Speedo Speed Socket Goggle Reviews
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Speedo Speed Socket Goggle

Speedo Speed Socket Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (221 Reviews)

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  • 2/2/2009 Great goggles

    5 Review stars By imgeno2

    I purchased these for my 13 year old daughter that swims for the town team. She has been competing for 5 years now, and has tried many other goggles. She says that they are the best goggles that she has ever used. I've bought various types and these are the ones that get her top approval.



  • 2/6/2009 Never leaked!

    5 Review stars By CT

    These goggles are great -- no leaks, no adjustment necessary after the initial fitting, and pretty comfortable. They improved my pool experience 100%!

    Corvallis, OR


  • 2/5/2009 The Best Goggles Ever!

    5 Review stars By Bridget P.

    I was at a swim practice and my friend lent me his speed socket goggles because my goggles were always leaking.  I used his goggles and they didn't leak, they didn't fog up, and they were a tight fit.  These goggles also are great because the nose clip doesn't hurt you, and if it does, you can choose from the two other clips.  These goggles are fantastic.

    Bridget P.
    Clinton Township, MI


  • 2/4/2009 Great

    4 Review stars By rjmcc1980

    These are working out very well for me.  A little tight, even with the largest bridge connection, but no racoon eyes!

    Fairfax, VA


  • 12/26/2008 Awesome goggles

    5 Review stars By Brendan N.

    If you have a narrow eye base these goggles are for you. Nothing out there is better! They don't leak and are very comfortable.

    Brendan N.
    Fenton, MO


  • 12/26/2013 perfect goggle for elite swimmer

    5 Review stars By Helen W.

    Great product and last long. My son loves this goggle. No leaking, no foggy and nose bridge fits well and comfortable.

    Helen W.
    Bethesda, MD


  • 11/19/2013 these goggles stay put!

    5 Review stars By Swim mom

    My son loves these goggles because they stay put when diving in the water.

    Swim mom
    Hartland, MI


  • 9/26/2013 clear and snug

    4 Review stars By Roy T.

    great clarity and my view is wider.  
    the goggles stay tight without being uncomfortable.  keeps my eyes dry.
    no fogging...yet.

    Roy T.


  • 9/13/2013 Speed sockets

    5 Review stars By Back & free styler

    Perfect racing goggles! Love these goggles!Everything positive!

    Back & free styler


  • 9/12/2013 Superb fit

    5 Review stars By Sharry

    Fits with great seal quickly and without needing to be uncomfortably tight.  Stays sealed.

    Steamboat Springs, CO


  • 2/13/2012 Poor fit

    2 Review stars By Donald S.

    Uncomfortable fit.  Nose bridge non adjustable.

    Donald S.
    Camarillo, CA


  • 7/14/2011 Speedo Goggles

    1 Review stars By g

    The seal works well and vision is sharp, HOWEVER the strap is about an inch too short.  It is too tight on my head.  I'm going to have to throw the googles away (or give them to someone else).

    Newburgh, ny


  • 5/4/2011 Just awful, despite being highly recommended

    1 Review stars By Geezer swimmer

    In my two-year quest to find a pair of comfortable, easy-to-adjust, fog-free, clear-vision, scratch-resistant, non-leaky swim goggles, I have tried six to eight different brands, including AquaSphere, Nike and four types of Speedos. This pair proved to be the absolute worst.

    The pinch on my nose caused so much pain I almost had to cut short my lap swim. My nose ached for about a day afterward. (I realize I can try the different-size nose attachments but this has never been an issue with other Speedo goggles I’ve tried. The medium-size one I’m using should be the right one for my nose.)
    To make matters worse, there was a permanent film on the exterior of the lenses.  

    I tried these goggles because they came highly recommended in an article written for Slate.com, “Easy on the Eyes; The best—and best-looking—swim goggles,” written by Juliet Lapidos on Aug. 12, 2008. I found it with an Internet search for the “best swim goggles.” The author gave five well-regarded goggles full tryouts and ranked them all in five categories, giving these Speedo Speed Socket goggles the highest grade by far.

    After much trial and error, I have been able to get the goggles to go on without pain but they still leave me with deep raccoon eyes. I also have eliminated the film with direct application of a dish-washer rinse before each swim. The fog is controlled by a quick pre-swim soak in Joy dish detergent, something I have been doing for all goggles. (All anti-fog coating claims are a cruel joke. I have not found any goggles that remain fog free for more than 15 minutes, brand new, in their first outing.)

    For my next pair, I will again go on a hunt, probably returning to AquaSphere, which are tops for comfort and ease of adjustment but distort vision, due to the curve in their lenses.

    Geezer swimmer
    Clinton, NY


  • 11/20/2009 Difficult Fit, Often Uncomfortable

    1 Review stars By Ike A.

    I have never had goggles that actually press against my cornea when I fully press the goggles to complete the seal.  Other times they mash-up against my eye lashes, causing irritation.  The only way I can get these to fit comfortably is to place the straps low against the back of my head, which often leads to leakage.  Maybe part of the problem is the nose bridge...the largest one seems sized for a bird's beak.  The Club Swim brand which I purchased for less than half the price of these were far superior.

    Ike A.
    Spokane, WA


  • 6/16/2009 Great gogles!!!!

    5 Review stars By Collin b

    Excellent clearity.
    Swam fastest races of my life the first time racing with them.

    Collin b
    miford, PA


  • 4/25/2009 Like it

    4 Review stars By Kang

    Like the shape of it and the color.  Sometimes a little too tight and may need constant adjustment to get comfortable. No fog which is great.

    Brooklyn, NY


  • 2/21/2009 Speed Socket Goggles

    5 Review stars By H.

    I like the fit and the tight seal is great for workouts.

    Grand Rapids, MI


  • 2/16/2009 Great goggles!

    4 Review stars By Kent H.

    A tad pricey, but I just can't find a better fitting goggle! I have a narrow face, so the choice in sizing really helps these goggles fit well and comfortably for long workouts.

    Kent H.
    Fort Worth, TX


  • 2/13/2009 Great price

    4 Review stars By Great price

    Always been loyal to speedo goggles. Tried these (and many other brands and styles) on at a local sports store to test the face-fit and these were the only ones that fit my face. Price was better here at swimoutlet.com (it helps to buy enough to get free shipping).

    Great price
    Boulder, CO


  • 2/10/2009 very nice goggles.

    4 Review stars By ty

    These are very nice googles. I have been swimming now for the last couple months and now that I have swtched to some nicer goggles my workouts at the gym. At first the nose piece bothered me. But I guess I got use to it. Because I don't notice it anymore. They fog up just a little sometimes but not enough to make a difference in my swim. These are my second pair of goggles ever so I don't have much to compare to. I read all of the good reviews and went for it. They have been a great purchase and I recommend them to anyone. I usually swim a half hour freestyle and then do some other things. During that half hour. I don't have to mess with my goggles. No leakage at all.

    Ocean City MD


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