing my goggles and then once practice is over they're asking me where I got them because they want a pair for themselves.

    Tacoma, WA


  • 12/21/2014 Good seal great price

    4 Review stars By Cleveland cyclist

    This style is the only goggle that will not leak--the Swedish style holds tight and will not leak once fitted properly. They don't hurt, But they are tight and take a little getting used to. I've always worn other brands but tried this one bc of the price. They work just as well and are less expensive. Love the bungee strap that other brands lack. Will have to see how long they last...mostly a cyclist but I've found that taking a few extra minutes to rinse off the goggles and then dry them well really helps the rubber/bungee straps to last longer.

    Cleveland cyclist
    Chattanooga TN area


  • 10/13/2014 Nearly the same as the original Swedish goggles

    4 Review stars By Jeff

    These are great goggles that are nearly the same as the original Swedish goggles. There are two areas that are different:
    1. The slot for head strap on the original swedes is just a small hole...on the Sproti version it more like a slot so the strap slides around a bit not that big a deal and this may be a positive feature for some but for others it may be a bit frustrating.

    2. The curved part of the lens on the side towards the nose is just slightly wider than the original Swedes. While I find that these goggles don't leak once fitted to my face, I do however find that this 1mm of extra plastic adds a bit of uncomfortable pressure against my nose.

    For issue #2 I find that using the string to connect the lenses a bit more comfortable than using the elastic piece they come assembled with.

    if you have a set of Swedes that are connected with string that fit good, measure the distance between the holes that string passes through and use that to replicate the fit when setting up a new set of goggles. I measure mine with a vernier caliper and tie the knot on the new ones so they were identical in length to my old ones and they length of the connection is perfect.



  • 9/6/2014 Good Goggles

    4 Review stars By Swimmer

    I have used these goggles for about a week now. I really like them. I ordered the green ones and am using the bungee strap. These are great value for the money. You can buy a pair of goggles for $15 that don't do near as good of a job as these. I would recommend these to anybody looking for a good pair of goggles!



  • 8/16/2014 No nonsense performance

    4 Review stars By lifeguard 4 life

    Swedish no foam goggle. I have used these in the past, so no surprises here. Antifog works well, but I wiped the inside with a t-shirt and may have scratched the treatment. I barely touched them. Nice that it comes with a bungee strap, but the stock strap is more comfortable for me. Price is right and I bought 3 pair. A bonus is that no one else in the family likes swedish goggles!

    lifeguard 4 life


  • 6/3/2014 Nice workout googles

    4 Review stars By Albel_Lawliet

    I workout 3-5 days a week doing 2k or 3k workouts in an indoors pool, and so far I've been loving these.

    -Nice anti-fog, if you follow directions they'll probably last longer than any other goggle you've worn.
    -No more swimmer marks. I've adjusted mine so they fit kind of loose, using the bungee cord, and the latex nose band - so finally no more markings after a workout, and no more annoying questions about the line on my nose.
    -Bungee cord bonus
    -Minimal drag
    -If you know your goggles the setup is pretty easy for any configuration you want. If you're new to swimming you can find decent how-tos in youtube or the one shown on the site.

    -The only reason I put 4 and not 5 stars, is because someone mentioned these didn't require sanding. As it turns out the pair I ordered did. No biggie I am used to doing these for sweds, but it was kind of a bummer during the first workout. Had to take em off and go back to some old ones, because they felt too uncomfortable.
    -These do come with an adjustment curve, for whoever hasn't use sweds before. You'll find your self adjusting them every now and then, but don't give up. Once you find your set up you'll be a happy swimmer.

    El Paso, TX


  • 4/25/2014 Best pair of goggles I've owned

    4 Review stars By trevg10

    Really comfy if you get the noise piece sized right. Bought this pair because the straps on all my others kept breaking so I decided to try a bungee cord instead. So far it works great! Super easy to adjust.

    Provo, UT


  • 3/30/2014 Sporti Swedes: Afforable, Comfortable, Leak-proof! (after some custom assembly)

    4 Review stars By Eric

    I previously swam competitively as an age group swimmer. I recall that a few of my teammates used Swedish Goggles for practice. I remember thinking to myself, how can those cheap looking goggles that have no rubber gaskets and a simple nose bridge made out of string possibly be comfortable and keep water from leaking in?

    Fast forward ten years into the future, and now I'm back in the pool doing lap swimming for fitness and recreation. My old goggles that experienced a lot of use throughout my years as a competitive swimmer had finally reached the end of its lifespan. I didn't want to throw a lot of money at some expensive pair of goggles nor did I want to get a cheap and low-quality pair that didn't live up to the quality of my old goggles I used for competition.

    That's when I remembered the Swedish Goggles.

    I had my doubts about them before, but since they are so cheap and reputable, why not? While these Sporti versions are not the original Swedes made by Malmsten, they still live up to the reputation of what the Swedish Goggles are supposed to be: very affordable, leak-proof, and comfortable! Shipping is even more expensive than one pair of these goggles themselves!

    The Sporti Swedes come pre-assembled, though it may be a good idea to disassemble the goggles and reassemble them to ensure the right fit for maximum comfort. The secret to the Swedes is to make sure the nose piece is adjusted correctly that fits you and only you so water will not leak inside. I like that the Sporti Swedes give you two options on which nose piece you can use: the elastic band or the piece of string with the plastic tube. Once you find the correct distance between the lenses that suits you and adjust the nose piece accordingly, these goggles are very comfortable.

    I noticed that the little plastic piece that fastens the ends of the elastic head strap does not work too well, as the head strap loosens over time. I simply tie a knot to secure the ends of the head strap to fix that issue and ditch that plastic fastener piece. The included bungee strap is also a nice amenity. Once the elastic head strap wears out, I'll switch to the bungee. Another good thing about the Swedes is that replacement parts are abundant. Just make sure to keep the lenses in good condition.

    The only downfall that I noticed is that there is a slight visual distortion when you are looking underwater. I don't know if this is only apparent with the Sporti Swedes or it's also apparent with the original Swedes made by Malmsten. However, once you get used to it, you will forget that there is even a slight visual distortion.

    Because everyone's facial structure is different, how one person assembles their goggles might not be the most ideal for another person. That's the beauty of the Swedes. They are meant to be custom assembled to fit YOU and only YOU. Once you find that perfect fit, these goggles will be very comfortable and leak-proof! Overall, the Sporti Swedes are a quality pair of goggles, and I recommend them for those who are willing to put in the time to assemble the goggles and fine-tune it for a custom fit.

    San Francisco, CA


  • 12/29/2013 The Swedish googles have been good

    4 Review stars By Nancy S.

    The goggles have worked out great. It takes a little while to get used to it. They fit well. Very little leaking.

    Nancy S.
    University City, MO


  • 12/16/2013 great for lap swimming

    4 Review stars By abi

    I love how I can see really clearly with these! I use these for practice in the water. The sucky part about these goggles is that whenever we dive during practice I always have to switch them out because they always fall off. I Wish I could use it for comp but nevertheless great goggle.



  • 8/27/2013 Good Value

    4 Review stars By Edward R.

    Bought these to try out 'swedes' and to see how I like amber lenses. I can say the amber really offers good visibility in an indoor pool. I am surprised how much I like them. I am also pleasantly surprised at the swedish style fit as well. I am still getting used to them, and trying to adjust the fit. They are not as comfortable as my speed sockets, but I feel like they do have a different field of view which I find a nice change of pace. The value for the price is quite good.

    Edward R.
    Houston, TX


  • 8/3/2013 Good value

    4 Review stars By Cary

    Great value, the goggles don't leak. I especially like the bungee strap option.

    Reynoldsburg, OH


  • 2/26/2013 I love them! But bungy holder/clip rusted out quickly

    4 Review stars By JP

    I've used them for years and for the price, they are the best. White rubber band used to break after a couple of months, and sooner if swimming outdoors, exposed to the sun. Bungy addition makes the goggle last forever. Once the spring in the holder/clip thing rusts out, I tie a square knot and I'm good to go.

    Boulder, CO


  • 2/11/2013 So far, so good

    4 Review stars By Blair

    I swim 5 days each week, and I recently began to have an allergic reaction to my old goggles—the Vanquishers—in the form of dry, cracked skin around my eyes where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. I tried switching to a pair of foam rimmed goggles, and the same thing happened. The condition would go away over the course of several days if I wasn't swimming or wearing goggles, and promptly return.

    Eventually I went to the eye doctor, got a prescription, and knocked it out. It returned as soon as I stopped using it. So I bought several pairs of these. Once you get them adjusted properly to your nose (really important—too loose and they don't form a good seal, too tight and they pinch the bridge of your nose something awful), they work pretty well. Every once in a while I have a hard time getting a seal, and have to take them off and put them on again. Nice that they come with the bungie, too. I'd recommend using that, and saving the white strap to cut up for extra nose pieces.

    DeWitt, MI


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