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Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (703 Reviews)

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  • 7/13/2019 Broke after one month

    2 Review stars By Brin

    The goggles were absolutely great! until they broke after only a month. My daughter's Jr. Vanquisher goggles had just broken and Speedo agreed to send out a replacement. I hope that they will replace these too. Does anyone know about a goggle with a similar fit that does not break?

    Washington, DC


  • 7/23/2019 Declining quality

    2 Review stars By daniel

    I used to always buy Speedo goggles because they were such a quality brand. I knew they would last a decent length of time and they wouldn't leak. Comfortable, but a snug enough fit to keep the over-chlorinated water of my university gym's pool out of my eyes. But the last two pair I've had have had the same issue -- very soon after I started using them, they have broken in a specific spot. It's a tiny thing, but without this bit of plastic the straps don't stay put. I can tighten them to the appropriate snugness, but they gradually loosen without the structural integrity this bit of plastic provides. See the pics for where the equipment has failed (I don't want to have to try to describe that bit of the item).

    Since this has happened now to both of the last two pair I've had, I think it's more likely a decline in quality (what I feared the first time) rather than one bad item (what I hoped the first time).

    Overall, the goggles are still great, but they're only as good as the least quality part. This small (but essential) part failing means the whole goggles fail.

    So if I can't trust Speedo anymore, who makes a good goggle? I need to find another provider.



  • 2/12/2012 Problem!

    2 Review stars By Tiago M.

    This swim goggles are very pretty but it is said in the description on the website that is anti-fog...But at the first time I use it instantly got cloudy...

    Tiago M.
    Sarasota, FL, FL


  • 9/26/2010 Great, but one major flaw

    2 Review stars By Frustrated Swimmer

    These goggles are very comfy and rarely if, ever leak water. But there is one huge flaw. They fog up very quickly. I started using them at practice and they fogged up within a 50. I could not see for the distance sets and could not perform at my best. I recommend if you get them to remove the straps and use the lenses from the unmirrored vanquisher 2.0s, as the straps are among the best I have used

    Frustrated Swimmer
    Westchester County, New York


  • 12/13/2020 Returned

    2 Review stars By Cheryl

    These were just too tinted for indoor swimming.



  • 2/12/2012 Problem!

    2 Review stars By Tiago M.

    This swim goggles are very pretty but it is said in the description on the website that is anti-fog...But at the first time I use it instantly got cloudy...

    Tiago M.
    Sarasota, FL, FL


  • 7/17/2020 Uncomfortable

    2 Review stars By Lydia

    So far, these are the most uncomfortable goggles that I have used. I purchased them especially for the darker lens for sun and glare protection since I have to swim outside this summer. The adjusting strap is very awkward to adjust, and so far I have not been able to find a balance between tight enough to keep water out without pressing terribly on my eye socket. Additionally, the nose piece is a hard plastic and also digs into the bridge of my nose. For reference, I am a small adult woman.



  • 7/27/2017 Fogging Up

    2 Review stars By Fernando

    Only two weeks with this product and it already fogs up I didn't even touch the eye piece. I am the only person that used them and know that if I touch the inside the anti-fog goes away.

    Yonkers, NY


  • 12/23/2016 Fit is good but they are too dark

    2 Review stars By BB

    I swim in a Y pool where people are very friendly - sometimes too much so. I often encounter swimmers who want to chat but I just want to swim uninterrupted. It's rude to not respond when they speak to me but it is annoying to have to stop my swim just to be friendly and polite. I wanted mirrored goggles so that I could swim without people making eye contact with me but I did not want dark, tinted lenses. I had a pair that was mirrored but not tinted and they were great - until they broke. This new pair is quite dark and not appropriate for the indoor pool.



  • 4/26/2014 Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle

    2 Review stars By Yoga Raval

    The eye piece gets scratched easily and it is annoying when used during swim.

    Yoga Raval
    Piqua, Ohio


  • 1/30/2014 Weak Nose Piece

    2 Review stars By Ski

    Had a few vanquishers and really liked them. However, I was disappointed when the plastic that holds the nose piece brokeā€¦ no abnormal pressure. so, just a bad apple or a design problem?

    Hershey, PA


  • 5/24/2013 its okay

    2 Review stars By Josey Y.

    it gets really foggy easily and its hard to see. but since i'm only needing goggles in order to protect my eyes during swimming, i can't complain too much.

    Josey Y.


  • 7/6/2012 Sensitive Lens

    2 Review stars By michmich27

    I do a lot of swimming in the summer months and I wanted to get a better brand of goggles. I also lifeguard and I need to have a good pair of goggles that I do not have to be concerned about. I thought getting a pair of goggles that had a coating on the lens and also having a light tint would be great. I woud have rather had a lens with just a tint and not such a sensitive coating that scratches easily. I know in the future I will buy a pair of goggles with just a tinted lens and not with the mirror to the lens. It is also easily smeared which can be very annoying as well.

    Chicago, IL


  • 3/15/2012 More fogging problems than I have with my last pair.

    2 Review stars By Corrin P.

    I love the new colors but if they fog up that is not cute!

    Corrin P.
    Battle Creek, MI


  • 12/26/2011 head band broke within 2 uses

    2 Review stars By bridget m.

    used for swimming on team head band broke within 2 uses any suggestions?

    bridget m.
    margate, NJ


  • 7/31/2011 shipping was horrible slow

    2 Review stars By Suzanne W.

    the goggles worked as well as expected - the price was comparable

    Suzanne W.
    Lewistown, MT


  • 4/27/2011 Broke in a short time

    2 Review stars By LFC

    Bought these for my daughter to wear during swim practice for swim team. Broke at the bridge of the nose before swim season was even over. Would not order again.

    Pasadena, CA


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