Speedo Aqua Fitness Water Jog Belt Reviews
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Speedo Aqua Fitness Water Jog Belt

Speedo Aqua Fitness Water Jog Belt Reviews

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4 star rating (176 Reviews)

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  • 10/27/2009 I puchased the fitness jogger and I love it. I have MS, and it really helps me.

    5 Review stars By Brenda

    I use the fitness jogger in my water aerobics class.  I have MS, and it really helps me maintain my balance.  Working out in the water provides me with exercise that I am able to do, and the fitness jogger justs makes it even better.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/1/2017 Quality Belt

    5 Review stars By Chris

    A very good quality belt, but too cumbersome for me, so I returned it.  I am a 5'8" slender woman.  The red strap is very long and would fit around even the largest waist.  If I had kept the belt I would have cut about 2 feet off of the belt and singed the webbing edge, with a lighter, so it would not unravel after the cutting.  I think I am going to make myself a water aerobics belt from a piece of a noodle with a hole through it and a narrow webbing belt.

    Ventura, CA

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 5/31/2015 Aqua Fitness Jog Belt

    5 Review stars By Agt

    I'm very happy with this belt. I wear it with the belt really tightened up and it stays in place thru my class. I've used this for several years at the local Y, and ordered one to use in my home pool.

    Sarasota FL

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/19/2015 Speedo Aqua Fitness Jog Belt

    4 Review stars By Mary

    This was a good buy, it was also on sale when I purchased it.  I do aquafit classes every day and have used it since I purchased it.  It does keep me afloat, rides up at times but overall am happy with the performance.  I thought it would be more of a "gel" material; it  is a soft styrofoam so not sure how long it will hold up since it is the first of its kind of material that I purchased.  I like this belt better than the other Speedo I have which is a very hard material and rides up constantly.  I would recommend for anyone who does the classes to purchase this belt.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/28/2014 this belt works perfectly

    5 Review stars By Suz

    Love this belt.  I had ordered a more expensive model and it was huge, although there was no size listed.  I sold it to someone and bought this one to use in my deep water conditioning class and love it!

    Arlington, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/14/2014 Performed exactly as needed.

    1 Review stars By Marie

    I needed to redo the belt strap otherwise the sides stick out in the way.

    Grain Valley, MO

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/13/2014 Doesn't Work if your a Female

    2 Review stars By K-dog

    This was given to me as a gift to be able to use in the pool after a long recoupment period. If you are a female and have curves for a waistline this doesn't work. As tight as it could go this slip up to middle back by shoulder blades and under breast. I had several try to apply it as per instructions and the same thing happened. Not impressed.

    South Carolina

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 6/13/2014 Takes some getting use to

    3 Review stars By Brownie

    I wanted a jog belt to be able to jog in our pool.  Bought this one based on some of the reviews.  However, it does take getting use to.  Does ride up to your chest and really does not stay on your hips but more your waist.  But it does do what it states.  Just takes getting use to.  If there is a better one out there probably would get.  I am a petite person and I liked how there were different sizes for this belt.

    Tomball, TX

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 12/27/2013 ...all over the world

    5 Review stars By Christian

    absolutely good belt + top-prize + fast sending + good service around the order = your company is TOP, you canĀ“t make anything better !!!

    Mainz, Germany

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/31/2013 Not for me.

    3 Review stars By Mimi

    This product is too bulky for me. I feel like I cannot breathe when wearing the belt even after adjusting the strap several times.
    It carries me too high in the water. Maybe I am not heavy enough for this particular belt.
    I will try to return it.

    Raleigh N.C.

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 1/23/2013 speedo aqua fitness jog belt

    4 Review stars By amado arida

    It helps me to float so I do not have to use my weight when jumping and swimming on my back. good stuff, thanks

    amado arida
    Dunlap Illinois

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/3/2012 High Quality at a reasonable price

    4 Review stars By Pigdaddy45

    My only complaint is that it was advertised to fit waists up to 56".  My waist is 52" an it is a very tight fit.

    Silver Spring, MD

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 7/14/2012 We now own 5 and love them

    5 Review stars By Charlie D

    We bought 2 then added another and then 2 more so the entire family can Aqua Jog together and we love them and they are not expensive.

    Charlie D
    New York

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/26/2012 aqua fitness belt

    1 Review stars By speedont

    tried it on and it didn't fit, even though i'm 3inches smaller than the max limit! the belt needs to made longer or totally go up three more sizes to give it the " true" fit

    north hollywood, CA

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 12/15/2011 so far so good. ask me in 3 months.

    4 Review stars By Elliot C.

    cuold use an extra belt buckle. How do i get one.

    Elliot C.
    CARY, NC


  • 9/6/2011 Good buy for the price!

    4 Review stars By Susie

    I am more comfortable wearing the belt backwards, as well as forward, great flotation. It is not a life saving device but you won't sink for sure. I already have two and  would buy another.  Be careful not to cut or damage.

    United States

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 8/25/2011 Great piece of equipment

    4 Review stars By Mary

    I like this belt.  It looks nice and does what it's supposed to do.  It's comfortable and light-weight.  Seems sturdy.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/27/2011 I do not like the belt. It rides up my back and will not stay in place.

    1 Review stars By Lona Ryan

    The belt will not stay in place, it rides up my back.  I would like to return the item but do not want to pay additional shipping cost.

    Lona Ryan
    Mansfield, MO


  • 6/7/2011 No Wonder It's Been Discontinued!

    1 Review stars By watersgreat

    This was a discontinued item at a substantial discount so I ordered it for  water aerobics exercise sessions. While this product does keep you upright for the exercises, once the (red) tightening belt gets wet, it relaxes and becomes looser, the gray foam part then maneuvers itself up to underneath your underarms. But trying to reposition it and re-tighten the red belt while you're in the water is difficult and causes the buckle to open so that the thing comes off! So you end up having to get up out of the water to put it back on and tighten the red belt. Once you get back in the water, it's the same routine.

    But after several tries, I have figured out a way to wear this thing for my exercises. No wonder it had been discontinued - isn't well designed for the intended usage.

    San Francisco, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 4/23/2011 Don't Buy This!

    1 Review stars By Elizabeth

    The belt is worthless. It's a low quality nylon belt that stretches before you have even used it. The foam will last a long time before wearing out, but the belt isn't usuable right out of the box.

    St. Louis, MO

    Fit: Feels true to size

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