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Speedo Bullet Head Swim Snorkel

Speedo Bullet Head Swim Snorkel Reviews

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4.5 star rating (16 Reviews)

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  • 12/16/2014 Fantastic.....finally a design not made to break

    5 Review stars By Tomas

    I have been buying Finis snorkels for almost 8 years and little by little I get less and less out of them to the point of going through a couple a year. The strap clasps are made so brittle now you can't baby them enough. The Speedo has nothing fragile to break and any random snorkel/scuba strap can be used if that part breaks. Plus the Bullet is so slick I'd say it's 1/2 the resistance of a Finis. The way the Speedo touches the forehead is a win too, no more headaches from pinching. LOVE IT.



  • 2/21/2017 Worked for 11 year old

    4 Review stars By Coolwater Oceanfish

    No issues so far. My 11 year old boy is small for his age. This worked fine and fit his head nicely. Adjustable and not difficult for him to manage. He seems to like it and has not had a problem with water in the snorkel after flip turns. This is a relatively new tool in the coaches toolbox and it seems to be helpful. Freestyle times dropping nicely.

    Coolwater Oceanfish
    Ventura, CA


  • 9/24/2015 Excellent Training Tool

    5 Review stars By Austin Lap Swimmer

    Great fit and doesn't impede forward progress. Found it easy to use and didn't feel a great need to use my nose with the generous mouthpiece delivering the perfect amount of air with each breath. Good looking too!

    Austin Lap Swimmer
    Austin, TX


  • 6/6/2015 Keeps your head down :-)

    4 Review stars By Sinker




  • 2/18/2019 Air intake & purging water from tube

    2 Review stars By Captain

    Small tube opening requires powerful lung capacity for normal breathing and expelling water from mouth and tube. If beginner a larger tube opening and bottom purge valve is much easier to use.

    Macungie, Pa


  • 5/9/2018 Good basic snorkel

    5 Review stars By Ryan M

    Good value, nothing fancy, doesn't have blow spout below mouth piece which is ok for swimming laps. My 11yr old finds it very comfortable for swim club.
    Would not recommend for open water as the snorkel is pretty short.

    Ryan M
    Appleton, WI


  • 12/13/2017 Great product! So recommend

    4 Review stars By Nicole Diaz

    I like using this product whenever we are sculling, or when we are kicking on our stomach, raceclub kick style. As a swimmer I move my head too much and this snorkel forces me to stay still and it's a really good fit for me. The only problem I have would be a minor one, the tabs that hold the straps down push into my temples sometimes after long periods of use, but it's such a good product I cannot complain.

    Nicole Diaz
    Indianapolis, IN


  • 3/27/2017 Good quality but not what I need

    3 Review stars By Kyle R.

    I use a snorkel because of minor chlorine triggered asthma. While the quality of this product is fine, the tube is considerably narrower than the Finis snorkel I had to replace due to age. Because of this, I cannot get as much air as I need for a strenuous workout swim.

    If you want slightly restricted air flow for training purposes, this will not be an issue, but for me, I have to go back to the Finis.

    Kyle R.
    Brookhaven, PA


  • 8/30/2019 Breastroke/butterfly kicking

    4 Review stars By IM’er

    Works perfectly when you want to focus solely on the fly/breastroke.
    Focusing on the hips undulations/ankle flexibility while do fly kicking allows the kicking to become more focused/more conditioned and saving the arms from fatigue.
    While doing breastroke, it allows to fine tune the slow ankle twitch as well as the finish of the kick, having the feet slightly touching each other-excellent follow thru.



  • 8/15/2018 Great Item

    5 Review stars By Andre

    Easy assembly, Comfortable fit.

    Huntsville, AL


  • 12/13/2020 Comfortable snorkel

    5 Review stars By LucySD

    Glad I purchased this! More comfortable and lighter than other snorkels I’ve used.



  • 7/20/2020 Transformation!

    5 Review stars By Ellen I

    This snorkel has helped me return to swimming as a joyous and efficient way to move and keep fit. As I have 'matured' my neck and shoulders have protested all the rotation necessary for freestyle breathing, and I had given up on swimming as a way of exercise. With this aerodynamic beauty I can focus on the joy of motion and building up my lungs and muscles. The bright yellow color makes it easy to find, and it is totally comfortable. I have gotten better at not inhaling through my nose but would recommend that first timers add a noseclip or face mask to their order.
    During this era of Covid-19, I also like that I am pulling in air that is at a distance from other swimmers' mouths.

    Ellen I
    Hyattsville, MD


  • 9/14/2019 Perfect fit

    5 Review stars By G Dawg

    This lightweight swim snorkel fits perfect with zero movement while swimming.

    G Dawg


  • 8/29/2019 Excellent training equipment

    5 Review stars By Mr John

    I use this Snorkel for approximately 500 yards of swimming each workout. Efficient design. Learning curve associated with this item. You’ll need to learn how to clear it when water gets in

    Mr John
    Ithaca, NY


  • 7/24/2019 Works as advertised

    4 Review stars By Big12Driver

    I don't know if it deserves 5 stars, because I've never used any other snorkel to compare. But I use it to train my swimming stroke in preparation for turning my head and taking in gulps of air while swimming laps. For that purpose, it works great!

    South Carolina


  • 8/8/2018 Great Snorkel

    5 Review stars By swimmom

    We've always used a FInis snorkel but after 6yrs my daughter has let us know it doesn't fit her head well, even though yes it has the curved head piece she said it's still uncomfortable. One of her teammates has this exact snorkel. She tried it and loved it so we bought her one.

    Indianapolis, IN


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