Speedo Silicone Bubble Swim Cap Reviews
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Speedo Silicone Bubble Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Bubble Swim Cap Reviews

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3.5 star rating (31 Reviews)

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  • 3/3/2012 Helps to keep hair dry...

    4 Review stars By Mermaid

    I was looking for a cap system to keep my shoulder length hair dry while lap swimming. The best method thus far has been to double cap: I use a silicone smooth cap underneath and this bubble cap over the top. My hair still gets damp around the nape but this new approach is a big improvement over just using a single cap. I mound my hair into a bun on the top of my head and it stays dry. I am very satisfied with this product and especially since it alleviates having to shampoo my hair after every swim.

    Santa Barbara, CA


  • 11/1/2011 It doesn't hurt!

    5 Review stars By cat

    I had a large latex cap that sqeezed my brain so tightly it hurt and left marks on my forehead. This cap doesn't hurt at all. I love it!



  • 8/12/2014 Fit

    3 Review stars By debby

    This cap was bought for my daughter who is 10 and swims everyday....doing competitive swimming and synchronized swimming. I wanted a cap that would stay on and fit well without tearing out her hear at the hairline.
    We bought the bubble cap and she says it's O.K...and it fits small.
    So not great!



  • 3/12/2013 If you don't like it to tight this is the right swim cap for you.

    4 Review stars By Eva

    If you don't like it to tight this is the perfect swim cap, I'm an Water Art Instructor and I tried different swim caps but this one I like and recommend to my team..

    Clarkston, WA


  • 3/1/2013 Good Looking Bubble Cap

    3 Review stars By YMCA Swimmer

    I've used the bubble cap a couple of times and am still having
    trouble getting the cap on my large head.  I have received many comments about the  "new good looking cap".

    YMCA Swimmer
    Glendale, CA


  • 11/16/2012 My favorite swim cap

    5 Review stars By Alee

    I usually dread putting on those thin swim caps. This one is nice and thick and easy to put on. I order both the black and white. I'm sure this will last longer than the "thermal" one that I have, which is already losing its color and the fabric is degrading.

    San Francisco, CA


  • 7/13/2012 Not bad for shorter hair

    3 Review stars By carol c.

    My hair is thick and while this cap fits over my head comfortably it does not stay down.  It slides up.  I think if it had a strap it would be better.  Although it fits better than the average swimmers cap, but for long thick hair it isn't very usable.

    carol c.
    Pittsboro, IN


  • 4/10/2012 my head is big, but this is too big

    1 Review stars By Jamie

    because of bubble.



  • 7/10/2011 The Bubble Cap

    3 Review stars By Pegasus

    I have long, thick hair, and this cap is easy to put on.  It does not pull on my hair.  No bathing cap keeps my hair totally dry - I don't expect it.  My hair does get damp when I wear this cap.



  • 10/26/2010 bubble cap

    2 Review stars By carol l.

    I ordered this one because I hoped it would not leak but no such luck. Otherwise its ok-

    carol l.
    san antonio, TX


  • 5/16/2010 comfortable

    5 Review stars By surelysinkorswim

    This cap is easy on and off and really keeps hair dry.

    Castle Pines North, CO


  • 9/9/2009 Not Useful

    1 Review stars By Margaret L.

    The main reason to wear a swim cap is to keep your hair dry.  This cap does not do it and therefore is useless to me.  I dont really even use it for swimming just aqua aerobics!

    Margaret L.
    Santa Rosa, CA


  • 8/9/2009 doesn't fit tight over the ears

    1 Review stars By Gloria

    I'm not happy with this cap because it keeps riding up. Thus, it doesn't keep water out of my ears. It was the wrong choice for my purposes.

    North Carolina


  • 2/22/2009 Good quality material but too big!

    3 Review stars By ktw

    This cap might work for someone with really long hair, but there's a lot of unfilled "space" in this cap.  I was surprised when I took the cap off after swimming and my hair was almost as wet as if I hadn't worn a cap.  The material it's made from is nice and comfortable... easy to put on and PLENTY of room for hair.  For water aerobics and staying mostly above the water, it would probably work fine.

    Chapel Hill, NC


  • 2/18/2009 If you like your ears covered this is not cap for you

    3 Review stars By Louise H.

    Don't like it because it does not cover the ears and it keep raising up.

    Louise H.
    Lathrup Village, MI


  • 2/15/2009 Regular bubble cap works better for me

    1 Review stars By Diane

    Doesn't fit well and pulls my hair.  Myabe it keeps my hair a bit drier than the regular bubble cap, but nothing keeps my hair really dry.



  • 1/16/2009 Lots of hair fits into this cap!

    5 Review stars By Linda E.

    I am often late for my class, so I have to sort of run and put it on...very easy, stretches a lot over my long hair (which I pull into a ponytail)... no pulling and tugging!  It feels a bit loose, but I am not looking for anything to protect my hair from getting wet--just out of my face!  The sides flip up easily so I can hear the coach speak and then flip back down to keep most of the water out of my ears...I love the bubble texture, too...easy to grip when wet...I got the black one but I think I might like the white one better with my suits...

    Linda E.
    Harrisburg, PA


  • 12/17/2008 Great hat

    4 Review stars By Nancy

    Bigger than the tight silicone caps, and fits a real head of hair under it!  Great product.

    Woodside, CA


  • 2/11/2017 Swim Cap

    5 Review stars By Kendra

    I don't have a lot of experience with swim caps, so I think I got lucky in getting this one. I have read that a lot of swim caps pull hair, and this one doesn't. It's pretty easy to get on too, and I don't struggle with it much even as a beginner. It does move up a bit on my head, but I can't promise that's a defect of the cap and not just my own ignorance on how to get it to stay properly. Great cap, and well worth the money.

    Clarksville, TN


  • 12/21/2016 Perfect

    5 Review stars By Gail VanSlyke

    Fits perfect.  Not too tight yet keeps hair dry.  Comfortable.  Keep in stock and in more colors.

    Gail VanSlyke
    Moab, UT


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