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Sporti Antifog S2 Mirrored Goggle

Sporti Antifog S2 Mirrored Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (326 Reviews)

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  • 8/21/2013 Okay ....but

    3 Review stars By swimmer26

    I had bought these as a replacement to another pair of S2 metallic goggles. With the other ones the the nose piece keep snapping and separating the goggles when I would dive in.So far they are okay but they fogged up twice five minutes into a 3 hour practice. Later on the fogging was less, I also bought the USMS Antifog S2 goggles and am happier with those if it was me I would buy those. Either way you can't go wrong for the price.

    New York


  • 6/30/2018 It does the job

    3 Review stars By Zela

    Looks good, like a race swimmer. It does the job of sun protection and antifog. Good price too. Just wish they were the peripheral vision type. Straps hard to adjust.

    Concord, NC


  • 4/25/2018 googles

    3 Review stars By Barb

    the idea is good. however the nose clamps hurt as you swim. since i am 87 and only swim 10 laps in a 48' pool, it is bearable. i guess i never saw that they were the hard kind. usually i order the smooth plastic nose that is part of the goggles. the mirror idea is good.



  • 11/6/2017 Does the job

    3 Review stars By Jen

    Good goggles.

    Toronto, ON


  • 2/28/2017 Newer one broke easily

    3 Review stars By CA Mom

    My kids have been using these goggles for a long time and it worked perfectly. But the newer ones seem broke easily. The rubber seals broke after only a month of use. Hopefully they can improve the quality of these goggles.

    CA Mom
    La Jolla, CA


  • 2/4/2017 Goggles

    3 Review stars By Matthew Gee

    Good for the price-tag, but the mirror coating of the lens is already chipped off in places after 1 week of use.

    Matthew Gee
    Chicago, IL


  • 11/5/2015 Did not like it that much

    3 Review stars By Chugababa

    I used to order the pink version of this S2 Metallic Goggles and my daughter loves it, it's mirrored but you could still see clearly and it feels so uncomfortable. This green one is not good, it's very bright to the eyes, not mirrored or metallin at all. She would not wear it again and she is back to the pink one.

    Jacksonville, FL


  • 7/30/2015 good value. a bit uncomfortable

    3 Review stars By butterback

    A nice pair of goggles given the price I suppose, but unless you already know you like the fit, maybe spend the few extra bones on something else.

    Well put together considering the cost, though the anti-fog is basically non-existent. Not much peripheral vision.

    My real issue was just not being able to find a decent fit, even after trying every nose piece. Always seemed too tight. Also the frames seem a tad bulky, though I suppose this is just preference.

    If you like Vanqs then give them a try, they're so cheap, might as well.



  • 6/26/2015 Great price!

    3 Review stars By Maria

    I bought these goggles in different colors for the whole family and they fit everyone perfectly. The only thing I didn't like is that they do not come in a carrying case so they will probably get scratched.

    Logan, Utah


  • 5/28/2015 Okay googles

    3 Review stars By Joao

    I have used it only for a couple of weeks so far.

    - the anti-fog has worked very well
    - it's a bit too tight on my head even though I have it on the loosest option possible
    - because of that, I suppose, it had been leaving marks around my eyes

    Santa Rosa, CA


  • 3/27/2015 Not quite as good as my Vanquishers....

    3 Review stars By arj

    I was hoping these would be comparable to my Speedo Vanquisher googles. While they look like they are the same shape, they do not quite fit my eye sockets the same. They leak ever so slightly if I don't get them positioned just right. The blue lens also does not cut the glare of Florida sun like my Vanquishers with the grey mirrored lenses. I will wear them on cloudy days (not many of those here in the summer) but they will not be my go-to goggles.

    Tampa, FL


  • 9/4/2014 One vote for, one vote against.

    3 Review stars By Slee F.

    We're of split opinion on these in my household. My teenager who swims competitively prefers them to the Vanquishers. She thinks the seal she gets is perfect, and the fit is ideal. She loves where they hit her face. To look at them side by side, one might mistake them for the same type of goggle. For me, these hurt my face. They just hit the bones around my eye in all the wrong places and are not coming in the water with me- which is sad. At this price I really wanted to love these.
    They are easy to adjust and work well for swim meets.

    Slee F.
    Rockton, IL


  • 6/30/2014 These literally suck after a while

    3 Review stars By Ann Sherman

    Initially, I thought these were a great substitute for the Speedo Women's Vanquisher goggles, which keep going up in price. They have a very similar look and profile, and what a bargain! But I have found that after about an hour in the pool, these become decidedly uncomfortable. The suction increases until you can remove the straps from your head and the goggles will not move at all. I have to pry them off, and it's painful. I always have huge red rings around my eyes for hours. So if you do a longer workout, you might as well bite the bullet and get a better quality goggle.
    The upside is that they come in a sweet plastic and mesh zip bag, which protects them while decreasing the likelihood that mold will form in the gasket folds.

    Ann Sherman
    San Jose, CA


  • 7/29/2013 nice goggles, but anti fog lasted only a few days

    3 Review stars By Betsy

    Love the goggles, but as for the antifog benefits...only lasted for a few days. I use the goggles at least 5 days a week in a pool for lap swimming. The first few days, were amazing, but after that, no antifog benefits.

    Westfield, NC


  • 11/2/2012 Sporti Antifog S2 Metallic Goggle

    3 Review stars By im

    Great goggle. The lenses do not fog up and water does not get in



  • 10/16/2012 Sporti Antifog S2 Metallic Goggle

    3 Review stars By Swimming Owl

    Okay as a spare pair. For everyday indoor swimming, I prefer my Sporti Antifog Plus goggles, which I ordered at the same time -- they are softer, more comfortable, and don't dig in like these. These come with four nose bridge links in graduated sizes - helpful, but even the largest doesn't fit comfortably over my high bridge, and are a bit stiff. I find the head strap a bit short, so extend it nearly to its max, & my head is average size.

    Swimming Owl
    Southwestern OH


  • 7/18/2012 Great for fun

    3 Review stars By Mirta

    Love the clarity, how shiny they are, the case they come in, the fit, truly anti fog. However I have 11 grandchildren, 5 are on a swim team, and when they dive, the goggles come apart in the middle, like a bra that isn't hooked, and either they have to let it go, or the swimmer behind them swims to the bottom to retrieve them, we wish the center piece was permanent. I purchased 6 originally, then placed another order for 4 more, I wish I hadn't. They are more for fun, not to compete, 3 of the grands are not using them in their meets.

    Tinton Falls, New Jersey


  • 3/18/2012 Fine Goggle

    3 Review stars By Lynn

    Cool, but a little too dark to see clearly.

    San Francisco, CA


  • 7/13/2011 Decent goggle for the price

    3 Review stars By Leslie

    This goggle is acceptable for the low price charged. The biggest complaint I have is that the eye piece suctions to your face a little much and I end up with really severe marks. I've adjusted the strap and even tried changing it out to the bungee style and I've come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with the strap and everything to do with the eye piece. On a positive note, *no* water gets in.

    Washington, PA


  • 2/8/2011 Gaby

    3 Review stars By Gaby

    doesnt have a good suction so i had to tighten the strap a lot but besides that it was really good.

    New York, New York


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