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Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip

Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip Reviews

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3.5 star rating (36 Reviews)

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  • 2/25/2013 Speedo liquid comfort nose clip

    4 Review stars By Helen

    I swim laps at least 4 times a week. This nose clip stays put! Water does not get in your nose. I do not have to stop for adjustments like I did with the previous one I used. It is comfortable to wear. Since it is clear it is not as noticeable. The only problem with this nose clip is if you tend to open it too far with your fingers it will break. All you have to do is remember to just slid it on over your nose.

    Panama City Beach, FL


  • 4/2/2015 BEST I HAVE FOUND

    5 Review stars By SUE

    I have had sinus surgery and need to wear nose clips now when swimming. I have tried so many different types of clips and none would stay on when I was doing my workout. HOWEVER, this clip goes on and stays on. I will say it is very tight, but it does work and I have not missed a workout since.



  • 1/20/2013 Ideal for backstrokers

    4 Review stars By Chris

    The guy from Colorado must not know how to put on the nose clip. I swim a lot of backstroke and use nose clips all the time. This is one of the best nose clips I've used! Fits nose profile, more snug than previous Speedo models, less likely to move around or pop off while I swim.

    Cambridge, MA


  • 9/7/2016 Same as one I use.

    5 Review stars By Jerryg

    It was exactly like one I use and like. So I was very pleased with it.

    Elyria, Ohio


  • 5/31/2016 It works, it is not too uncomfortable

    5 Review stars By B Seagull

    Never used a noseclip for laps before, but joined a new pool with something, chlorine? bromine? that drove my sinuses crazy. Also bought the Tyr one. For me (small, female nose), this worked much better.

    B Seagull
    San Fransciso


  • 12/10/2015 really great noseclip

    4 Review stars By Sophia

    Good nose clip, keeps water out of nose when diving in and doing flip turns. One of the plastic parts ended up snapping, though, and it still worked well enough to finish my workout, but I'll have to order another. I have also used and enjoyed the TYR Ergo Swim Clip, and it lasted longer than this one.

    Decatur, GA


  • 8/6/2014 Does a good job

    4 Review stars By Dayatatime

    After trying other brands, this one seems to do the trick. Out of desperation, I bought this at a local sports shop. I liked it so much, I ordered a back-up through Swim Outlet. Nose clips are not exactly comfortable but this one seems to adjust well to my narrow nose and keeps the water out when making open turns while doing back stroke. I bought the gray so it could be seen more easily.

    Poulsbo, WA


  • 1/9/2018 Very Good Overall!

    4 Review stars By Alex Liu

    Love this nose clip a lot. It stays perfectly on my nose and does not fall off or move on my nose.

    My only gripe with it is that it's a little fragile. I have kind of a big nose and I have already broke two of these trying to fit them onto my nose. However, it's not that big of a deal.

    Alex Liu
    Tivoli, NY


  • 6/14/2017 Do not stay on

    5 Review stars By Jerry

    I would like to see the nose that can keep this nose clip in place. The wost part is that when it falls off, it is hard to find in the water. On second thought maybe that is for the best.



  • 4/15/2020 Nose clip works great

    4 Review stars By Shetahn

    I bought this to use for my nebulizer & it is working well. I got the large one which fits my nose real good. The nose clip came very quickly & was a reasonable price. Would order from here again.



  • 1/18/2020 Best noseclips

    5 Review stars By Woodcutter

    After trying many different noseclips these are the only ones that keep all the water out of my nose. It helps to have your nose free of oil,

    New York City


  • 12/4/2019 nose clip review

    4 Review stars By BJ

    worked well. never slipped. would definitely recommend to others.

    Great Falls, MT


  • 12/2/2019 Better fit & comfort

    5 Review stars By BZ

    I had ordered a different nose clip which did not fit me & was uncomfortable, which SWIMoutlet let me return for replacement by this. Much better fit & much more comfortable. Very pleased with this. SWIMoutlet's customer support is world-class too!

    Millsboro, DE


  • 10/5/2019 So comfortable!

    5 Review stars By RMN

    This is the most well-fitting,comfortable nose clip I have ever used.



  • 9/27/2012 Don't buy

    1 Review stars By Swimmin

    These slide all over the place. They will only stay on for a lap or two. A complete waste of money.



  • 1/8/2021 Painfully tight

    1 Review stars By jswim

    Cannot use- painfully tight and uncomfortable-



  • 10/13/2020 Comfy, easy, sturdy

    5 Review stars By Mr Breath

    Only had for a few weeks, but they slide on easy, provide a complete seal while not being too tight/uncomfortable. They feel sturdy. They don't fit in the case perfectly, but a few times in, you get the trick.

    I actually use them for breathing meditation, to keep my nose plugged. Works great!

    Mr Breath
    Indianapolis, IN


  • 8/12/2020 Comfort????

    1 Review stars By Sally

    Don't know what the "liquid" part was, but this nose clip was painful, and kept coming off.

    Cary, NC


  • 8/10/2020 Nose Clip Too Tight

    2 Review stars By Mel

    The fit is too tight and somewhat uncomfortable. It would be helpful if there was some way to establish the correct size for a person's nose.

    Palo Alto, CA


  • 7/28/2020 Love them

    5 Review stars By Shirley Guinn

    My son and grandson have sinus issues when swimming, and these clips really help. Thank you

    Shirley Guinn
    Bluff City, Tenn


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