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Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap

Sporti Antifog Swedish Goggle + Bungee Strap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (213 Reviews)

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  • 4/22/2011 Awesome goggles, comfortable, cheap too!

    5 Review stars By Sean S

    I use these in the pool and also open water for triathlons. They work exactly as expected and don't fog up. The elastic nose piece is good for almost all situations execept for beach starts with big waves. One hit to the face with a wave and the elastic nose piece streches a bit and the goggles move/come off or need adjustment. If you use the string nose piece you can eliminate this problem (well for the most part anyway). The bungee strap is the way to go with these. I noticed in the newer sweed goggles the holes on the side where the bunge goes through are bigger than they used to be. It seems to make them work better with elastic. This lets them slide up and down on the bungee when they are not on your head. This makes putting them on require a little more attention but it isn't a big deal once you get used to it.

    Sean S
    Kailua, HI


  • 4/22/2011 Good for practices

    4 Review stars By Andrea

    Great goggles for swim practice. I have not used at swim meets, but definitely works good for practices.

    New Jersey


  • 4/21/2011 good fit

    4 Review stars By bobbi

    love the price and fit. A "good bang for your buck", will order more for friends.

    mililani hi


  • 4/21/2011 Swedish Goggles

    5 Review stars By Z. Ruiz

    For the price you can't beat the product.

    Z. Ruiz
    Arcata CA


  • 4/21/2011 Great goggles, better than Swedes

    5 Review stars By Ol'Swimmer

    I've tried lots and lots of different goggles, some costing as much as 10 times more than the Swedish type, but I keep returning to the Swedish type. They are simple, light-weight, effective, comfortable, and inexpensive. To me these Sporti's are better than the original Swedes. The edges are smooth and don't need sanding. The anti-fog lasts longer.... maybe a month or more. (Don't think original Swedes have any anti-fog.) The latex straps will last about 2-3 months of swimming every day, and then it gets stretchy and eventually breaks. It helps if you rinse out the chlorine in the shower. The bungee cord is a nice touch that gives easy tension adjustment and will extend the useful life of the goggles. I like to wear them as loose as possible if we aren't doing serious turns or starts. Swedish type goggles are unforgiving if your dive technique or turn & walls techniques are off. If you don't tuck your head they end up around your chin. Some gasketed goggles are more forgiving, but they also can let you develop bad habits in poor streamlining. These Swedish goggles give great vision, are light weight, don't leak, and once you're used to them are very comfortable. Red and Amber are great for indoors or night. I always use the string for the nose bridge for a better and more secure fit.



  • 4/21/2011 Swedish Goggle

    4 Review stars By polo10

    The came already assembled. Took them out of the package and jumped in the water.



  • 2/18/2011 I have found my favorite goggles!

    5 Review stars By Mary A.

    I used to wear goggles with the gaskets to seal around the eyes, but always ended up getting leaks. Oddly enough, when there is nothing but firm plastic against your own skin, there is no leaking! I immediately replaced the goggle strap with the optional bungee that came with it - so easy to adjust if I "share" the goggles - which I probably won't since I like them too much. Field of vision is wider and clearer than with regular goggles.

    Mary A.
    Valparaiso, IN


  • 2/17/2011 bought for the strap

    3 Review stars By hc

    Was not sure what to rate these, because we do not like the actual goggles, but we suspected we wouldn't when we ordered. We ordered mostly for the bungy strap, and also to try this style of goggles.

    holland mi


  • 2/15/2011 Love them

    5 Review stars By Patricia L.

    We love the goggles. They do not fog up, and are comfortable to wear. the price was great, also.

    Patricia L.
    Moline, IL


  • 2/4/2011 I'm a fan

    5 Review stars By RL

    great goggles...i like the minimalist design and i can't believe how comfortable they are. proves my theory right...simple but effective design works them!



  • 1/31/2011 Great Deal!!!

    5 Review stars By Andrew V.

    I plan to use these goggles for my swim team. I got red ones because I have black, with a red stripe on the side jammers ( from The Finals ). I also got clear ones in case the red ones where hard to see with, and the practice with. This goggles are great. They come with two straps, as seen above, and two different types of nose pieces. I herd people say that they wished it has the string nose piece, and it does! I was surprised when I saw it but it does. It gives you the strap nose piece and the string. Its a great deal for just 2 bucks! I can't really say anything bad about it due to the fact that my old goggles broke so these are the only ones I currently have so I am really glad I have goggles in general, I can't swim without them.

    Andrew V.
    New York , NY


  • 1/29/2011 Love them

    5 Review stars By Shelia

    A goggle that really does not fog. Thats vantasic. Does not leak if put on properly. Also at a great price. I would recommend.

    Birmingham, AL


  • 1/18/2011 Swedish Goggles + Bungee Strap

    4 Review stars By RWB

    Swedish googles work great once properly fitted, but the guesswork in tying the straps was a real hassle The adjustable bungee strap is a much needed improvement.

    Kettering, OH


  • 1/6/2011 Incredible value

    5 Review stars By friendofTheo

    I coveted these when I was a teen and now they are so inexpensive I can buy them by the dozen?? Awesome deal on goggles that stay put!

    Watertown, MA


  • 12/29/2010 Wow... simple goggles = great!

    5 Review stars By David

    Since we have different shaped faces I realize goggles are a YMMV item... but these work great for me. Been buying and using all sort of silicone and rubber rimmed this and thats but these fit me great, are comfortable and I haven't seen a hint of fog yet! For the $ they cost you should at least try them. Will be buying more of these and the "plus" version as well.



  • 12/22/2010 Bungie Cord Rocks

    5 Review stars By Happy Customer

    Love the bungie cord on these. Nice and easy to get a good fit.

    Happy Customer
    Somewhere, MI


  • 12/17/2010 back to my swedes

    4 Review stars By coacht

    these have been my go to goggles for almost 20 years so when I saw the price I purchased red and smoke goggles. The red are GREAT for night and indoor pools, something about red makes everything clear and highly visible without the glare of orange or clear goggles. I was disappointed in the nose strap, it used to come with a string, and now it has a rubber strap like the head strap and this stretches too much so I had to find an old string to fit them properly. I will continue to use these but with my own string for the nose piece. if it were possible, the manufacturer should go back to giving us the string option.

    Los Angeles, CA


  • 12/8/2010 goggles

    4 Review stars By Robert B.

    Still getting use to the bungee strap, but I still think these are the best for racing and workouts.

    Robert B.
    Reno, NV


  • 12/7/2010 Helps Red Raccoon Eyes

    4 Review stars By Ann L.

    Today, I went to swim practice to use these goggles and I was surprised it didn't feel that uncomfortable. I've had a very bad problem with the skin around my eye. Chlorine+plastic = dark red, rashy raccoon eyes. It is helping my skin get better. If you have this skin problem....this is definitely the way to go. Just keep in your mind, it might bruise your eyes for about two weeks, but after a while it will stop bruising. You will love it just like any other goggles. But, if you have a skin problem this will help cure it. Hope this helps!

    Ann L.
    Reno, NV


  • 11/22/2010 Sweeds!

    5 Review stars By Ponitz Swim

    Purchased them for my team to use. Team LOVES them!

    Ponitz Swim


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