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Sporti Antifog S2 Goggle

Sporti Antifog S2 Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (332 Reviews)

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  • 4/21/2011 Sporti googles

    3 Review stars By Kate P.

    I use this goggles almost every day for several hours. They got foggy too quick, almost since first time use. need to clear them all the time.

    Kate P.
    Arvada, CO


  • 3/28/2012 Good for the price

    3 Review stars By Swimmer T.

    I often buy Speedo Vanquisher goggles and chose this one because it has the same shape but is cheaper. It is the best shape I have found for goggles--stays on, fits eye sockets well. The nose pieces seem to break easily but there are replaceable ones that come with them.

    Swimmer T.
    Oakland, CA


  • 2/14/2012 Tight fit

    3 Review stars By Geoffrey M.

    Too tight fitting around my eyes. Great clarity, no fog works well. I prefer a one piece strap.

    Geoffrey M.
    Stamford, CT


  • 7/8/2011 Googles

    3 Review stars By Jackie

    I've got a big head so the straps didn't work for me. I have to order different straps in order to use the goggles.



  • 9/17/2020 Nose strap comes loose

    3 Review stars By Dick

    First time using this style. The nose strap was too short so I went to replace it with the larger nose strap that came with the goggles. Very hard to get the first one off.
    After replacing with a longer piece, it came off the first time I tried using it. Not well designed. Other than that, the price was very good and the goggles were very clear in the water.

    Rochester, NY


  • 2/5/2020 Difficult to find the right fit

    3 Review stars By CJ

    The goggles give great visibility and come at a good price but it was a struggle to find the right fit. I had to remove the nose piece that it originally came with and use one of the larger ones provided. I also have to adjust one of the straps from time to time to find the right tightness and I wish there was only one strap. Sometimes I find the eye cups to be uncomfortable.



  • 1/20/2020 Too small for adults

    3 Review stars By Mimi

    The eye caps are really small. Barely fit my 12 yr old grandson. He says there just okay.



  • 5/15/2019 A bit flimsy

    3 Review stars By Helen

    No further comment



  • 7/19/2016 okay

    3 Review stars By Socal_Simplicity

    They are a good pair of goggles, but I definitely wouldn't recommend getting the clear lens pair. The goggles stay put and I don't get much water stuck in the lenses. Overall, descent pair of goggles

    San Diego


  • 12/30/2015 Hard to adjust,good for practices but not for competition

    3 Review stars By Jeanine

    Hard to adjust



  • 12/14/2015 A Decent Option

    3 Review stars By Jason

    I would give a 3.5 star rating for what it's worth. The reason I couldn't go higher is due to the fit of the eye piece, specifically the thickness of the seal. It's too thin. I changed the nose piece to a wider fit, which helped. Ultimately, even a smaller amount of discomfort is still discomfort.



  • 4/18/2015 Nose piece is not working well

    3 Review stars By Sarah

    I have gotten this brand before but in the gray version. I have never had problems with the quality but this one I have. I will order the gray again which is why I give this a three but unfortunately not happy with this one.

    Pierre, SD


  • 1/27/2015 Not as great as I'd originally thought

    3 Review stars By Al

    I bought a pair of these goggles after reading the reviews. they're my 1st pair of goggles and I was ecstatic when I first wore them. Unfortunately, the ecstasy wore off after the second week. That's when the anti-fog coating began to deteriorate. I'm guessing that I damaged the coating when I wiped it with a soft towel. I'd been okay if the coating wiped off without a trace but it didn't. Instead, it looks a little hazy on the inside in the center of each lens. The info that accompanied the goggles, touted the advantages of their new packaging but didn't state any instructions re: proper care. Oh well.

    Kingsport, TN


  • 7/29/2014 Strap had to be let out to the max size and still fits very tight.

    3 Review stars By Ken

    Other then the short strap, they work great.

    Glendale, AZ


  • 5/25/2014 Limited range of vision

    3 Review stars By Monica L.

    Great color, very comfortable fit, however, once underwater you lose peripheral vision. Not a big deal when I have the lane to myself, but that's not often the case. I'm keeping them but I'm still on the quest for the perfect goggle.

    Monica L.
    Huntington Beach, CA


  • 5/2/2014 eehhh not so much

    3 Review stars By mattingly

    Me and my wife got a pair of these goggles. She realized right off the bat they werent for her. They were painful around her eyes. Pushing on her eyeballs. I found them sufficient though they scuff easily. The first few swims they did well not to fog up very much. Now they do within the first 10-15 minutes of my swim.

    Louisville, KY


  • 4/6/2014 Nice goggles for the price

    3 Review stars By Geneva

    Out of curiosity, I thought I would try a different brand of goggles instead of the typical Speedo goggles I use. These Sporti goggles work just as well as the higher-priced goggles, and for a fraction of the other brand's cost! And I really like the color variety that is offered.
    I'm trying to get used to the silicone gaskets, as I've used the GCG for the last several years (they have the foam gasket). I've been playing around with the fit of the goggles, as the silicone gaskets create extra, uncomfortable pressure around the eyes, and will give me a headache if I keep them on too long. Thus the reason for the 3 stars. But it just might be a matter of finding just the right fitting adjustment.
    If you don't have any issues with the silicone gaskets and are looking for a nice set of goggles, then these Sporti goggles are for you!

    Southern Oregon


  • 11/10/2013 they are okay...

    3 Review stars By breebree

    My daughter says that they work but they pinch her nose... Other than that..they are fine.

    Lawrenceville, GA


  • 7/13/2013 Okay goggles

    3 Review stars By Shana N.

    But to me they fit like swedes which to me equals uncomfortable. They also leave behind some serious goggle lines. But they don't leak and no fogging.

    Shana N.
    Plaquemine, LA


  • 10/12/2012 They work

    3 Review stars By Jude

    I have never been a serious swimmer before, so this is my first pair of goggles--I'm not sure what to expect. They are functional, in that they seal and keep the water out, but they are rather small and they are sort of uncomfortable--in order to keep the seal, they actually hurt a little bit and leave me with some raccoon-like rings on my face! I've read other reviews on other goggles where people mention they are comfortable. I may try another pair, but these suffice for now.

    South Bend, IN


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