Sporti Antifog Optical Pro II Goggle Reviews
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Sporti Antifog Optical Pro II Goggle

Sporti Antifog Optical Pro II Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (616 Reviews)

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  • 8/12/2013 New goggles

    5 Review stars By John P.

    I ordered the wrong one and y'all just sent out the right one right away and the credited the return right away - what service !

    John P.
    Saginaw, TX


  • 8/8/2013 Great value

    4 Review stars By James M.

    I had to buy 2 pair of these goggles, as I needed a different prescription for each eye. I simply took them apart and made two pair that meet my needs. Even having to buy two pair was still cheaper than the previous single pair, with the correct lenses, I had previously ordered from another source.  These fit very well and are great value for the cost.

    James M.
    Halifax, NS


  • 5/21/2016 Bad nose bridge design in otherwise nice optical goggle

    3 Review stars By Margaret K.

    I've been searching for a comfortable optical goggle for use in longer open water swims.  My favorite non-optical goggles are Women's fit or small size TYR Special Ops or Aquasphere Kaiman and Kaiman Exo.  The only optical goggles to fit are the Sporti S2 and Speedo Vanquisher (Sporti has slight edge).  Unfortunately the S2 and Speedo are not comfortable to wear for a long swim.  I had high hopes for this goggle based on reviews.  This goggle has good optics and comfortable gaskets.  The nose bridge is supposed to be adjustable, however neither Customer Service, Ask a question feature, nor online search came up with instructions that actually worked on changing the nose bridge.  (It is different than the other models) Furthermore it was very stiff and flat compared to the other brands. If you have a prominent nose, the nose bridge will be uncomfortable.  Also you will need to get lucky enough to fit with the factory installed nose bridge.  If they would simply change the nose bridge to the conventional type such as in Sporti S2 or Speedo Vanquisher, this would be excellent goggle

    Margaret K.


  • 11/30/2015 Very good optically and perfect for swimming and jet skiing.

    5 Review stars By David Youmans

    I bought these goggles for my grandson.  For the past 10 years I have used them or older models for riding my standup jet ski.  My regular glasses would fall off when I fall in the water while riding.  My eyes are different so I buy two pair and mix them (-4 left eye, -5 right eye).  I also modified the strap using some 3/8" wide dog leash pieces joined at the back of my head by a piece of 1/8" neoprene so they will float.  To make them darker I cut oval pieces from sunglasses and silicone sealant them to the inside.  This also prevents fogging.

    David Youmans
    Sugar Hill, GA


  • 10/24/2015 Bad nose piece

    3 Review stars By Lee

    I was so excited to be able to see underwater with these optical goggles. The nose piece is terrible, though. It is shaped in such a way that it digs into my nose. I tried to switch the medium size piece that came on the goggles with the larger one in the package. I cannot get the googles to come apart to switch them out. I might have a defective pair because it appears that they are meant to be interchangeable.



  • 12/3/2013 Now I See

    4 Review stars By Jewel Stevens

    I am amazed at the difference prescription googles make in my daily swim. I can actually see who is next to me! And to think, I only paid $7.95 for these goggles. They truly are anti fog, comfortable, and a necessity for people who wear corrective lenses. Great product and great value!

    Jewel Stevens
    Springvale, ME


  • 11/5/2013 Best yet!

    5 Review stars By Nicole D.

    This is the best pair of swim goggles I've ever had and I've been wearing them for at least 25 years! Beautiful, clear vision and they are comfortable besides!

    Nicole D.
    Westlake Village, CA


  • 9/6/2013 Glad I bought them

    5 Review stars By William C.

    For the price, I was not sure what sort of product this would be, but I am very glad I got it.  The prescription is great (for the first time ever I can see when I swim!) and the goggle itself is very comfortable and fits snugly so there's no leaks.  I've used it every day for two weeks now.

    William C.
    New Haven CT


  • 8/5/2013 My son can't live without these goggles!!!

    5 Review stars By Texas Boy Mom

    We love these prescription goggles so much that we have purchased a second pair!  They fit great, keep water out, and allowing my son to actually SEE while at the pool is priceless!

    Texas Boy Mom
    Carrollton, Texas


  • 1/17/2018 Googles

    5 Review stars By swim senior

    I am very pleased as they fit great and I see clearly with them

    swim senior
    Chicago, IL


  • 11/26/2017 As always, inexpensive yet good quality.

    4 Review stars By Critic Al

    Good optical correction at low price. Googles are of comparable quality to main brands (read expensive). I have been using them for years, never been disappointed.

    Took one star off because they no longer come with a rigid storage box. Too bad!!!

    Critic Al
    San Francisco, CA


  • 11/25/2017 nose bridge sucks

    3 Review stars By john kraut

    I had to buy 2 pair of these as I have a different prescription in each eye.  Just swap one lens from each pair and you have 2 pair of goggles.  It is nice to be able to see and they don't fog.  The lenses seal fairly well but can be a bit difficult to get a good seal at times.  I do have an issue with the nose piece.  It sucks!  It is hard plastic that rubs the skin on my nose enough to make it bleed.  It is just a light scratch but causes some cocern with the lifeguards.  I have remedied this with a strip of waterproof tape on the bridge of my nose

    john kraut
    Lewiston, ID


  • 7/29/2017 My son loves his new goggles

    5 Review stars By Stinger

    First comment my son said after trying on his new goggles was, "I can see!'  He loves his new goggles.  The goggles seem to be better construction than the regular ones we bought at the warehouse store.  Wish I can buy more goggles for my kids, but the shipping costs are too high for such light weight goggles.

    La Canada, CA


  • 7/18/2017 Best swim goggles I've ever worn.

    5 Review stars By swimmer212

    Fully adjustable with three different sizes for the nose.   Perfect for me with a relatively small face.  (woman, 4'11") Stayed completely fog-free as promised.  Never leaked.  These are prescription and by buying 2 different goggles, was able to create 2 pairs of goggles that truly match my prescription (my eyes need different strengths)  The goggles were so water-proof that I did not need to tighten them much at all.  Absolutely comfortable with no goggle eyes afterwards.  Highly recommend these.

    New York


  • 5/17/2017 Sporti Antifog Optical Pro II Goggle

    5 Review stars By Lori

    When I first ordered these goggles, I was very skeptical. Prescription goggles for only $7.00? I had done some research and found other websites with prescription goggles for up to $50. I had no intention of spending that much money on goggles. I decided that if the goggles did not work out, I would only be losing a little. The goggles are amazing. I do competitive and recreational swimming and they still are in good shape. I thought they would be made cheaply at such a low price. They actually were well built, and I have no trouble with them. The only thing I found was when I adjusted the straps I had to adjust them to the end. (As loose as possible.) It fit perfectly when I put them on. But my head measured around is 22 inches. I suggest that if your head is bigger than 22 inches, you buy other straps for the goggles. I do not know how well that would work, but the strap is pretty small. If you are debating whether to get these, I suggest to get them. They are awesome, and stay in good shape. (They are worth a shot, you can only lose like 10 to 12 dollars with shipping!!!)

    Milwaukee, WI


  • 4/4/2017 Good value and performance

    4 Review stars By Al

    I have ordered these Sporti Antifog Optical Pro II Goggles several times over the last six years for their good fit and clear optics. They come with three different sizes of nose bridges in the package. They will fog up, but licking the inside with a bit of saliva keeps them clear for most of my 45-minute swims. For me they have been the best fitting, with minimal leakage, of any goggles I've found, and at a lower price than most name brands. When I first ordered, they used to come with a zip-up soft case, though not with my recent orders.

    Chicago suburbs


  • 10/22/2016 Clear lenses

    3 Review stars By Katie

    Great optical  clarity.   Good color my son Liked the way they worked; the only problem was he has a really high Bridge on his nose and so the nose piece that came with these was cutting into his nose. if we could get another nose piece design for these we would order more pairs

    Kelso, WA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 8/19/2016 Great product

    4 Review stars By Sareena

    The prescription googles work great to see under water. Seal is tight, and they work well. The value is great. They are for my 11 year old daughter, who loves them.

    Wilmington, DE


  • 8/15/2016 Poor design

    2 Review stars By Cristian

    The goggles have a good price and they would be great if not for the poor design of the nose bridge. It is made of hard plastic, almost flat with sharp corners and it cuts into my nose so bad that I cannot use them. Pity.


    Fit: Feels too small

  • 4/23/2016 Meets our needs

    3 Review stars By Nora

    PRO:  Great for our son to be able to see better while swimming!
    CON:  the nose piece is hard plastic and it rubs terribly.  My husband had to use a Dremel on the nose piece in order for our son to be able to wear them comfortably.

    Olathe, KS


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