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Sporti 13

Sporti 13" x 17" Chamois Sports Towel Reviews

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4.5 star rating (80 Reviews)

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  • 7/7/2012 Great helper to quickly dry off

    5 Review stars By Miranda P.

    Awesome towel. As a swimming instructor I'm in the pool all day, 6days a week, so this dries me completely between my breaks. I don't even have to use regular towels anymore.

    Miranda P.
    Brooklyn, NY


  • 6/9/2016 Very functional, good price.

    5 Review stars By Bill S

    I never carry a big towel anymore since I started using these chamois towels. I dry myself off, wring it out, and pop it back into the plastic container. I get dry and my clothes and gear stay dry inside my pack. My only cautionary comment is to never put one in a dryer as it will get stiff and lose its absorption qualities. Every once in a while I soak the chamois in clean water and wring it out. I think the chlorine in the pool water keeps it from getting mildewed as I have never had that problem.

    Bill S
    Sebastopol, CA


  • 9/19/2014 great towel

    5 Review stars By Liona

    I'm completely amazed by this towel. I love how it can dry my hair from soaking wet to barely damp quickly, and how easy it is to dry off. No more cold and soggy towels! Mine had a tiny bit of bleaching on it when I opened it but otherwise no issues, other than size. But that at just means I should buy the bigger one.



  • 1/6/2017 Great!

    5 Review stars By Kellie Mullin

    Best thing for sopping wet hair! Absorb the excess water from your hair, wring it out, use it on your limbs! Rinse and store in original container. Doesn't take up a load of space. Would recommend to a friend.

    Kellie Mullin
    St Paul MN


  • 6/23/2017 LOVE LOVE - great for yoga

    5 Review stars By pekphx

    I use this at Bikram yoga-- 105 degrees, 55% humidity. It's the perfect towel to manage the sweat dumping off my face during a 90 minute class. I rinse it after, occasionally spray with tea tree oil/water or OdoBan, and rinse again. Definitely store in the little plastic tube in which it arrives.



  • 7/10/2016 As advertised

    5 Review stars By IRIS

    These things are great; I remember them from my neighborhood swimming/diving team when I was six. They were called Sammys back then. Still a great product. Bought them for the RV to cut down on dry towel space as well as not having to hang wet towels in every nook. Can't speak to the "endurance" of the towel, as I've only had it a week but it seems to be the exact item that lasted through several summers of chlorinated swim seasons.



  • 12/15/2016 excellent product if you swim or do water aerobics..

    5 Review stars By sid/

    excellent product if you're in the won't need a towel.......this is what you use...

    buffalo ny


  • 1/17/2016 Awesome

    5 Review stars By Emma

    I absolutely love this towel. I am a competitive swimmer and I have swim meets almost every weekend. I used to to bring two towels for the meets, one for during the meet to stay warm and the second for after the meet. After recving this towel I could eliminate one of the towels. I was very happy with this because it ment I had more room in my bag. The towel works great but you have to make sure you get it completely wet and wring it out before you dry yourself off. I found out that when the towel is completely dry it is hard to use.



  • 5/14/2012 Water no more!

    5 Review stars By Colleen W.

    This is a really good size for this type of towel. Perfect for drying yourself right off after the pool!

    Colleen W.
    Madison Heights, MI


  • 7/6/2011 great space saver

    5 Review stars By Megan L.

    these towels are great! with 4 kids on the swim team, we quickly got tired of lugging a stack of cotton towels with us back and forth to the pool. not to mention hanging them all over the house to dry! with these we just dry off, rinse the towel, squeeze the water out, put it in it's tube, and toss it in the bag! so much easier. now we save our cotton towels for outdoor meets.

    Megan L.
    Des Moines, IA


  • 5/9/2020 A big thanks for replacing a damaged delivery.

    5 Review stars By Mo

    Great service



  • 1/20/2020 Great little towel

    5 Review stars By Tim B

    I bought this towel for my daughter who swims. This is perfect sized as it fits in her bag and can save her big towel for other uses than drying off. It is also convenient to use because you can dry off, wring it out, and continue drying off. It has a nice carrying container for storage which helps to protect it. The color was a little bit different from the picture, but that is expected.

    Over all, the towel is exactly what I wanted.

    Tim B
    Ogden, UT


  • 12/26/2019 Poor product

    5 Review stars By Brooke

    I bought this towel for my son and when I opened it, it stuck together. I waited a few minutes and tried again, only to have it rip in multiple places.



  • 12/22/2019 These work great!

    5 Review stars By DiveMom

    I bought these for my son and he said he will never use a regular towel at the pool again. You can use it, wring it out and use it again. Over and over. Once you’re done it says to store it damp, but we fold it and let it dry. You just have to make sure you wet it again before trying to unfold it. We have several of these in all different colors.



  • 6/14/2019 nice little towel

    5 Review stars By kim

    its small but it does the job. we use it to get all the water off before we use the beach towel so it doesn't get very wet.

    kc mo


  • 3/23/2019 swim towel

    5 Review stars By sd

    going to be a smart buy

    san diego,ca


  • 4/3/2018 Useful and compact

    5 Review stars By CoisGirl

    Useful, great compact size, fits in gym/sports bag easily. Do be aware of the care and storage instructions, though; it can't just be tossed in the washing machine.



  • 1/23/2018 Chamois

    5 Review stars By Happy Diver

    Very good quality, brand and size for my sons diving. We purchased the mint color. Will buy more. Wish they offered more colors!

    Happy Diver
    San Antonio, TX


  • 7/20/2016 This product is also great for tennis!!!!

    5 Review stars By Tennis Players

    My daughter & I use this product to keep cool in the summer Houston heat. We place our towels in a cooler of ice water & it is the most refreshing thing going during changeovers. It is also a great way to wipe away sweat without saturating our terry cloth towels.

    Tennis Players
    Houston, TX


  • 12/12/2015 very useful

    5 Review stars By shantiyogi

    My husband's chammy was sooo old and gross, this will replace that one nicely!

    Worcester, MA


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