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Speedo Silicone Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Swim Cap Reviews

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4.5 star rating (387 Reviews)

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  • 5/1/2016 Swim cap

    3 Review stars By K Culver

    Loved the color but was to hard to stay on my head was always slipping off when I swam. Gave to a friend and she likes it. Wish it was a little bigger. Would only recommend if you only have a little head.

    K Culver


  • 1/14/2014 A little small for bigger noggins...

    3 Review stars By PBJoe

    I have a big head. 7 5/8 hat size. This cap will stay on, but I have to adjust it every so often while swimming. The color can be described as Hunter Orange, which is exactly what I wanted for the open water swimming I do. Latex is usually more forgiving for my head size, but I find the long-term durability of latex stinks.

    Raritan, NJ


  • 1/11/2014 Too small

    3 Review stars By Michael H.

    Tight is good but this cap is way too tight. Other less expensive brands (Sporti) are more to my liking and easier to put on.

    Michael H.
    West Hartford, CT


  • 5/1/2013 A little snug

    3 Review stars By CAPS

    I replaced a nylon swim cap with the silicone, as the nylon cap had faded from bright pink to very pale pionk. The silicone cap may last longer, but I personally don't like the feel on my head. Maybe my head is large, as it does give me a headache. I will wear my old faded nylon cap until I can get to the sporting goods store.

    Palm Desert, CA


  • 4/5/2013 it's a little big

    3 Review stars By swimmom

    My daughter is 12, but not a little girl. She has long hair, and is on the swim team. The cap is large, it covers her eyes when it is pulled down the way it should be.

    Towanda, PA


  • 3/22/2013 Purple is a wee bit tight

    3 Review stars By Carolyn M.

    I already own a black speedo silicone cap. It fits well.

    Why is this purple speedo silicone cap so much smaller? Is it the dye? Is the manufacturing plant in a different country? Was a batch of silicone left on the stove too long?

    It's not excruciatingly tight, and I'll continue using it, but the question remains...why do some near-identical products fit so differently?

    Carolyn M.
    Media, PA


  • 3/22/2012 Just what i thought it was

    3 Review stars By cmk

    fits good but it split a couple days after getting it.

    Phoenix, Az


  • 3/1/2012 shrinking cap

    3 Review stars By Carolyn K.

    I really think my cap would work just by the way it works so wonderful for my grand-daughter. However, every time I place it on my head it begins to draw-up and consistently slips off every time. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    Carolyn K.
    Southfield, MI


  • 7/27/2011 Speedo Silicone Swim Cap

    3 Review stars By Samara K.

    Great Color, Excellent material, but too tight on my ears.

    Samara K.
    Truckee, CA


  • 7/7/2011 Do not buy this cap if you have thick hair

    3 Review stars By Lisa K.

    The cap is the tightest one I've ever had and it actually gives me a headache, even after stretching it out. I've never needed a bigger cap due to my hair but I would say if you have any amount of thickness at all, buy the other Speedo cap that is made for women with more hair.

    Lisa K.
    Indianola, IA


  • 5/3/2011 Swim Cap

    3 Review stars By Pat G.

    The swim cap feels very thin and I am concerned that it will not hold it's shape - so far it's fine, but I think maybe the latex cap would've been a better choice.

    Pat G.
    Woodburn, OR


  • 4/21/2011 Good

    3 Review stars By FREDDY B.

    Look big in the picture but small when I recieved it....



  • 1/30/2011 stiff and slippery ...

    3 Review stars By calcate

    Nice colors, but not my favorite swim cap.

    santa barbara, CA


  • 11/24/2010 Swim cap

    3 Review stars By Larry K.

    Quality good, but size a bit tight and I have short hair. Earlier like caps were sized bigger, so one to be careful of if fitting and you have long nails.

    Larry K.
    Naples, FL


  • 11/12/2010 Pretty Good...I guess

    3 Review stars By swimmy

    I bought this cap at the store and I've have it for about 5 months and it is very annoying I am constantly stopping to fix it, it always slides off and my hair is soaking wet, so it is not even working!!

    Ashland, MA


  • 5/10/2010 not as good as i had expected

    3 Review stars By TeeL

    it keeps coming off when i swim, especially when i do flipturns. not as good as i expected, but still usable.

    Temple City, CA


  • 4/7/2010 It's Just a Piece of Rubber on My Head?

    3 Review stars By Brian S.

    I don't usually wear a swim cap since I don't have much hair :), but I thought I should get used to it since I would have to wear one in my tri's. It takes some getting used to. I seem to get more water in my mouth than without and I get overheated quicker with it too. The overheating fogs up my goggles quicker. I still am not sure what the point of these things are yet, unless you have alot hair.

    Brian S.
    Allentown, PA


  • 3/4/2010 too bad he couldn't use it

    3 Review stars By michelle

    because the HS association has specific rules about logo size my son was unable to wear this cap because the speedo logo is bigger than 1" x 1"

    springfield il


  • 1/19/2010 Cap

    3 Review stars By Karen C.

    Feels a bit large for my liking....comes down too far over ears but overall a good cap

    Karen C.
    Chesapeake, VA


  • 1/5/2010 Typical Cap

    3 Review stars By Allison H.

    This is a pretty typical swim cap. It fits well when I first put it on and actually stays down over my ears for 10-12 laps. After that it is hard to keep it in place.

    Allison H.
    Orlando, FL


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