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Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap

Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (213 Reviews)

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  • 5/18/2016 No raccoon eyes!

    5 Review stars By Aed

    Love these. No raccoon eyes after long swims, although I'm not sure I would use them in open water.



  • 5/17/2016 Great swim goggles !!!

    5 Review stars By diane patrice

    Love them.
    They keep the water out better than the plastic goggles.

    diane patrice
    Oceano, CA


  • 3/9/2016 comfortable and long lasting

    5 Review stars By Alfie

    These goggles are more comfortable and last longer than much more expensive goggles. The anti-fog lasts a long time. They do take a bit of fine tune adjusting to get them to seal correctly, so be prepared to be patient the first time you use them. I found using the string rather than the elastic for the nose piece provides me with a more reliable seal once it is adjusted correctly. If they are not sealing, it is likely the nose strap length, so adjust that first. They do not need to be tight against the face to work.

    Amherst, MA


  • 1/21/2016 Did not work for me

    2 Review stars By cherwitt

    Sad to say this did not work for me. I had hoped it would, but it leaked. I have deep set eyes so it may just be my facial structure. Nice that it includes a bungee. May use that on another pair.

    Crozet, VA


  • 12/19/2015 Love these!

    5 Review stars By 666k9s

    I have been searching for the perfect goggles now for about 8 months. I have seem to have small facial features so that has been one problem. The other problem is that every goggle with gaskets left horrible looking red rings around my eyes. As I get older that's a serious concern for the delicate skin around my eyes. Another problem has been the dark indoor pool I swim in.

    These goggles have solved all my problems! And I love the bungee cord. It's hassle free and easy to adjust. Just as important is the fact that my new Finis Duo mp3 player fits on the straps just fine!! The amber color of the lenses light up the dark indoor pool, making visibility about 100% better than my old blue Vanquishers. I'll never go back to those as long as I'm swimming in an indoor pool. The low price means I can have spares and be ready for when the chlorine eventually wears out the rubber. I'm very pleased with this purchase. Shipping was great and my stuff arrived ahead of time. Awesome!!

    Topeka, Ks.


  • 11/6/2015 Overall OK

    3 Review stars By pmowrey

    Fit nicely and do not leak, but the straps are loose and move when not on your head. I found that to be annoying when putting on. But otherwise they work

    Boston, MA


  • 10/29/2015 I realy like those goggles !

    5 Review stars By CAT

    No water enter in thoses goggles. Confort and efficacity.

    Quebec, QC


  • 10/27/2015 Work great

    5 Review stars By Astrid

    Work very well at keeping water out and are really comfortable. You just need to find the balance between too tight and too loose. Too tight and they spread out to the edges of your face and too lose will let some water in. Once you find the sweetspot, they're perfect.

    Indianapolis, IN


  • 9/28/2015 Best pair of goggles for the best price!

    5 Review stars By Coach Ray

    Swedish goggles have always been my preferred to not come off on the start and to be clear for the entire race. Now that they come with the bungee, they have only gotten better. Still the best price for my budget.

    Coach Ray
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 9/9/2015 pls don't buy so I can have

    5 Review stars By jeff

    I don't want everyone buying these in case they sell out. The strap is actually big enough for my head, unlike original swedes. Anti-fog actually works, so far. No leakage,,, need I say more?



  • 5/12/2015 First time using bungee; cord for nose strap slick

    4 Review stars By dominic

    I've used swedish goggles for decades. They're exactly like every other pair. They work for me.

    This is the first time using a bungee strap. It puts a good bit of tension on the goggles against your eyes even when set to be just enough to stay on. Perhaps the bungee will loosen up over time so there's more play and variation in tightness. Also, when not wearing a cap, the bungee tends to slide down the back of my head. I have to get it positioned right on my crown to stay up. Perhaps this will also improve when the bungee breaks in.

    The cord included for the nose strap is very very slick, perhaps polyester. I put a double knot in it that untied before the end of the first swim. A compound knot with about 4 hitches seems to be staying now, but it looks pretty silly. I'll probably try to find an old strap from another pare of swedes to put on these. And given the tension of the bungee strap, using a piece of latex or silicon strap for the nose piece isn't working - it's too elastic compared to the bungee.



  • 5/1/2015 Perfect fit

    5 Review stars By Liquid Dwayne'O

    Just as good as the 1st pair I bought 25 years ago

    Liquid Dwayne'O
    Mesa, AZ


  • 4/15/2015 Great Goggles

    5 Review stars By SwimSIUE

    Check out the Deluxe model as well if this is your first time with swedes. Fitting takes a little time. Biggest tip that I didn't get from fit videos/tutorials was to open your eyes with your brow wide. Place the lenses then relax for a water tight fit.
    Bungee strap is very nice.

    Edwardsville, IL


  • 4/6/2015 Best Pool Goggles

    5 Review stars By Brian

    These are the best indoor pool goggles (if they fit your face). Don't bother spending money on expensive goggles. These are the best value and include the bungee strap if you like that. They will get scratched over time- but my last pair has gone strong for over a year. $2.95 well spent.

    Bend, OR


  • 4/2/2015 I love these goggles.

    5 Review stars By Christy

    These goggles are great. The work really well, are comfortable, and cheap on top of everything else. What else could you ask for?

    Rolla, MO


  • 2/24/2015 Better Than Expected

    4 Review stars By Emily

    I had needed goggles since my original pair broke at the end of my swim season. Summer break rolls around and I decide to get Swedes because they're cheap so I can get a few pairs and if I don't like them I can get a pair of normal goggles and have these for backup. I refuse to wear normal goggles now, so I think I might have liked them.
    It should be said that they take some readjustment from time to time, which can be a pain because you don't know if it's right until your swimming and next thing you know there's water in your Google's and your only a quarter of the way to the other side. Then you stop, readjust, repeat. The thing is, it's worth it. You have them adjusted to the right spot and their good for a while and they're so comfortable I'll forget that I'm wearing them. I have girls on my team borrowing my goggles and then once practice is over they're asking me where I got them because they want a pair for themselves.

    Tacoma, WA


  • 2/17/2015 Great!

    5 Review stars By Tim

    Very pleased.



  • 1/15/2015 These are not good googles

    1 Review stars By swim

    The googles do not stay together

    Houston, TX


  • 1/13/2015 Surprisingly affordable and clear view.

    5 Review stars By Pepito R.

    It's incredible how goggles that are so inexpensive and Spartan can give you such a comfortable fit and allow you excellent vision. The original strap is okay, but the bungee is much more secure and long lasting.

    Pepito R.
    Orlando, Florida.


  • 1/6/2015 Love these goggles... no love for the bungee strap though :-)

    5 Review stars By skovman

    These are my favorite variation of the Swedish design but the bungee strap does not feel natural, plus it is a great price!

    Santa Cruz, CA


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